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November 2010

Minutes of the November 4, 2010 NDAE4-HYW Meeting

Thursday, November 4, 2010
8:00 am
Radisson Inn, Fargo, ND

The following members were present: Donna Anderson, Sue Isbell, Gail Slinde, Gerald Sturn, Maxine Nordick, Peggy Anderson, Linda Hauge, Sharon Query, Ellen Bjelland, Brian Zimprich, Julie Hassebroek, Rick Schmidt, Vanessa Hoines, Mary Froelich, Carrie Knutson, Michelle Effertz, Dena Kemmet, Beth Roth, Rachelle Vettern, Marcia Hellendsaas, JoAnn Runner, Katie Tyler, Brad Cogdill, Jackie Buckley, Karla Meikle, Lesley Lubenow, Mike Hanson, Dwain Barondeau, Joel Lemer, Samantha Roth, Macine Lukach, Adrian Biewer, Flora May Miller, Julie Zikmund, Corineah Williams, Kaylyn Anderson, Deb Lee, Dean Aakre, Jodi Bruns, Craig Askim and Callie Johnson.

President Donna Anderson called the meeting to order.

Secretary Report:  Callie Johnson passed out a copy of the minutes to everyone.  Dena Kemmet moved to cease the reading of the minutes and accept the report.  Gail Slinde seconded.  Motion passed.

Treasurer’s Report:  Brian Zimprich shared the current treasurer’s report with a current balance of $6,395.54 on hand.  The ND 4-H Endowment Fund has a current balance of $1,406.48.  Samantha Roth moved to accept the report, Peggy Anderson seconded, motion passed.

Brian also presented the proposed budget for upcoming year.

Committee Report:

Membership, Brian Zimprich - membership forms are available online.  Due by December 31st.

Professional Development, Crystal Schaunaman - No Report

Programs, Linda Hauge -

·         Curriculum committee meetings are scheduled for February 8 & 9 in Carrington.  Committees are still looking for additional members.

·         In December Maxine Nordick, David Lehman, Mylie Lavold, and Linda Hauge will be attending the National 4-H Science Leadership Academy.  As a result of attending this academy we will be offering a 4-H Passport to Science training on February 3 & 4 in Bismarck.  This training is for all staff that work with youth.  Participants will receive several “grab ‘n go” science lessons from all curriculum areas.

·         Approximately 4000 ND youth participated in the National 4-H Youth Science Day experiment.  Thanks to all the county staff that promoted and led this experiment across the state.

·         4-H Film Festival- will take place July 24th at the NDSF.  Please encourage 4-H members to participate.  More information is coming soon.

Policy & Resolutions, Carrie Knutson - No Report

Member Recognition, Samantha Roth - Guests/New Members present: Joel Lemer, Katie Tyler and Corineah Williams.

Public Relations and Information, Sam Roth - No Report

Diversity, Mary Froelich- Gail Slinde reported on the Myth Buster Break-out session offered at NAE4-HA by Sue Isbell, Rachelle Vettern and Mike Hanson.

News & Views, Sam Roth - No Report

Clovershop, Gail Slinde - Gail has clothes for sale.  The no-return policy is going to start being enforced.  The current balance is $3,435 in checking and $7,591.50 in savings.

Communication and Expressive Arts, Donna Anderson-

·         At the NAE4HA conference, this committee set 3 goals.  1. For grant money to bring arts to the communities; 2. Establish a gallery to display different forms of art.  3. Establish a National Art Month/ Day (possibly March).

·         Ellen Bjelland and Sam Roth volunteered to work with Donna Anderson on this.

Administrative Reports:

Brad Cogdill, Center for 4-H Youth Development:

·         Brad spoke on behalf of Duane Hauck.  Reaffirmation and rescreening of adult volunteers and staff need to be completed by year end.  Forms and policy have been updated.  PowerPoint and video will be made available via Moodle through eXtension.

·         He encouraged members to engage and empower youth to influence the legislative body to support the center at Western 4-H camp.

·         Mylie Lavold is at the North Central Foundation meeting, that is why she was not able to attend.

·         Enrollment- we will be adopting the 4-H Online program.  We will be running this program parallel with Blue Ribbon for this year.

·         Katie Tyler and others are working on the 4-H Citizenship Mission area.  Starting to get some “good bones to hang the meat on”. J

·         Things that caused Brad to “sigh” this year:

1. He is working on a new way to handle complaints and grievances.

2. IRS and Tax Exempt Status- changes coming within the next year at the federal level.

3. ND Board of Higher Ed developed a new student travel policy.  There will be procedures for students using the carpool, with the authorization being approved by the Dean or Director.

4. Cloverbuds- they are a work in progress.  Will be things to come.

5. Curriculum at the National Level- it has been at a stall.

·         Good News- our programs work, there are positive impacts with youth and adult volunteers.

Rachelle Vettern encouraged members to send adult volunteers to the 3 trainings being held around the state.  Next year they will be in Mohall, Fargo and in the south-central part of the state.  She also mentioned the VRKC Lesson Plans that are available on the website for volunteers and also the Everyone Ready for staff on the same website.

Unfinished Business:

Article IV-Section 1- map and District Structure.

NDAE4-HYW Youth Programming Funding Awards:  3 applicants, Emmons County- $1000, Sargent County- $500 and State 4-H- $300.

Clovershop Grants- 8 applicants requesting $3180.  Grants were awarded to:  MPU8- Youth Activity Day, $200; Grand Forks County 4-H Electricity Trunk- $496.55; Emmons County GPS Trunk- $500; Food Preservation for Healthy Living, LaMoure County Cloverleafs 4-H Club- $180.00; TOTAL AWARDED- $1376.55.

First Time Scholarship- Donna encouraged those who have not attended NAE4-HA to apply for this scholarship, and to apply early.  Donna has forms available.

New Business

Performance Review Committee, Dena Kemmet and Lesley Lubenow presented the new performance appraisal form to members.

Gerald Sturn was appointed as the NDAE4-HYW Representative to the ND 4-H Foundation Board of Directors.  This is a 3 year term.

Donna Anderson and others who attended the National Meeting in Phoenix spoke about their experiences.

JCEP is February 8-10, 2011 in San Antonio, TX.  Sue Isbell will be attending.  Donna Anderson reported that at the ND JCEP meeting it was suggested that representatives from each association be present at New Staff Orientation.

PILD is April 4-6 in Alexandria, VA.  If interested in attending, let Donna Anderson know and she will forward your name to Duane Hauck for selection.

Election of Officers:  Gerald Sturn presented ballots.  Nominated for Secretary, Callie Johnson; East District, Carrie Knutson; and Southwest District, Samantha Roth.  Ellen Bjelland moved to cast a unanimous ballot for all candidates.  Gail Slinde seconded.  Motion passed.

Other Business:

Julie Hassebroek spoke about the Monsanto America Grows Communities Campaign that is happening now.

Jackie Buckley and Brian Zimprich reported on their trip to Ak-Sar-Ben.  15 youth attended.

Michelle Effertz presented the association with a Resolution of Livestock Sales.  Rich Schmidt said that there is a committee in place to work on the resolution.  Brad Cogdill stated that it needs to go to the 4-H Policy and Oversight Board.  He also has a document developed about the statements in the resolution.

Brian Zimprich moved to have members join the current committee.  Samantha Roth seconded.  Sam discussed how the program committee may not have the experiences to speak on behalf of our group.  Sue Isbell stated that she would like to see us join this group.  Gail Slinde thinks it would be an advantage to work with the Ag Agent Association.  Motion Passed.

Those on the committee currently are Brian Zimprich, Julie Hassebroek, Corineah Williams, Lane Hall, Rick Schmidt, Brad Cogdill, and Andrea Bowman.  Sue Isbell and Jackie Buckley will join the committee from our association. 

With no further business, the meeting was adjourned.

Respectfully Submitted:

Callie Johnson, Secretary

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