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Program Recognition Committees

Provides a vehicle to recognize the professionalism, performance and outstanding programs of NDAAEA members. Overseen by Janna Kinchloe-District Director

Communications; Public Relations

  1. Enhance the communication skills and knowledge of members through promotion and recognition efforts. Conduct the state Communication Award Program which NDAAEA members can apply for 14 different award categories.
  2. It is the responsibility of all members of the Association to promote good public relations. However, this committee will:
    1. Assume leadership in developing suggestions for improving the public image of NDSU Extension and ANR program areas.
    2. Implement a system whereby all NDAAEA award recipients receive recognition in their home community media and acknowledgment to advisory committees and supervisors. Included as recipients will be elected officers and directors, DSA and AA recipients, and professional improvement program sponsors. The committee will work with the chairs of the appropriate committees for implementation and maintenance of the system.
    3. Conduct the Agriculture Awareness and Appreciation Award program.

Search for Excellence; Professional Excellence

  1. Promote and recognize quality program efforts of NDAAEA members, and to design methods of transferring such excellence in programming to other members across the state and nationally. Conduct Search of Excellence Programs judging in areas of program development, implementation and evaluation by NDAAEA members in one of 8 different categories.
  2. Showcase excellence in program efforts of NDAAEA members. This will be done by giving members the opportunity to present posters with abstracts at the NACAA Annual Meeting/Professional Improvement Conference. Another objective of this committee is to assist members with their career promotion and performance evaluations.

    4-H and Youth

    Develop and promote 4-H and Youth professional improvement opportunities and enhance the 4-H program efforts of NDAAEA members. Conduct the Excellence in 4-H Programming Award.

    Committee Minutes

    Recognition and Awards

    Provide leadership in the recognition of outstanding accomplishments by NDAAEA members including the selection and appropriate recognition of three awards programs. They will administer, with the approval of the Board of Directors, the selection and presentation of the Distinguished Service Award, the Achievement Award, and the Hall of Fame Award

    Committee Minutes

    Scholarships and Life Members

    1. Promote the scholarship program by obtaining funds from Extension personnel, friends of NDAAEA, and others interested in this effort. The committee should work with other committees to enable NDAAEA to provide scholarships to members as a means of encouraging and supporting professional improvement.
    2. Serve as a liaison between Life Members and members of NACAA and the Board of Directors, encouraging support of the scholarship fund to Life Members. Identify and recognize retiring employees that qualify for Life Membership.
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