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Early Career Development Committee Minutes

Committee Minutes from 2015-2019

2019 Minutes

NDAAEA Committee Meeting: 10/08/19 1:30pm via skype

Members Present: Lindy Berg (chair), Breana Kiser (Vice-Chair), Alicia Harstad, Angie Johnson, Penny Nester, Melissa Seykora, Greg Benz

Add Greg Benz to the committee and remove Alyssa Scheve.

Lindy reviewed 2018-19 Peer Calls. It was decided to continue Peer Calls on a quarterly basis. Penny will facilitate the first call in November, 2019 to be focused on new staff. The call will address any questions new staff may have following orientation and fall conference, as well as questions leading into the winter programming season. Lindy will host a call in January 2020, Alicia in April, and Melissa in August. Topics are yet to be determined based on the needs of new staff and occurring issues.

Last year the committee called all the first timers and welcomed them to fall conference and answered any questions they had. We will continue this process again this year. It was discussed to invite a specialist to the committee to help assist and recruit new specialists. It was decided to concentrate on agents this year.

We would like to move forward requesting $200 annually from the NDAAEA to go towards recruiting new members into the NDAAEA at fall conference. We would like to invite all member to assist at the NDAAEA trade show booth.

Lindy reviewed the minutes from last year administrative skills and technology action plan. It was decided to focus on Peer Calls and recruiting new members into the NDAAEA.

Lindy’s term is expiring and Breana Kiser, current vice-chair will be moving into chair position. Greg Benz volunteered to move into the vice-chair position.

2018 Minutes

NDAAEA Committee Meeting: 9/27/18 1:00pm via skype

Early Career Development; Administrative Skills Dev.; Teaching & Technologies

Members Present: Paige Brummund, Breana Kiser, Lindy Berg, Angie Johnson, Alicia Harstad, Penny Nester, Yolanda Schmidt

Members Not Present: Alyssa Scheve, Melissa Seykora

Chair 2018-2019: Lindy Berg

Co-Chair 2018-2019: Breana Kiser

Agenda Items:

Early Career Development: Assist members with early to mid-career development and success.

 Agent Peer Call Update

Continue with trying the “agent peer call” to discuss topics or programming, this is for any year agent.

                i. Angie and Lindy will set up a call in Oct or Nov to discuss programming for fall and winter and bring up the deadline of impact reports.

                ii. Alicia and Yolanda will set up a call in Dec. to talk about pesticide training program ideas, impact reports or reporting ideas

First Timers @ Fall Conference

With the low number of new staff, I am going to call all new staff and make sure they understand how to register for fallconference and answer any questions.

               i. Greg Benz, Dunn County

               ii. Beth Burdolski, Burleigh County

               iii. Byron Parman, Ag. Finance Specialist 

Ag. Agents Assoc. members

It was brought up that there are a lot of agents that are not member of the association. Discussion about promoting the association at fall conference and following up with phone calls.

                i. Alicia and Penny will design a flyer for ND on the objectives and benefits of being a member and will come up with some promotional material for fall conference.

                ii.  I will talk to Craig about promotional items for new members. He can discuss with the association committee.

Administrative Skills Dev.: Focus on leadership skills that will bring us closer to the community, recruit local volunteers and help manage and interact with office staff

Session at Fall Conference 2019

Meet again in July/August to discuss doing 1 breakout session at fall conference 2019

about climbing the personal ladder, setting and achieving work goals. What is out there to achieve personal work goals? Look at mirroring some of the sessions done at the national meeting.

Teaching & Technologies: Assist members in learning non-traditional Extension skills.

 Spray Tables for Pesticide Training

There are 8 spray traveling tables available for the state. Get a summary from Andrew to share at the Dec. meeting and maybe invite someone that has used it talk about it on the call.

Lindy Berg is Chair for another year and Breana Kiser will move up in 2019. Select new Co-chair next year.

Adjourned at 1:55pm

2017 Minutes

Members Present: Penny Nester (former chair, 2016-2017), Lindy Berg (chair, 2018-2019), Breana Kiser (co-chair 2018-2019), Angie Johnson, Kelsie Egeland and Yolanda Schmidt

Not Present: Paige Brummond, Alicia Harstad, Alyssa Scheve, Melissa Seykora

Agenda Items:

  1. National Committee Updates – What they are working on. We are 3 national committees combined into one.
    1. Early Career - The focus of the Early Career Development Committee is to develop professional improvement opportunities that assist members with early career development. The education provided typically involves tools and resources to help an early to mid-career employee succeed.

                  i. Coordinated an educational session at the 2017 AM/PIC in Salt Lake City, UT. Six presentations were                                       accepted, one from North Dakota: FROM A CHECKMARK TO A RELATIONSHIP; Mary Berg

                  ii. NACAA AM/PIC First Timers Webinar - purpose was to better prepare participants for the 2017 AM/PIC by                               reviewing the conference program, logistics, and the registration process.

  1. Administrative Skills Development (Name changed to Leadership & Administrative Skills) -Added Leadership to the name because committee felt that many of our daily work responsibilities relate to more community leadership than administrative skills, therefore the name change. Many people look up to us as leaders in our community. This means sometimes doing things you would not normally think of in our job description. Leadership skills like these bring us closer to the community and help us to bring financial resources as well as local volunteers for our program. Administrative skills are vital as we evaluate and manage staff.

                  i. Provided 4 breakout sessions at AM/PIC about working with volunteers, generating alternative funding,                                    delivering high impact programs across a diverse region and designing outreach strategies.

  1. Teaching and Educational Technologies (TET) – focuses on the development of programs to assist members in learning non-traditional Extension education.

                  i.  Hosted 3 webinars the past year related to apps.

                  ii. Coordinated 6 presentations at AM/PIC with discussion time on technology topics of interest.

New Agent Peer Call Update – (Kelsie & Breana) Last call was December 12, 2016 to cover evaluations and impact statements. Need to find a new face to turn over moderation of calls.

  • Decided that due to lowering level of new agents we just have an “agent peer call”. Schedule quarterly calls to cover program planning topics, ideas and inspirations from others in the state. Help provide communication and teamwork among agents. Learning and sharing with each other. Program planning, advertising, evaluations, exc.

                   i. Need a catchy name along with a description and topic areas that will be addressed each quarter.

                   ii. Can help combine new/mid-career support and technology together.

  1. Breana, Lindy and Kelsie will coordinate.
  2. Technology & Teaching
    1. UAS update – Struggle with imagery transfer and timely information transfer to producers. Small scale is possible in some places, but technology may not be there yet.
    2. Review apps before talk about to producers… Are these apps worth purchasing? Find a place or person that already has purchased the app. – topic for peer call?

                         i.      NE District SharePoint list???

  1. Short Committee Responsibilities for NDAAEA – review and send out to other committee chairs
  • Get approval by each committee and provide on new website for members to understand brief description of committee responsibilities.
  • Reviewed our committee descriptions and eliminated “will bring financial resources” and rephrased “help manage and interact with staff.”
  1. First Timers Program @ Fall Conference
    1. Due to timing and low #s of new staff, decided to do personal phone call for new staff/specialists going to conference

                     i.      What to wear, what to go to, how to register

                     ii.      Penny will find list of people –

                     iii.      Phone calls – Penny, Breana, Kelsie, and Lindy will coordinate

  1. Selecting Co-Chair for next term - Lindy Berg transitioning to chair
    1. New co-chair – Breana Kiser volunteered for 2018-19.

2016 Minutes

Members Present: Alicia Harstad, Lindy Berg, Angie Johnson, Alyssa Scheve, Melissa Blawart and Penny Nester
Absent: Breana Kiser, Paige Brummond & Yolanda Schmidt

Discussed new things happening pertaining to this group:
Discussed the success of New Agent Peer calls. Agent liked the opportunity to share their experiences and feedback with co-workers in a group. Would like to encourage this group to continue with new agents and facilitator. Alicia will communicate with current coordinators to come up with a plan for future generations of new agents.

Technology & Teaching: Angie and Alyssa visited about current large scale UAS project they were working on, along with challenges and opportunities that this type of technology has with extension. Group is not sure how this can be applied to the committee but will work on it further in the future.

Reviewed our objectives as a committee that were established last year and how to move forward. First deadline for accomplishments will be December 1.

What does each committee in the NDAACA do? Alisha will sit down with each committee chair and ask them to give a short explanation of what each committee does. Explanations will be combined and possibly be posted on our association website.

First Timers program at fall conference similar to what has been developed on the national NACAA level. Group will develop a short skype webinar offered shortly after fall conference registrations come out to help review what fall conference is about and answer questions from new attendees. Angie will develop a word document for people to quickly access information about conference and what to expect and sign up for. Lindy will start working to develop a mentor program for first time agents at conference.

Group would like to continue to develop proposals for early career topics for future annual conferences for employees to attend.

Committee meeting was adjourned.

Submitted by: Penny Nester, Committee chair

2015 Minutes

Contributing Members: Alicia Harstad, Breana Kiser, Michel Knudson, Lindy Berg, Annie May Kelly, Angie Johnson, Alyssa Scheve, Melissa Blawart and Penny Nester

Began the discussion on what we are currently doing in this committee and outside this committee to help support early career development.
1. Alisha explained the conference breakout session that Alisha, Todd & Penny are doing entitled: National Association of County Agricultural Agents Conference from the First-Timers Perspective.
2. Discussed the success of New Agent Peer calls that some of the group participated in.

Asked the group what would help new agents as they start coming from other association members. Some expressed that it helps when other neighboring agents call to ask how things are going or to tell them/invite them to an upcoming program that they may not know about.

Discussed what our objectives as a committee are and what they may want to focus on more in the future.
1. Comments were made asking what each committee in the NDAACA actually did and accomplished.
2. Want more information on what the different program teams are ding and ways to be involved in the team. Some felt that they go to team meetings but do not feel included into the planning aspect of the team.
3. Suggested having a First Timers program at fall conference similar to what has been developed on the national NACAA level including a preconference informational meeting to explain registration, a first timers luncheon the first day of conference (speed programming to explain what NDAACA committees actually are and doing), and assigning a NDAACA mentor to help explain things during conference and help include first timer.

Committee meeting was adjourned.

Submitted by: Penny Nester, Incoming committee chair


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