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June 2009

June 4, 2009 Executive Conference Call Minutes

NDAE4-HYW Executive Minutes
Thursday, June 4, 2009
11:00 am Conference Call

The executive committee of the NDAE4-HYW met on June 4, 2009 via conference call.  Those present were Gerald Sturn, Jodi Bruns, Donna Anderson, Samantha Roth, Linda Hauge, Sue Isbell, Carrie Knudson, Gail Slinde, and Callie Maddock. 

First item discussed was a possibly changing the by-laws, Article V, Section 1 N, regarding representation on the ND 4-H Foundation Board of Directors.  It was felt that we were not being represented very well since we only have the president serve for a 2 year term.  Donna Anderson moved to change the wording “appoint a NDAE4HYW representative to serve a three year term on the North Dakota 4-H Foundation Board of Directors.”  Sue seconded.  Motion passed.

Next was discussion on our investment funds with the ND 4-H Foundation.  There are changes being made at the foundation level and our funds may not receive a return on investment if the investment loses money due to the economy.  We decided to keep our funds with the ND 4-H Foundation and work with them on receiving a return on our investment. The return on our investment is what funds the professional development scholarships.   Gail  S. reported that we have $10,132 in the Clovershop acct. and some of that money could be used for professional development scholarships. 

Epsilon Sigma Phi has asked for $2000 from each professional association to help defray costs for NDSU Extension service employees attending the upcoming ESP National Conference in Fargo September 13-16, 2009.  Donna Amderson moved that we give $1000 from our regular account and $1000 from the Clovershop account to support the ESP Conference.  Jodi Bruns seconded.  Motion passed.  

Gerald Sturn had emailed the treasurer’s report and as of March 31, 2009 we have a balance of assets of $41,995.89. 

Sue Isbell reported on awards.  Samantha Roth-1st time attendee & excellence in camping; Maxine Nordick Promotional Package; Linda Hauge- Meritorious Service; Dena Kemmet- ASA; Rick Schmidt- DSA; Dean Aakre- 25 years. 

Gerald Sturn asked if we would be interested in inviting Annette Bjorkland, regional director to attend our Fall Annual Meeting.  She would need help in paying her way to attend.  Gerald was going to check on the cost and we will vote online. 

Linda Hauge shared that Brad Cogdill would be willing to pay the pre-conference workshop fee of $50 for a person to attend the “Putting the Essential Elements into Practice” preconference workshop on October 24-25 at NAE4-HA in Rochester, NY.  If anyone is interested, they should contact Brad or Sharon Query. 

Those tentatively planning on attending the national meeting are Linda Hauge, Sharon Query, Carrie Knudson, Sam Roth, Dena Kemmet, Maxine Nordick, Gail Slinde, Sue Isbell, Donna Anderson, Dean Aakre, Rick Schmidt, Brad Cogdill, and Gerald Sturn. 

There was no further business to discuss at this time. 


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