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October 2015

Minutes of the October 13, 2015 NDAE4-HYW Meeting

North Dakota 4-H Youth Workers Association Annual Meeting 
October 13, 2015 

Radisson- Bismarck, ND 

Present- Dena Kemmet, Sue Isbell, Lindsay Maddock, Calla Jarboe, Rick Schmidt, Emily Goff, Kari Helgoe, Acacia Stuckle, Mike Hanson, Cindy Klapperich, Deb Lee, Paige Brummund, Jaclynn Davis Wallette, Samantha Lahman, Breana Kiser, Ashley Stegeman, Jackie Buckley, Amelia Doll, Kimberly Braulick, Monique Stelzer, Vanessa Hoines, Macine Lukach, Crystal Schaunaman, Chris Boerboom, Maxine Nordick, Ellen Bjelland, Donna Anderson, Collenn Svingen Konwinski, Desiree Steinberger, Micky Zurcher, Brad Cogdill, Meredith Gilroy, Dean Aakre, Karla Meikle, Marcia Hellandsaas, Nic Podoll, Yolanda Schmidt, Karla Ryan, Brian Zimprich, Julie Kramlich 

Call to order- President Sue Isbell  


Welcome visitors and guests and introductions 

Secretary’s ReportLindsay Maddock 

Jackie Buckley moved to dispense with reading of the minutes, Sam Lahman seconded, motion passed. 

Treasurer’s Report – Julie Kramlich  

Balance of $9,107.01 as of 10/13/15 

42 members and 9 life members 

Rick Schmidt moved to accept treasurer’s report until audit, Marcia Hellendsaas seconded, motion passed. 

Dues must be in by December 15, 2015. You must go online to do update membership.  They are $90 for state and national dues. 

Director of Extension Update – Chris Boerboom 

Chris was pleased with first year turn out for the Learn & Lead and Advanced Degree opportunity from last year he encouraged all to take advantage of them.  Always share any input with Chris. 

4-H has had a banner year with the renovation of 4-H camp.  It has turned out great thus far and he looks forward to what else is to come.  Chris encouraged everyone to use the facility as much as possible and thanked Meredith and Brad for their hard work.  The next goals are to continue with 4-H Camp and continue to build the endowment for the 4-H Foundation.  He also briefly mentioned the tax credit of 40% available to giftees with ND Income for gift endowed to foundations like the 4-H Foundation ($5000 or greater).  For more information talk to Meredith. 

Center for 4-H Youth Development Report – Brad Cogdill, Chair 

The Center for 4-H has had a lot of staff changes in the last few months.  They are working on filling all the open positions right now (5).  Some restructuring was done between the positions.   

Brad titled his update “Surge” which means to move forward, an increase of energy, and having a high impact.  Everything with camp is now moving forward.  We still have some really important work to do and that is to work on the programming side.  The buildings need to be utilized year-round.  He asked for everyone’s support with that goal. 

With all of the retirements this last year the 4-H Office has been in a state of transition.  The building was also under construction/repair and still is.  That project is almost done.  He thanked everyone for their patience.  All things considered, everything is good. 

4-H Foundation Report – Brad gave for Gerald 

The Paving the way campaign is to run through the summer of 2017 because that is the 50th Anniversary of camp.  They would like everyone’s support to keep the momentum going.  Would like a $1000 donation from all 4-H Councils and $100 from all 4-H clubs.  They would really like the whole state to support as it is the only 4-H camp in ND.  He handed out payroll deduction forms for employees to give that way if they so choose.  It really helps to have our own staff’s support especially when they go to donors. MPU 2 and 10 are needing names of potential board members.   

The 4-H Foundation is really wanting to grow the endowment.  The 4-H Foundation is one of 5 official 501(c)3 within the University. 

Standing Committee Reports: 

  • Awards and Membership – Brian Zimprich 

ASA- None (no applicants) Distinguished Service Award - Julie Kramlich, Meritorious Service Award- Maxine Lukach, Regional -Mary Froelich 

New set of awards will be available in January. 

  • Clover Shop – Karla Meikle  

Balance of $9,039.25 as of 10/12/201 

Karla encouraged all to apply for the Clovershop grants are funds available. 

  • Grants – Brian Zimprich 

Both grants are due by Dec. 1, 2015.  Brian sent out emails on this.  You do not have to be a member to apply for the grants. 

  • Membership – Julie Kramlich 

  • Nominating Committee – Donna Anderson 

  • Policy and Resolution – Maxine Lukach- None 

  • Professional Development Jodi Bruns-None 

  • Programs – Adrian Biewer-None 

  • Public Relations and Information – Julie Kramlich- None 

  • Diversity – Yolanda Schmidt- None 

  • 4-H Foundation - Board Representative – 3 year term (currently Gerald Sturn) Gerald is stepping down.  Do we have any membership interested in filling that position?  Dena will be looking for an appointee.   

Old Business:  None 

New Business: 

  • NEA4-HA National Meeting – October 25-30, 2015 

Sue urged everyone to consider going to a National Conf.  Next year is in New Orleans. 

  • JCEP Report – Dena Kemmet 

Our association needs to put forward a PILD attendee.  April 10-13, 2016.  Dena will seek out a person to attend. 

Association Facebook Page – Donna Anderson will set up a closed Facebook group to be utilized by our Association 

  • Encourage membership growth – Everyone needs to help get some expansion within our Association. 

  • Rick Schmidt moved that NDA4-HYW cover the $45 to be paid through general fund for new members to maintain a $45 membership fee.  Ellen Bjellend seconded, motion passed. 

Election of Officers: 

Donna Anderson presented the slate of candidates: 

President- Dena Kemmet 

President Elect- Brian Zimprich 

Vice President- Karla Meikle 

Treasurer-Julie Kramlich 

Central District Director- Acacia Stuckle 

Northwest District Director- Marcia Hellandsaas 

Samantha Lahman moved to destroy ballots, Amelia Doll seconded, motion passed. 

Sue presented a gift to Karla as the new Vice President and also the gavel to Dena as the new President.  Dena also presented Sue with gift for all her hard work and dedication as President 

Amelia Doll Moved to adjourn, Samantha Lahman seconded, motion passed.  Meeting was adjourned. 

Respectfully submitted, 



Lindsay Maddock, Secretary

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