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March 2011

Minutes of the March 31, 2011 NDAE4-HYW Meeting

March 31, 2011
7:30 am
Holiday Inn, Fargo

Those present:  Lesley Lubenow, Joel Lemer, Brian Zimprich, Rachelle Vettern, Sharon Query, Katie Tyler, Carrie Knutson, Beth Roth, Sue Isbell, Jackie Buckley, Julie Hassebroek, Samantha Roth, Karla Meikle, Michelle Effertz, Vanessa Hoines, Sharon Smith, Crystal Schaunaman, Craig Askim, Macine Lukach, Maxine Nordick, Rick Schmidt, Gail Slinde, Brad Cogdill, Julie Kramlich, Mike Hanson, Dena Kemmet, Dean Aakre, Donna Anderson, Colleen Svingen, Julie Zinkmund, Cindy Ketterling, and Flora May Miller.  Guests were William Thompson and Evan Twedt.

The meeting was called to order by President Donna Anderson.

Secretary Report:  Callie Johnson shared handouts of the minutes.  Jackie Buckley moved to cease the reading of the minutes and approve the report.  Brian Zimprich second.  Motion passed.

Treasurer’s Report:  Brian Zimprich shared the current treasurer’s report.  The current balance on hand is $5,131.32 in the general fund.  The ND 4-H Endowment Fund has a balance of $-290.07.  $1800 from the 4-H Foundation has not been received yet for the Endowment Fund.  Sam Roth moved to accept the report, Lesley Lubenow second.  Motion Passed.

Brian Zimprich moved to give $4500 to Clovershop for money returned from ESP.  Sam Roth second.  Motion passed.

Membership Report:  Brian Zimprich reported there are 51 members including lifetime members.

Committee Reports:

Center for 4-H Youth Development:  Brad Cogdill reported things are well.  There is a new 4-H Online enrollment system.  The Policy Board is looking into some new issues- Bullying, Livestock Ethics, and underage drinking/alcohol use.  In the Plan of Work, growth goals were set to 1. Increase club enrollment and 2. To increase camping.  The Tax Exempt status for 4-H- each state needs to declare how they are to be tax exempt with the IRS.

Awards and Member Recognition:  Gail Slinde reported that all nominations are due today.  The 1st time scholarship applicant for ND will be Karla Meikle.

Discussion was held on 2 conferences and how it would affect the business of the associations if we went down to only 1 conference/year.

Clovershop:  Gail reported the balance is $9358.70.  Gail moved to accept her report.  Macine Lukach second.  Motion passed.

Diversity:  no report

Membership:  Brian Z. reported earlier- 51 members.

News & Views Sate Newsletter:  no report

Policy & Resolutions:  no report

Professional Development:  no report

Programs:  no report

Public Relations & Information:  no report

Research and Evaluation:  no report

Unfinished Business:

Premium Sale.  Rick Schmidt reported for the committee.  A document drafted by the Center for 4-H, located on the ND 4-H website, under Club Management Materials, states how 4-H views livestock sales.  Copies were passed around.

New Business: JCEP:  Sue Isbell and Donna Anderson reported.  An auction to fund agent’s professional development will be held during fall conference.  The Ag Association is hosting the first year, rotating every 4 years.  It will be split with 55% going to the host association and 15% to the other 3.  Everyone will benefit and everyone is encouraged to participate.

Sue Isbell attended the national JCEP meeting.  She learned a lot about Extension and the program structure at a national level.

Dean Aakre said that there is always a need for people to get involved at the National level on committees, officers, etc.

The national meeting will be in Omaha, NE the end of October.  Members indicated if they were interested in possibly attending.

Director’s Report:  Duane Hauck reported that there will be a change in the titles we use as agents.  They will be Agriculture, FCS, 4-H and FNP.   He reported the budget process with the ND legislature is going very well.  We are encouraged to continue with the legislative updates, as they have provided focus on County Extension work.  The 4-H Camp building is no longer in the budget, but received positive comments and we will make another run at it next session.  The camp may be transferring from the Western 4-H Camp Association to the ND 4-H Foundation.  That way the foundation can take on a campaign for capital gains for the camp.  The 4-H Foundation is working with KK Bold out of Minot, and the will be doing $20,000 worth of advertising, pro-bono, to market 4-H.

Sam Roth moved to adjourn the meeting.  Brian Zimprich second.  Motion Passed.

Callie Johnson



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