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February 2009

February 10, 2009 Executive Committee Conference Call Minutes

NDAE4-HYW Executive Minutes
Tuesday, February 10, 2009
10:00 am Conference Call

The following were on the call:  Donna Anderson, Sue Isbell, Kaylyn Anderson, Jodi Bruns, Callie Maddock, Carrie Knutson, Samantha Roth, Jackie Buckley, Gail Slinde and Gerald Sturn. 

  • Our Association meeting will be held on April 1st at 4:30 p.m. during Spring Conference.
  • Future governing board calls- no discussion.

·         JCEP- Gerald and Donna will be attending.  In the future, the president will go the year before taking office and while in office.  Donna will get funding to attend.

o   In the Constitution, Article IX, # 7 & 8, Carrie and the policy committee will bring forth changes in the wording.

·         PILD- Beth Roth’s name was submitted from the 4-H Assoc.

·         Auditing of treasurer’s books- This has not been done for a number of years.  Gerald and Donna will report back after the JCEP meeting.  We will possibly audit at Spring Conference.

·         Audit committee, do we have one?  Article VI, section F.  Gerald will look into this.

·         Standing and ad hoc committee meetings.  The by-laws state that they need to meet prior to the annual meeting.  Committee chairs will take responsibility to meet with their committees.  Gerald will send a message to get things started. 

·         Lifetime Members on Listserv.  Needs to be updated. 

·         DSA and ASA- Sue is waiting for the website to be updated.  All exec. members are to encourage fellow members to apply.  Sue will send an update/email to the members.  We can have 1 award winner for the DSA and ASA.

·         Funds with the ND 4-H Foundation.  We received $800 from our managed funds with them this past year.  They are asking us to sign a new contract stating that if the fund loses money, the NDAE4-HYW would not receive any money back. 

·         The Regional Director, Annette Bjorkland is willing to come to ND.  We’ll see if she is available for the Fall meeting.

·         By-law changes.  Discussion was held on the following:

o   Article 1- Section 3: Add a percent sign after 50.


o   Article IV- Section 1 A and B: Districts would be divided based on the NDAEA District Map (see map below). Districts would be 1. Northwest 2.East      3.Central 4.Southwest and 5.NDSU Campus Based Staff.


Article XI- Sections 8: North Central Regional NAE4-HA workshop, the NDAE4-HYW President-elect during their second year in office and during the first year in office as President shall be authorized to attend this workshop.  If another person in leadership would benefit most from attending this workshop (determined by Executive Committee) shall be then authorized to attend this workshop.  Registration fee will be reimbursed by the National or State Association as available.  (Total state reimbursement for this workshop not to exceed $100).

NDAE4HYW District Map

·         Gerald told the group that Linda Hauge is the person in charge of the webpage and if we need to put anything up on our webpage, to contact her. 


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