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November 2011

Minutes of the November 1, 2011 NDAE4-HYW meeting.

November 1, 2011
4:15 p.m.
Doublewood, Fargo, ND

Present: Carrie Knutson, Brad Cogdill, Mary Froelich, Gail Slinde, Maxine Nordick, Linda Hauge, Joel Lemer, Craig Askim, Dwain Barondeau, Michelle Effertz, Dean Aakre, Rachelle Vettern, Katie Tyler, Jodi Bruns, Theresa Jeske, Marcia Hellandsaas,  Julie Hassebroek, Kaylyn Anderson, Peggy Anderson, Mike Hanson, Lisa Dawson, Deb Lee, Beth Roth, Rick Schmidt, Floramay Miller, Colleen Svingen, Adrian Biewer, Dena Kemmet, Brian Zimprich, Donna Anderson, Sharon Smith, Jackie Buckley, Karla Meikle, Vanessa Hoines, Gerald Sturn, and Sam Roth.

Guests: Kacey Holm, Cole Rupprecht, Lindsay Maddock, Paige Brummund, Jerry Buckley, Irene Graves, Emily Kline, Crystal Schaunaman, Evan Twedt, Christina Rittenbach.

The meeting was called to order by President Donna Anderson.

Secretary’s Report: Minutes were emailed out by Callie Johnson.  Sam Roth moved to approve the minutes. Gail Slinde second. Motion passed.

Treasurer’s Report: Brian Zimprich shared the current treasurer’s report. The current balance on hand is $4,535.89 in the general fund. Brian went through the 2011-2012 budget. Sam Roth moved to accept the report. Sharon Smith second. Motion passed.

Committee Reports:

Membership Report: Membership dues are due December 16, 2011.

Professional Development: No Report

Programs: If you have a program need, check with specialists and let them know your needs.

Policy and Resolutions: No Report

Member Recognition:  At the National meeting on Omaha, Brian Zimprich received the ASA award, Sharon Smith received the DSA award and Gerald Sturn received the MSA award. Expect emails to apply for awards.

Public Relations and Information: Let Sam know if you have any feedback on the “Join the Revolution of Responsibility” campaign and share any news releases or other marketing that you are doing.

Diversity: No Report

News and View: Let Sam know if you are not getting the newsletters.

Clovershop: Gail reported a checkbook balance of $4,360.01 and a savings balance of $7,618.17. Gail also recognized Bowman and Oliver Counties with a “Helping Hands Across the Water” award for school supplies for the Minot schools.

Camping: Dena discussed what is new in camping nationwide.

Healthy Living: Donna reported that National is looking at having a Healthy Living 4-H Month. She is going to share North Dakota’s Healthy 4-H club program with them.

Center for 4-H Youth Development: Brad discussed the 4HOnline enrollment system, Western 4-H Camp Evolution (camp assets have been transferred to the ND 4-H Foundation), IRS Tax-Exempt Status, Cloverbud/Learnabout lessons and Youth Protection On-line Module.

Director’s Report: Duane reported that National Administration for 4-H is going through a review process. A summit of all entities involved discussed creating an umbrella entity with reps from other entities. The umbrella entity will have more than an advisory capacity. The ND 4-H Foundation is working on solidifying its relationship with donors. Camping is growing and all but 1 or 2 counties have had camp participants. Focus will be on capital improvements from the Legislature and 4-H Foundation.  Duane also discussed focusing on growing the 4-H program as 4-h paves the way for the future. After his retirement, Duane hopes to stay on the 4-H Foundation as a board member.

Unfinished Business:

Comments on what they learned were made by the Agents who attended the National Meeting in Omaha.

Youth Program Awards will be awarded when there is a confirmed dollar amount in the fund.

Clovershop grants were awarded to: Ramsey County 4-H Council ($150); Barnes County, Megan Tichy, ($140); Morton County Shooting Sports ($435); Sew and Sows 4-H Club, LaMoure County, ($250); Hippology Team, McLean County, ($450); Adams County Lamb and Pig Project ($500).

Rick Schmidt reported on JCEP, at fall conference there will be an auction. Each association takes a year, 2013 will be the 4-H association’s turn.

New Business:

Rachelle Vettern discussed volunteer opportunities and recognition awards and the 2011 NCR 4-H Volunteer e-forum.

No Spring Meeting will be held for the association. Awards will be sent via email.

The 2012 National meeting will be in Florida October 21-26, 2012.


President- Sue Isbell, President Elect- Gail Slinde, Vice President- Dena Kemmet, Treasurer- Brian Zimprich, Central District Director- Jodi Bruns and Northwest District Director- Mary Froelich. There were no nominations from the floor.

President - Kaylyn Anderson made a motion to cast unanimous ballot. Vanessa Hoines seconded. Motion passed.

President Elect- Julie Hassebroek moved to cast a unanimous ballot. Vanessa seconded. Motion passed.

Sam Roth moved to cast unanimous ballot for the slate of remaining officers. Mary Froelich seconded. Motion passed.

Sharon Smith moved to adjourn the meeting. Gail Slinde seconded. Motion passed.

Sam Roth
Acting Secretary

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