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Communication; Public Relations Committee Minutes

Minutes from 2015-2019

2019 Minutes

Minutes of the NDAAEA Communications and Public Relations committee: via skype 10/07/19

Members Present:  Ashley Ueckert (vice chair), Louie Voight, Craig Askim, and Rick Schmidt

Ashely reported that Penney will have the $25 stipends for the communication awards. Ashley will prepare a copy of the award winner’s applications for display at the state conference. She will also check with Penney or Alicia about being part of the NDAEA display at conference.

Craig mentioned that more and more information was becoming available at the national meeting.

Also discussed was the request to try to have more ready to use facebook posts with the NDSU branding. Possibly something on info ag or google docs.

Public Relations –

If there is anything we are not addressing, please have the association let us know.

We discussed the need for new members and how to get them involved

            -Maybe a specific invitation to the meetings?
            -Share the website with them.
            -Find out who is new this year.

Maybe we could have an online template with past award winners.

Rick suggested that maybe we develop conference calls within our Districts and make sure to invite new agents.

We agreed that it would be great to have a list of “benefits” to belonging to the State Association. This is something we would like to have state-wide involvement.

Rick also mentioned that somehow it would be nice to get more agents involve in 4-H camp and state fair.

There being no further business, meeting adjourned.

            Loayne Voigt,


2018 Minutes

Minutes of the NDAAEA Communications and Public Relations committee: 10am Central time 10/16/18

Members present: Ashley Ueckert and LoAyne Voigt, Guests: Rachel Wald, Craig Askim and Greg Benz

National Awards program

                We had several good quality applications this year. 

                In the past (probably 8ish) years ago we had talked about a cash stipend for state award winners, it was never brought before the whole association for discussion and a vote.  Ashley will visit with Craig about getting it on the agenda for the annual meeting.  The hope is a small cash stipend will help encourage more people to apply for awards.

                Craig suggested displaying submissions at conference so people can see what the process requires.  LoAyne will put together some type of handout or poster with the examples of past state winner submissions for fall conference.

State wide communication issues

                Tech Coffee breaks have  been doing a good job of keeping people up to date on whats happening.

                Rachel moved to recommend that an extension publication be created for producers on and Introduction to Drone Technology for producers in Ag Production.  Second by Craig, motion carried.  It was suggested that maybe John Nowatski or Paulo Flores could take on this task.

Public Relations

                We have never known what our public relations duties are, as when the committees joined nobody who had been on public relations ever came to a meeting.  Craig gave us some direction to use that portion of our committee to direct new members and help them see how the association works, the benefits of being a member and help them feel like a welcomed vital important part of the association.

Committee elections

                LoAyne nominated Ashley for chair.  Unanimous ballot was cast and was passed.

                Ashley nominated LoAyne for Vice chair/ Secretary – Unanimous ballot was cast and was passed.

Respectfully Submitted

Ashley Ueckert 

2017 Minutes

No Minutes submitted

2016 Minutes

Communications/Public Relations Skype meeting - October 7, 2016 10 a.m.

Ashley Ueckert, chairman and LoAyne Voigt were in attendance.

The main topic discussed was the possible combination with the Search for Excellence and Professional Excellence committee. Julie Kramlich, Chair of these two committees had approached us with this possibility last week. Both Ashley and Louie agreed that it was a good opportunity. They will pursue this to see if it can get proposed in time to be announced prior to the state meeting.

We questioned if we are overlooking our current committee responsibilities because both Ashley and Louie were on the communications committee and we do not know the activities/goals of the Public Relations committee. That group has not been very visible in attendance at our committee meetings since these two committees were combined.

We visited about trying to increase award applications and we thought maybe if we show examples of previous winners, that may help for members to see how easy an application can be.

We will table the election of committee chair until after the state NDAAEA meeting at conference. If we do combine with the other committee, we can then select one chair.

Respectfully Submitted: LoAyne Voigt

2015 Minutes

Members present: Ashley Ueckert and LuAyne Voigt

Ashley will chair again in 2016

In 2015 the committee received a number of excellent award applications. We would like to encourage agents to apply again next year and contact either Ashley or LuAyne if you have any questions.

Lastly if there are any new agents out there looking for a committee to join, we would sure welcome them to join our committee.

Respectfully submitted by:
LoAyne Voigt

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