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November 2006

Minutes from the November 8, 2006 NDAE4-HYW Meeting

NDAE4-HYW Minutes
November 8, 2006

The following members and guests were present: Gail Slinde, Carrie Stark, Craig Askim, Valerie Johnson, Peggy Anderson, Sharon Smith, Rick Schmidt, Macine Lukach, Dena Kemmet, Sharon Kickertz-Gerbig, Sheila Vander Wal, Mike Hanson, Margaret Tweten, June Kraft, Brad Cogdill, Marcia Hellandsaas, Donna Anderson, Dean Aakre, Brian Zimprich, Wendy Bengochea, David Twist, Rachelle Vettern, Maxine Nordich, Sue Isbell, Jodi Bruns, Sue Fagerholt, Krista Littlefield, Linda Hauge, Floramay Miller, Eugene Elhard, Gerald Sturn, Kristy Berger Jelinck, Colleen Svingen, and Carrie Schumacher.

President -elect Gerald Sturn called the meeting to order.

Secretary Report:      The minutes of the previous meeting were handed out and sent via email.  Peggy Anderson moved to approve the minutes as received.  Marcia Hellandsaas seconded; motion carried.

Treasurer’s Report: Gail gave the treasurer’s report.  Balance on hand as of November 6, 2006 was $6358.04.  Kristy Jelinck moved to accept the report; June Kraft seconded the motion.  Motion carried.  Gail presented the proposed 2006-2007 budget.  Marcia Hellandsaas approved and Carrie Stark seconded the motion.  Motion carried.


Administrative Reports

Duane Hauck

  • Spoke about the Grow 21 budget.  On this he emphasized the request for support in the 4-H programs.  He encouraged us to use the sheets that were sent to us with 4-H volunteers and leaders in community.  If this is funded this would help enhance the State Office.
  • Spoke about the importance of the Plans of Work.  They are a used to help us when we speak to others about what we are doing.
  • Shared that the states that make up North Central region address common areas with POWs.
  • Spoke about the significance of studies that have been conducted in other states relating to 4-H.  The program has high merits.  The Extension Directors will be reviewing the results of the TUFF study.

Brad Cogdill

  • Addressed us with information about what has been going on with the Western 4-H Camp.  Shared that the Lewis and Clark Fort Mandan foundation are proposing to manage the camp and the extension staff will focus on the delivery of education through the camps.  He encouraged us to hold on to the camp, this is an asset for the state.
  • Told us the proposal was based on three assumptions: 1) 300 kids attend 2) off season rentals increase and 3) do goal setting for each camp – more man-hours.
  • Talked about CCS – Cooperative Curriculum System – the system is going to be redone – redefine partners and have distinct role.  Some of the curriculum will not be available that was mentioned in the Family Guides.
  • Reiterated the importance of growing a financial base in the 4-H program.

Standing Committees:

Membership: Gail recognized 4 new members with certificates.  Randy Wald, Lisa Knox, Julie Kramlich and Kristy Jelinek.

Professional Development: No report was given.

Programs: Rachelle Vettern encouraged us to get involved with the national task forces.  A list was provided of choices.

Policy and Resolutions: No report was given.

Member Recognition: Donna A. announced the following winners.  Sue Isbell, Rita Ussatis and Julie Garden Robinson received a $15,000 Family Strengthening award.  Youth Programming Funds: Five applications were submitted for funding. The recipients are Stitches of Fun – Krista Littlefield for $395.00, Rabbit Judges Training – Mercer County for $300.00, Youth Activity Day – Kidder County for $250.00 and Consumer Choices Judging Team – Richland County for $300.00.

Public Relations and Information: No report was given.

Diversity: No report was given.

News and Views: Dean Aakre spoke about some information that is now available on line.

Clovershop: Krista Littlefield presented a written report.  Checking account balance as of October 20, 2006 was $3,008.68.  Savings account balance as of October 20, 2006 was $7,210.92.   Linda H. shared the recipients of the Clover Shop Grants: Stitches of Fun – Krista L. for $402.00.  4-H After School Project Adams/Hettiger Co. -Sharon Smith for $325.00 and 4-H GIS-GPS Youth Technology Project – Sharon Smith for $175.00.

Unfinished Business:

Gail Slinde reported that the staff evaluations forms will not have any significant changes.  One new item that will be asked of the agents is how they are reaching the youth in their county.

New Business:

JCEP: In St. Louis, MO – Feb. 27-March 1, 2007

NDJCEP: Marcia gave report.  She told the group that Dave Rice is setting up a web site.  Encouraged all of us to give them ideas and needs that our organization has.

PILD: April 23-25, 2007 – Gerald Sturn encouraged us to think about attending.  Great way to connect with legislators.

National Meeting: Dena Kemmet and Krista Littlefield gave some information that they received from the Milwaukee meeting.  Next year it will be in Atlanta Georgia October 21-25, 2007.

Election Results: Secretary – Valerie Johnson

SW Director -  Sue Isbell

Campus -         Linda Hauge

E Director -     Brian Zimprich

Dean Aakre made a motion to adjourn and Rachelle Vettern seconded the motion.

Sheila Vander Wal

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