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November 2012

Minutes of the November 4, 2012 meeting of NDAE4-HYW

NDAE4-HYW Minutes
November 4, 20124:42 p.m.
Fargo Holiday Inn

Members Present: Rachelle Vettern, Samantha Roth, Carrie Knutson, Callie Johnson, Monique Snelgrove, Macine Nordick, Julie Kramlich, Lindsay Maddock, Michelle Effertz, Karla Meikle, Vanessa Hoines, Lindsey Novak, Deb Lee, Macine Lukach, Jodi Bruns, Sharon Query, Linda Hauge, Sharon Smith, Ellen Bjelland, Alicia Harstad, Rich Schmidt, Peggy Anderson, Christina Rittenbach, Jackie Buckley, Gail Slinde, Penny Nester, Calli Thorne, Joel Lemer, Yolanda Goodman, Mika Hanson, Gerald Sturn, Acacia Stuckle, Sheldon Gerhardt, Brad Cogdill, Dean Aakre, Katie Tyler, Brian Zimprich, Crystal Schaunaman, Mary Froelich, Dena Kemmet, Donna Anderson, Duaine Marxen, Marcia Hellandsaas, Colleen Svingen, Sue Isbell, and guest Meg Sage Mach- North Central Region Director for NDAE4-HA.

The meeting was called to order by President Sue Isbell.

Secretary’s Report: Minutes were emailed out by Callie Johnson prior to the meeting.  Sam Roth moved to approve the minutes. Jackie Buckley second. Motion passed.

Treasurer’s Report: Brian Zimprich shared the current treasurer’s report. The current balance on hand is $4,912.16 in the general fund. Brian went through the 2012-2013 budget. Sharon Smith moved to accept the report.  Dena Kemmet second. Motion passed.

Committee Reports:

  • Membership- Brian Zimprich- membership forms passed out. Can turn completed forms into Brian, by December 1st. We would like to see an increase of membership.
  • Professional Development- Jodi Bruns- none
  • Programs Linda Hauge – The program committee is made up of the following task forces on the national level:
    • After School
    • Animal Science Camping and Environmental Education
    • Citizenship
    • Communication and Expressive Arts
    • GPS & GIS
    • Healthy Living
    • Urban Programming
    • Work Force Development and Career Exploration
    • Youth in Governance

Members are encouraged to become a member of these national task force teams. Linda Hauge is a member of the GPS/GIS task force.

Reports of what is going on in some program areas on a state and national level.

  • Animal Science – Dean- - Dr. Rob Maddock- Meats Judging will occur- looking at June and the - NDAEA Youth Committee is working on Livestock Quality Assurance
  • Camping – Katie Tyler (ND) - ND Camping season has been set by Statewide Camping Committee.  There will a District Camping meeting in Prairie Room this week. Day Camp Trunks are available and other helpful things for camping. Ideas are welcome!
    • Dena Kemmet (National) - Join the FB Camping page- get info from others across the nation. 4 Quarterly conf. calls.
    • Citizenship – Karla Meikle- CIA- Feb 17 and 18 in Bismarck.  Focus on Election Process.
    • Communication and Expressive Arts – Katie Tyler- - Looking for new members! Set spring dates and guidebook changes.
    • Healthy Living – Donna Anderson. While at the national meeting, attended the two meetings.  The task force was responsible for the “Healthy Living Challenge” each morning at conference. They conducted monthly conference calls and have put together a Healthy Living Calendar that will be soon available to the different states.   She is co-chairing a sub-committee to do a proposal for a pre-conference workshop at Galaxy IV with Sandy Corridon from Maryland.
    • Diversity – Sue Isbell- maybe restructured
    • Members are reminded to send Linda Hauge their National Youth Science Day reports and evaluations.

    • Policy & Resolutions- Carrie Knutson- no report
    • Awards & Member Recognition-Sam Roth reported on the awards received at the National Meeting.  Achievement in Service Award- Carrie Knutson and Samantha Roth; Distinguished Service Award- Sue Isbell and Beth Roth; Meritorious Service Award- Peggy Anderson.  Communicator Awards and Exhibit- NC Region Winner- Samantha Roth, Jane Heth and John Grindahl.
    • Public Relations & Information/ News & Views- Sam Roth shared newsletters. She is looking for 4-H stories. This of nominees for the National Hall of Fame.
    • Diversity- Gail Slinde-none
    • Clover Shop- Gail Slinde- sold over 500 t-shirts this past year. She has ordered extra shirts to have some available. Balance on hand- $11996.76.

      Administrative Reports

      Chris Boerboom, NDSU Extension Director
      He thanked the group for all for all of the good work that we do. 4-H is an important part of the NDSU Extension Service. Keep reminding people that 4-H is us. He shared 2 Items: 1.) Legislative activities and SBARE- the Western 4-H Camp has 1 Capital Item in our request list for funding through SBARE- asking for $1.9 million.  It includes renovating the 3 cabins and mess hall.  With those changes there will be some reduction in lodging capacity. There is also need for a new multi-purpose building. Half of the funding needs to come from the state, the other half privately. Since March, in a “silent” phase- which has been very successful. Duane Hauck has been working with Mylie Lavold, we are 2/3 way to our target.

      2.) 4-H issues at different livestock shows- might be a good time to step back and review rules and process of livestock shows- and to make improvements. Consistency across the state and balance is needed, with the need for local flexibility. Director Boerboom asked what we would think of an external review of livestock shows- a committee from out-state that have experience in 4-H and livestock projects and get input from agents, industry, etc. to see what we are doing well and what other practices that we may consider for our shows in ND. Rules, animal ownership, processes, etc. Any thoughts, share with Chris.  If anyone is interested in serving on the committee, talk to Brad or Chris.

      Brad Cogdill, State 4-H Program Leader:

      Excited to see a room full of people committed to 4-H. Encouraged non-members to join.

      1. Technology- 4-H Online and the enrollment/ event registration. Any comments or suggestions for utilization/training/ let State staff know. Main frame for the management of the 4-H Program.
      2. Plan of Work- driving the work we do as Extension Agents and as a 4-H Program. Sharon, Dena and Gail are the co-chairs- pleased! Great things yet to come! Training- work smarter, not harder.
      3. Partnership- 4-H Camp Campaign; transition of the camp from the previous association, the ND 4-H Foundation, Statewide Camping Committee. Lots of changes happening. Feels good- positive energy.
      4. ND 4-H Foundation- excellent audit- excellent board- good things to come! Lots of money in support of 4-H.
      5. Grants, Contracts, Special Projects- support, reaching people in other ways 14 Special Projects currently with grants and contract money. Pleased- capabilities/capacity to reach youth we would not otherwise. Committed to continuing to do it!
      6. Curriculum and Activities- will be meeting sometime after the new year. Feels Good. Lots of work to do yet!
      7. Nationally- on the horizon- priority with USDA and National 4-H Council:
        1. 4-H and Graduation- USA poor graduation rate. How can 4-H contribute to increase the rate?
        2. Learning Experiences- new
        3. How 4-H Serves as a career pathway. What contributions does 4-H make?
        4. 4-H and how it contributes to a global mindset- global citizenship.

      Meg Sage Mach, the North Central Region Director for the NAE4-HA was present and will be at conference for a couple of days. She showed members how to use the NAE4-HA website. 

      New Business

      • 4-H Volunteer Awards and Opportunities- Rachelle Vettern- the upcoming Volunteer Forums will be in newsletter
      • JCEP Feb. 10-12, 2013 Memphis, TN- Gail Slinde will be attending.
      • 2013 Galaxy Pittsburgh, PA (September 15-20, 2013)
      • PILD April 21-23,2012  Alexandria, VA
      • NAE4-HA Where to Find What You Need- Dena Kemmet- same as what Meg had presented- handbook at the site
      • By-Law revision- Donna Anderson stated the following changes need to be made:

      To fix the misprint we just need to strike out the words as indicated in this yellow highlighted section:



      H. Nominating Committee. The duties of the Nominating Committee shall be:

      1. Present a slate of candidates as outlined in the Constitution including:

      a. One candidate for president-elect in even numbered years and one candidate for president in odd numbered years.

      Gail Slinde moved to make the changes. Colleen Svingen second. Motion Passed.

      Elections - Donna Anderson

      Donna handed out ballots with nominees listed. She called for any additional nominations for the officers. Marcia moved, Sam second to close ballot. Motion carried. You vote 1 name for every category.


      Secretary: Carrie Knutson
      East District Director: Maxine Nordick
      Southwest District Director: Karla Meikle
      Campus Representative: Sharon Query

      Sharon Smith moved to dispose of the ballots. Peggy Anderson second. Motion passed.

      Other New Business

      Linda Hauge talked about how there are sponsorship tiles in front of the State Fair Office and she noticed there was not a 4-H Clover tile. Colleen Svingen moved to have Clovershop purchase a tile at NDSF with NDAE4-HYW. Sharon Query second. Motion Passed.

      Dena Kemmet moved to adjourn the meeting. Donna Anderson second. Motion passed.  

      Respectively Submitted,
      Callie Johnson

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