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Animal Science Committee Minutes

Minutes from 2015-2019

2019 Minutes

The NDAAEA Animal Science Committee met via Skype at 2:30pm on 10/14/2019.

Members Present via Skype at 2:30: Yolanda Schmidt (chair), Craig Askim, Paige Brummond, Lisa Pederson, Rachel Wald, Brian Zimprich, Yolanda Schmidt, Angie Johnson, Lindsay Maddock, Rick Schmidt, and Sheldon Gerhardt. Crystal Schaunaman joined briefly.

Minutes of the last meeting were reviewed.

National Committee

Paige shared that National Conference delegates were encouraged to help make agents in their home states award of the American Registry of Professional Animal Scientists (ARPAS) certification and encourage participation. Lisa stated that ARPAS certification support for agents and specialists has been discussed by the Extension Leadership Team (ELT) in the past. She will revisit this discussion with ELT to cover testing cost for agents and host a ND test site.

ND delegates also participated in a report on this year’s conference pre-tour and discussed plans for next year’s pre-tour in Virginia, which will also focus on Animal Science.

Professional Development

Packing Plant & Feeding Facility Tour - The committee reviewed progress of last year’s professional development plans.  Janna Block has organized a packing plant and feeding facility tour for educational material development for all agents and specialists for the fall of 2020. Committee members will visit with Family & Community Wellness agents in their offices and at Fall Conference about the benefits of attending and encourage FCW agents to attend.


4-H Livestock Showmanship Guidelines - Rick shared that livestock showmanship videotaping is complete and the group is working on narrations. It is anticipated that showmanship videos for five species including poultry and rabbits should be available later this fall.

Youth Quality Assurance Program (YQCA) - Brian shared that people have been getting the hang of the program and more counties are requiring YQCA certification at their county fairs and 4-H Achievement Days.

ND Hay Pricing Publication – Discussion was held on the continued need for a ND Hay Pricing Guide for agents that would include a guide of pricing hay, damaged field crops and other alternative forages specific to ND. Yolanda reached out to specialists last fall but no progress was made on the development of a document. She will reach out again and actively pursue publication development.

Action Plan

The committee’s action plan for 2020 includes continuing efforts to help recruit agents and specialists with livestock showmanship experience and passion to help lead lessons at 4-H Livestock Camp. Livestock Camp numbers have continued to increase so the Camping Committee is looking at doing an advanced and beginner group rather than adding a second camp later due to time conflicts with county fairs and other summer events.

Based on statewide need and limited numbers of producer opportunities to learn artificial insemination to improve their herd genetics, the committee will work on collaborating with local and regional semen companies to set up a series of producer AI schools. Lisa and Yolanda will lead this effort.

Chair Selection

Yolanda agreed to remain in the chair position for another year. Rachel will continue as the co-chair.

Respectfully submitted by:

Yolanda Schmidt

NDAAEA Animal Science Committee Chair


2018 Minutes

The NDAAEA Animal Science Committee met via Skype at 1:00pm on Wednesday, October 3, 2018.

Members present: Paige Brummond, Angie Johnson, Rick Schmidt, Yolanda Schmidt (Chair), Rachel Wald. Absent: Marissa Leier, Lisa Pederson, Megan Vig (Vice Chair).

Minutes of the last meeting were reviewed.

There were no updates available from the national committee.

Yolanda reported that the team led by Becky Koch has made progress in the development of several national livestock videos to educate producers, livestock handlers, stakeholders and agents about biosecurity best practices. At this time, three videos (Animal Biosecurity at Fairs, Farm and Barn Access for Producers, and Biosecurity for Transporting Livestock and Poultry) are being developed and expected to be on a web page with supporting resources by October 17, 2018.

The committee reviewed the progress of last year’s professional development plans. A tour of a livestock and crop import facility was accomplished during the 2018 summer Agent tour hosted by the East District (formerly Northeast District).
Specialists were contacted regarding organizing a packing plant and feeding facility tour for educational material development for agents during the fall/winter of 2018. Timing and schedules were an issue in accomplishing this goal. Our committee brainstormed ideas for touring possibilities and focus topics for program development. It is hoped that materials could be developed for use at winter livestock meetings in the future. Yolanda and Rick will reach out to Lisa Pederson and Eric Berg regarding their interest and availability in this project. Rick will make some contacts for funding sources to help cover travel expenses.
Youth Quality Assurance Program (YQCA)
The committee reviewed YQCA implementation. Rick reported no major changes from 2018. YQCA certification is mandatory for exhibition at ND State Fair but is still optional at the county level. Angie asked how other agents offered YQCA training in their counties. Many did face-to-face delivery and received positive feedback from 4-H families. Several committee members expressed concern that there is a fair amount of irrelevant information contained in the trainings and would like to see the focus be on teaching youth to be advocates for the livestock industry, be good stewards of themselves, and follow show rules.
Discussion was held on the need for universal livestock showmanship guidelines for consistency of showmanship judging at 4-H youth livestock shows. Rick gave an example of how showmanship at the World Dairy Expo is used as the industry standard for dairy showmanship.
Horse has a showmanship rule book. Rick proposed putting together an educational universal showmanship clinic for judges and will take the lead on arranging clinics and will update the 4-H Dairy Showmanship Video.
Discussion was also held on the need for a Hay Price support document for agents on hay pricing. Yolanda will reach out to specialists, Karl Hoppe, John Dhuyvetter and Byron Parman about developing a document and approaching NASS to bring back the monthly hay report survey.

Yolanda’s term is expiring and Megan Vig, current co-chair is due to move into chair position. Yolanda will check with Megan to see if she is able to do this. In the event she is not, Yolanda will remain in the chair position for another term and Rachel Wald will take the vice chair position.

The committee’s action plan for 2019 includes continuing efforts to help recruit volunteers to help lead lessons at 4-H Livestock Camp, help with the creation of a universal livestock showmanship clinic, and continue to work with specialists to develop impactful programs to address animal issues across the state and offer professional development opportunities to help agents develop their skills.

Submitted by:
Yolanda Schmidt
NDAAEA Animal Science Committee Chair

2017 Minutes

The NDAAEA Animal Science Committee met via Skype at 11:00 a.m. on Friday, October 13, 2017. Participants present were: Paige Brummond, Kelcey Hoffman, Angie Johnson, Samantha Lahman, Marissa Leier, Rick Schmidt, Yolanda Schmidt (Chair), Megan Vig and Rachel Wald. Absent: Lisa Pederson and Katie Wirt

Minutes of the last meeting were reviewed.


Yolanda asked if there were any updates from the national committee. Rick Schmidt reported that the most significant message from the national level is to continue to encourage agents to apply for awards for programs and/or projects they have done. Applications are handled by Julie Kramlich.


The group reviewed a consolidated description of committee responsibilities developed by Penny Nester and the Early Career Development Committee. Since a number of Animal Science Committee members are early- to mid-career agents, the group found this shortened summary very helpful in gaining a better understanding of their role on this committee and the NDAAEA organization as a whole and felt other newer agents would benefit as well.

Discussion also focused on the benefits of being a part of NDAAEA and committee involvement. I.E. Teamwork, program input and leadership opportunities.


A team led by Becky Koch had been formed to develop seven specie specific livestock videos not specific to ND to educate producers, livestock handlers, stakeholders and agents about biosecurity best practices. Several Skype meetings were held during the summer and scripts were developed. Yolanda and Samantha are members of this team and Yolanda will check on how far the project has moved toward completion.


The committee reviewed the progress of last year’s professional development suggestion to tour and import facility to see livestock and crop importation and a packing plant tour.

It was suggested that the Animal Science Committee could partner with the promotion of summer agent tours. Samantha Lahman expressed interest in hosting an Agent tour in the East District (formerly Northeast District) with a livestock emphasis so that an import facility could be part of the tour.

Yolanda will contact Robert Maddock, Eric Berg, and Lisa Pederson about setting up a packing plant and feeding facility tour for agents later this fall or early winter. The goal is to pattern it after the Nebraska Palmer Amaranth bus trip several agents went on this summer in terms of impactful program development as a result of the trip.


Rick gave an update on the Youth Quality Assurance Program implementation. The group decided the Animal Science Committee will help with dissemination of the program by helping to teach modules and/or hosting trainings in their counties.

The committee also discussed taking a more active role in helping to recruit volunteers to teach lessons at 4-H Livestock Camp.


The committee’s action plan for 2017 includes continuing efforts to help recruit volunteers to help lead lessons at Livestock Camp, help with dissemination of information regarding the Youth Quality Assurance Program, continued work with specialists to develop impacful programs to address animal issues across the state and offer professional development opportunities to help agents develop their skills.

2016 Minutes

AWARDS – Julie Kramlich

  • Go to the bottom – start new application
  • Julie handles Search for Excellence awards, these are for projects that were done within the last 3 years
  • State can send 1 award from each category, if more than 1 application in a category Julie’s Committee will select the one to send to national award
  • You may nominate yourself – most do
  • Posters may be created – contact ag comm to help make look professional. Contact Greg Endres who has submitted a poster to see what he did.
  • There is a cash award for National winner and finalists.


  • Becky Koch and Gerald Stokka received a grant to train agents in biosecurity for both livestock and crops
  • VFD team might have been given this project. If anyone else wants to work on it let Lisa know.
  • Chat box – Kelsey Hoffman and Yolanda Schmidt would like to help
  • Yolanda thinks we need this especially in crops.
  • Katie – wondering if the grant could pay for agents to have biosecurity kits in their office. – Lisa not sure.


  • Would agents be interested in a tour to an import facility to see livestock, and crop importation? Yes
  • Timing – early May or early October
  • Paige Brummond – tour of the Aberdeen packing plant would be interesting
  • Katie – tour of sugar beet and/or ethanol facility to see where bi-products come from
  • Kelsey –will lead beet plans since she is in the area
  • Lisa – What about Poultry or Hogs? Yes
  • 1 day for each tour or 1 large multi-day tour?
  • Maybe 2 or 3 tours
  • Bi-Products
  • Spring – Boarder Facility
  • Fall – Confinement Facilities
  • Tour PLUS education for agents. YES!
  • Open to all of extension or to association only?
  • Katie- confused as to how the association is different than extension – offering something only to members might make the association seem more beneficial to new agents
  • Yolanda- Agrees
  • Julie – These tours would be good for professional development which is what the association is supposed to be doing. She and Rick Schmidt looking at bi-laws and the association should not be creating new programs, but developing professionals. She would like to include all agents, but be clear that this is offered BY the Association.
  • Paige – Open to everyone, encourage them to join the Association.
  • Lisa – should we invite FCS colleagues?
  • Katie – Yes good idea
  • Paige – yes thinks several would attend


  • Lisa, current chair, would like to step down
  • Sam Lahman, not present, is vice chair
  • Yolanda will volunteer to Chair the committee
  • Lisa nominated Katie to vice chair, she declined.
  • Lisa nominated Paige, she suggested Sam remain vice chair.
  • Decided Yolanda will be Chair, Sam will remain vice chair.


  • Lisa to Jackie – was there any news about the Youth Livestock Quality Assurance Program?
  • Jackie unavailable.

Meeting adjourned.

2015 Minutes

Deal with issues related to livestock
Recruit posters/programs for National Meeting
4-H livestock issues

Including livestock on the summer tour

Livestock Quality Assurance (LQA) program
1. Issues with getting the program up and going with counties
2. Communication is a problem so all the agents understand what the program is

Avian Influenza update
1. Biosecurity with the poultry due to outbreak
2. What is the protocol happening with avian influenza
3. Will there be a 4-H show next year? Up for more discussion in December

Biosecurity for Livestock
1. Biosecurity measures for going on a livestock visit. Kits for agents
2. Biosecurity programs with producers
3. Large programs that need to have some type of biosecurity measures

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