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March 2010

Minutes of the March 30, 2010 NDAE4-HYW Meeting

NDAE4-HYW Minutes

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Radisson Inn, Bismarck


The following members and guests were present:  Donna Anderson, Michelle Effertz, Adrian Biewer, Karla Meikle, Ellen Bjelland, Jodi Bruns, Lesley Lubenow, Dwain Barondeau, Sharon Smith, Julie Kramlich, Corrineah Williams, Brian Zimprich, Julie Hassebroek, Vanessa Hoines, Gerald Sturn, Rich Schmidt, Mike Hanson, Gail Slinde, June M. Kraft, Rachelle Vettern, Deb Lee, Kaylyn Anderson, Macine Lukach, Dena Kemmet, JoAnn Runner, Maxine Nordick, Mary Froelich, Marcia Hellendsass, Sharon Query, Samantha Roth, Julie Zikmund, Carrie Knutson, Crystal Schaunaman, Jackie Buckley, Sue Isbell, Brad Cogdill, Callie Johnson, Tony Carrell, Jerry Larson, and Jack Stewart. 

President Donna Anderson called the meeting to order. 

Secretary’s Report:  Callie Johnson passed out a copy of the minutes to everyone.  Marcia Hellendsaas moved to cease the reading of the minutes and accept the report.  Julie Zikmund seconded.  Motion passed. 

Treasurer’s Report:  Brian Zimprich shared the current treasurer’s report with a current balance of $1,406.48 on hand.  Samantha Roth moved to accept the treasurer’s report, Dena Kemmet second, motion passed. 

Committee Reports:

                Center for 4-H Youth Development- Brad Cogdill

·         There will be a new process with 4-H clubs and the tax-exempt status.  There is a process for checking and an April 20th deadline for completing the process.  It will include a 6-step process for cross-checking different documents.  

·         Western 4-H Camp is taking registrations.  There are 80 registrations at this time.

·         Citizenship in Action- it will be held.

·         ND 4-H Foundation has hired a new full-time director.  There are 6 new board members.  There was a large gift of money given to the foundation from a former ND 4-H member’s estate. 

·         The National 4-H Council is sponsoring a 4-H Gift of Hope Challenge.  Text Clover 5055 and $10 will be given to support 4-H in ND.

·         The Faces of ND 4-H will be available for local use.  Thank you to those who contributed photos.  All pictures in the book are ND youth.


Director Remarks- Duane Hauck

·         He commended us on our on-going 4-H efforts.

·         He is excited about the new era of the 4-H Foundation.

·         The Living Learning Center at the Western 4-H Camp is in the works.  There are plans being drawn up.  SBARE is in support of this project and has put it on the list to go before the state legislature.

·         He encouraged us to find youth to attend Western 4-H Camp.  It is not just a “western” camp it is a state camp.  It has been shown through research that positive youth development comes from involvement in community club and camping experiences.

Awards & Member Recognition Committee- Gail Slinde

·         Award Winners:

o   Published Photo:  Dena Kemmet

o   Diversity:  Sue Isbell

o   Excellence in 4-H Club Support:  Maxine Nordick

o   Communication Award:  Sharon Query and Rachelle Vettern

o   ASA:  Callie Johnson

o   Meritorious Service:  Sharon Query

o   1st Timer:  Brian Zimprich

Clovershop/Grants- Linda Hauge and Gail Slinde

·         $1700 given away in grants- $500 to Sharon Smith, $500 to Deb Hatlewick, $200 to Kaylyn Anderson and $500 to Ellen Bjelland.

·         Linda encouraged everyone to apply for these grants!

Diversity- Gail Slinde

·         Sue Isbell, Mike Hanson, Gail Slinde and Rachelle Vettern are on the committee.

o   They applied for a session at National Conference called Myth Busters, to get people to look past personal appearance.

·         The State Diversity Conference is in Bismarck at the Doublewood on April 22nd.  It is free to all NDUS employees.

Membership- Brian Zimprich

  • 41 re-new members and 4 new members.

Programs- Linda Hauge

  • There are 4 upcoming training opportunities.  They will be:  April 15th in Moorhead, Youth Development Into the Future; May 11-13 near Dazey at the 4-H Spring Training; June 2-4 in Bismarck, Geospatial Technology; and August 4-6, in Fargo, Promoting Youth Development. 

Public Relations and Information- Samantha Roth

  • State-wide Hall of Fame application is due May 1st.
  • National- Hall of Fame, ND can submit 1 applicant.

Unfinished Business:  We had 18 members attend NAE4-HA Conference in Rochester, New York in October. 

New Business: 

  • Donna Anderson reported on the JCEP meeting.  It was suggested that those who have used the Presidential Professional Development Grant to put together an impact report and state how it has enhanced our programming.  Deb will be putting out a questionnaire.  It was explained how Extension funds are distributed to each association to attend national meetings. 
    • There is a committee working on getting the 4-H Photo Display project going.  Champion photos from the state fair will be nicely framed and given to higher-ups to hang in their offices. 
  • Dena Kemmet will be representing our association at PILD in April.
  • The 2010 NAE4-HA National Conference will be in Phoenix, AZ October 24-28. 
  • Tony Carrell, the NAE4-HA Central Regional Director spoke to the group.


  • There will be a salsa contest for the National Meetings.  Talk to Donna for more information. 
  • Dean Aakre wanted to encourage everyone to consider running for national office. 
  • Rick Schmidt share that the Pheasants Forever group is paying for the kids registrations to attend Western 4-H Camp.  They have money for kids to attend camp. 
  • Vanessa Hoines invited everyone to come to June Kraft’s retirement party at 4:30 tomorrow. 

Samantha Roth moved to adjourn the meeting, David Twist second.  Motion passed.

Respectfully Submitted,


Callie Johnson



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