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Social Committee Minutes

Minutes from 2015-2019

2019 Minutes

Social committee meeting was held via skype at 9:00 am on 10/15/2019

Members Present via Skype at 9:00 am: Mary Keena (chair), Calla Edwards, Chris Augustin, Naeem Kalwar

Absent: Penny Nester

The 2019 Fall Conference Professional Development Scholarship Banquet will be held on Tuesday, October 22, 2019 at the Fargo-Moorhead Curling Club at 5:30 p.m. Chris Augustin is working with NDSU Carnivore Catering on a meal that will be served buffet style at 6:30 p.m. Penny Nester will be brining tables clothes, decorations and a sound system. Penny Nester is also making arrangements with the FM Curling Club for beverages and setup. Mary Keena will be bringing extra tables. Calla Edwards is working on the thank you gifts. They will be sent out after Fall Conference.

Sponsorship is on track as compared to other years. We only had 148 people register for the Social but 188 registered for Fall Conference. We know that some folks who didn’t register will be attending. This makes it hard to plan for an appropriate meal count. We don’t want to run out of food, but we also don’t want to pay for food we don’t need. As a committee, we will suggest that Alicia Harstad, President, shares this concern at JCEP and encourages other associations to remind their members about the importance of registering and being respectful of sponsorship dollars.

The committee will meet at 4:00 p.m. in the lobby of the conference center on the day of the social to go set up. Calla Edwards will resume the chairperson position after the Social and will host a wrap-up meeting two weeks after Fall Conference.

Respectfully submitted,

Mary A. Keena

2018 Minutes

No Minutes Submitted

2017 Minutes

Present: Mary Berg, Kelsie Egeland, Kelcey Hoffmann, Calla Jarboe, Naeem Kalwar, Yolanda Schmidt, Penny Nester and Chris Augustin

  • Last minute details for Social
    • Decorating:
      • Calla and Yolanda decided on a Halloween theme for the Social
      • Table covers are ordered and here
      • Ghost and bat decorations are being made and will be transported to Fargo
  • Mary sent social banquet invites to Life Members
    • Mary is following up with Fall Conference Committee to see who is responsible for inviting the retired personnel and Life Members – keep it the same every year
  • Chris is following up with the sports coaches this week to see if they are able to come to the Social
  • Postcards with directions for the Social:
    • Penny has the postcards made
    • Postcards will be on the tables during lunch on Wednesday, October 25
    • Mary/Naeem will make an announcement about the postcards and directions to the Social at lunch on Wednesday
  • Social Committee Suggestions for the future
    • Brainstorm how to get donations earlier and how to come out ahead instead of breaking even with inputs and expenses
    • How early to contact?
    • Best way to follow up?
  • Chris spoke with Brad Brummond, Dena Kemmet and Julie Garden-Robinson
    • Instead of asking for money from each association for thank yous and gifts – use the first $400 raised at the auction for thank yous and gifts for the sponsors
    • Details are still being worked out
  • Social Sponsors are asking to pay sponsorship by credit card
    • Figure out how to do payments on credit card
    • There is more paperwork with checks and a waiting period to receive payment
    • Could we get a card reader on a phone? Use PayPal? Set up an account? Go through Marketplace?
      • Penny/Mary will bring this up at the NDAAEA meeting at Fall Conference
        • General membership will have to vote on it

2016 Minutes

Monday, October 3, 10:00 a.m.

Members present: Mary Berg, Chris Augustin, Jackie Buckley, Kelcey Hoffman, Kelsie Egeland, Naeem Kalwar, Yolanda Schmidt and Penny Nester.

Guest: Katie Wirt

Penny started the meeting.

Fund raising report was given by Jackie. Last year (2015 social) lost $1,600, there is $2,500 for backup funds. Currently there has been $2,750 raised. Will e-mail sponsors who paid to the group after the meeting.

Final menus: Reviewed budget and it was decided to purchase 1 Key Stone Throw Beer @ $475 and cut wine due to budget. Food choices were reviewed and came up with 2 options:
Choice #1. Pasta buffet @ $21/plate
Choice #2. Western buffet @ $28/plate
Penny will connect with hotel and check on final meal order.

Sponsor phone calls: Decided to try and generate more sponsors by splitting up the list and calling businesses with a follow-up.

Penny will send out call list assignments and script to follow. Kelsie, Kelsey, Yolanda, Naeem, Mary and Penny will make the calls.

Thank you’s – discussed quality of thank you’s and decided to ask other associations to contribute $50.00 toward a gift.
Jackie will ask the other associations and Chris will discuss this at the JCEP meeting.

Table decorations – Yolanda and Penny are working on this.

Program update: Chris will as the Team Makers to come.

Chris and Lisa will line up the retirement gift for John Kringler.

Improvements for next year were discussed:
1. Sponsorships to $300 a company since we have not increased in a long time and costs keep going up.
2. Make sure we have name tags for sponsors and guests.
3. Possibly charge $10/person @ registration to help offset costs.
4. Ask other associations to help defray costs from the social, such as thank you gifts.
5. Possibly ask each Ag Agent to come up with 10 names to contact for social sponsorship.

Committee will meet after conference to review social and finalize thank you’s and unfinished items.

Submitted by: Penny Nester

2015 Minutes

Members present: Mary Berg, Penny Nester

Reviewed last night’s social and feedback on how things went. Will continue to coordinate for next year. Meeting adjourned due to lack of coffee!

Submitted by: Penny Nester

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