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March 2008

Minutes of the March 31, 2008 NDAE4-HYW Meeting

NDAE4-HYW Minutes

March 31, 2008


The following members and quests were present:  Jodi Bruns, Gerald Sturn, Sue Isbell, Dena Kemmet, Vanessa Hoines, Joann Runner, David Twist, Ellen Bjelland, Carrie Schumacher, Samantha Roth, Jackie Buckley, Craig Askim, June M. Kraft. Colleen Svingen, Donna Anderson, Lesley Lubenow, Mike Hanson, Dean Aakre, Gail Slinde,  Maxine Nordick, Linda Hauge, Sharon Query, Brad Cogdill, Nels Peterson, Brian Zimprich, Cheyanne Erickson, Julie Kramlich, Crystal Schaunaman, Wendy Becker, Ayanava Majumdar, Sue Fagerholt, Floramay Miller, Cindy Ketterling, Rick Schmidt, Rachelle Vettern, Carmen Rath-Wald, Julie Hudson-Schenfisch and Peggy Anderson.


President Gerald Sturn called the meeting to order.


Secretary Report:  Jackie Buckley moved to accept the October 15, 2007 minutes as posted on the association web site. Seconded by Vanessa Hoines, motion passed.


Treasurer’s Report:  Ellen Bjelland moved that the treasurer’s report with a balance of on hand as of March 18, 2008 of $5647.67 be accepted. Seconded by Dena Kemmet, motion passed.


Extension Administrative Report:  Duane Hauck addressed questions asked. He shared that the Budget Building Process was coming along. A 4-H initiative is in the top five of the priority list being developed. Also included are dollars to support the salaries of Western 4-H Camp Counselors. Everyone was to encourage 4-Hers and other youth to attend Western 4-H Camp this summer.


Center for 4-H Youth Development:  Brad Cogdill reported on several items.

  • Employee ID# for 4-H Clubs, the process continues and will continue to evolve. The need for the state to develop a state data base to yearly certify clubs for the IRS exists.
  • The Enrollment Management System, Blue Ribbon by Marteck is going out of business. May need to look at a new program. Other North Central states are looking at Texas Online which is a 4-H program plus another program.
  • Recruitment and promotional materials are low and in need of updating or new ones developed. Brad asked for volunteers to help get things developed by 4-H Week.
  • ACCESS 4-H web site on technology; Ayanava Majumdar represents North Dakota on this project. This project will roll out during National 4-H Week.


JCEP Regional Workshop:  Gerald reported that the National Association is putting more emphasis on committee structure.


Standing Committee Reports:

Professional Improvement:  No report given.

Policy and Resolution:  No report given.

Programs:  No report given

Public Relations and Information:  No report given.

Member Awards and Recognition:  Gerald handed out awards that were given at the National meeting in Atlanta to Sue Isbell for ASA and Donna Anderson for DSA. Currently there is one application for DSA and no applications for ASA.

Membership:  Jodi had a sign up sheet for committee work in the back of the room for members to fill out.

Diversity:  No report given.

Clover Shop:  Gail passed out the Financial Report. Krista is resigning so another person is needed. Gail offered to do clothes such as the extension items but she won’t do the little things like scrapbook paper, bracelets, notes cards, etc. The current inventory of small items is very small and can be ordered through the National 4-H Mall. Many staff indicated their dissatisfaction with the orders run through the National 4-H Mall. Sue Isbell moved that the Clover Shop just carry clothing products only and start discounting small items to eliminate inventory. Donna Anderson seconded, motion passed.


Unfinished business:

Brad shared what was happening with the 4-H Camping Program and its committee work. A meeting of the statewide committee was held, four points were mentioned:

1.  Marketing and promotion of Western 4-H Camp.

2.  Develop 2 sub-committees, one for training of counselors and extension staff who work at camp and the second to develop standards around resident camping program. Currently working with 9 standards for overnight stays.

3.  Make sure those standards are met and fill in the gap.

4.  Develop a purpose where members are responsible.

Make sure we have enough training for those working at camp. Interns have been hired this summer, three of the six hired will be working at camp.


Craig Askim will be our representative attending the PILD Conference.


Jackie Buckley reported on the NDJCEP meeting held prior to conference. Duane gave an update, discussed the program planning process, association reports were given. Conference will be a day longer. Also discussed was the representation that makes up the conference committee. Have added staff with 5 years of experience or less on the planning committee. Also performance reviews were discussed.


Dean Aakre announced that he represents North Central Region on the Organizational Stewardship Committee (OSC) for NAE4-HA. They are recruiting for officer/leadership candidates. North Dakota members are encouraged to consider a leadership position or recommending others for these positions in NAE4-HA.


Gerald Sturn asked everyone to think about the timing of association meetings during conference. How can we work with the planning committee to get the professional development trainings in along with the meetings?


Carmen Rath-Wald moved for adjournment, Meeting adjourned.


Respectfully Submitted,

Peggy R. Anderson




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