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Summer Minutes 2017

Summer Minutes 2017

NDAAEA Summer Tour Information Meeting

Ransom County Fair Grounds
May 5, 2017
7:00 p.m.
Note – This was an information sharing and discussion meeting as there was not a quorum present.

Present: Mary Berg, Penny Nester, Brad Brummond, Chandra Langseth, Anitha Chirumamilla, Sheldon Gerhardt, Randy Grueneich, Alicia Harstad, Alyssa Scheve, Breana Kiser, Lindy Berg, Travis Hoffman, Sam Haugen, Steve Sagaser, Brian Zimprich, Kelcey Hoffmann, Chris Augustin

President Chris Augustin called the meeting to order.


  • Penny Nester will explain treasurer business
  • Kelcey Hoffmann will explain logo business
  • Chris Augustin will explain proposed changes to the constitution and bylaws

Treasurer business (Penny Nester)
With the retirement of Jackie Buckley comes account transition details that are currently being finished up. The previous bank accounts have been closed and new accounts have been opened at First Community Credit Union. These accounts were opened on May 1, 2017 by Penny Nester.

We have filed necessary paperwork with the IRS each year, but we are not properly set up through the State of ND. We will need to register our name so no one else can use it. We have filed as North Dakota Association of Agricultural Extension Agents (NDAAEA) and are waiting for final approval.

The latest bank account information can be found on the attached Treasurer’s Report.

Crystal Schaunaman and Andy Swenson are currently auditing.

Penny Nester will report how much money is specifically designated for the social at the annual NDSU Extension/REC meeting. It is currently mixed with the Association savings account. Because of the dollar amount in the savings account Sheldon Gerhardt suggested we put some money into a certificate of deposit or other interest building account. Others commented that we should wait until we know that everything is figured out with the account change-over. A decision will be made at the annual NDSU Extension/REC meeting.

Penny Nester was thanked for her efforts in getting accounts changed around and things figured out. Good job and thank you, Penny.

Proposed constitution and bylaw changes (Chris Augustin):

Currently we are listed in our constitution as a 501(c)(3) but we are actually a 501(c)(6) so this needs to be amended.
Article V Section 1 Officers – Add a deputy treasurer to the officers list. The duties of the Deputy Treasurer are to fulfill the obligations of the Treasurer in the event that the Treasurer can no longer fulfill the duties of the office. After election, the

Deputy Treasurer will become a co-singer of the Association’s bank accounts.

Article V Section 3. District: 5. Add area specialist to this district.

Article IX. Discussion happened here pertaining to appropriate time for elected members to take over their duties. In the bylaws it says after AM/PIC but we don’t meet until late fall. Brad Brummond suggested that if someone is on an executive committee for AM/PIC then they start their term as listed. But if not, then they start after the annual NDSU Extension/REC meeting. Final discussion will occur at our annual NDSU Extension/REC meeting.

Kelcey Hoffmann and Kelsie Egeland will be sending out a request to the Association members to submit any ideas for logo design. They will then send out the logos and let the membership vote. This will be done via email and finalized at our annual NDSU Extension/REC meeting.

The meeting was adjourned at 7:30 p.m.

Respectfully submitted: Mary A. Berg

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