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Meeting Minutes 2020

North Dakota Association of Agricultural Extension Agents

2020 Annual Meeting Agenda

October 28, 2020 3:15 pm

Zoom Virtual Meeting Link:

Call to Order

President Paige Brummund called the meeting to order at 3:15 p.m.

Introductions of Guests and New Members

There were 56 people present including guests. Introductions of the executive team, guests and new members occurred. Guests and new members consisted of: Kelly Leo, Williams County; Travis Binde, Divide County; Kyle Aasand, Cass County; Ron Haugen, Farm Management Specialist; Devan Leo, McKenzie County; Miranda Meehan, Livestock Stewardship Specialist; Hannah Nordby, Adams County; Tessa Osterbauer, Grant County; Max Robison, Bowman County; Chris Schauer, HREC Director; Emily Leier, Emmons County; Sarah Crimmins, Sheridan County; Jeff Stachler, Griggs County; Brooks Warner, Nelson County; Chandy Howard, Eddy County; Jeff Gale, Foster County; Jill Lagein, Traill County; Aaron Field, Soil and Water Conservation Leadership Development Specialist; Madeleine Smith, Pembina County; Kelsey Deckert, Burleigh/Morton County; Tyler Kralicek, Burleigh County; Penny Dale, ND 4-H Foundation; Connie Strunk, SDSU; Jerry Clark, NACAA North Central Region Director

Special Reports

  • Dr. Greg Lardy, VP for Ag Affairs and Director of NDSU Extension

○     Shout-out to all for the great work done and pivoting during the pandemic. Much appreciated. Special thank you to everyone going above and beyond by planning events to allow for people who are most susceptible to attend. SBARE’s number one priority for the upcoming legislative session will be restoration of our budget.

○     What if we get a new governor? How will we handle it? Wait and see, good question, be flexible.

○     What’s the plan for bringing in Extension people and citizens to testify during the legislative session? We’re unsure of how things will look so the county/regional legislative sessions are a great opportunity to make a connection and share the work you’re doing.

○     What’s the feeling in terms of how we’re performing during the pandemic? Citizen feedback says we’ve been visible and we’ve reached a lot of people during the pandemic. The reporting numbers are echoing that. 4-H did a great job pivoting their programs to fit the needs and allow our youth to still participate in events. That was a good job, too.

  • Dr. Lynette Flage, NDSU Extension Associate Director

○     Welcome to the new members, how great to hear/see so many new people!

○     Description of PILD (Public Issues Leadership Development Conference) and how you can attend the conference via your association. Talk to the association president if you’re interested in attending.

○     Legislative updates have been going well. There is huge support for the programs we’re doing!

○     Community forums are different from legislative updates. They are a needs assessment done every five years. They will be held in November. They will be done via Zoom. There is an online survey that was sent out as well to ND citizens and responses will be shared with employees.

  • Dr. Charlie Stoltenow, NDSU Extension Assistant Director, Agriculture and Natural Resources

○     Reminder: stakeholder is the one who is talking and marketing. We’ve (NDSU Extension) been helping people belong to what we do during this pandemic.

○     People size others up in 10-20 seconds based on warmth and competence. How can we improve and stay relevant with our information?

○     Good job and thank you for doing your jobs well.

○     Thanks to the program team leaders for shifting our programing to include everyone and please support and help them with action plans and reporting requirements.

  • Penny Dale, ND 4-H Foundation Manager

○     Are we meeting our financial obligations? Yes!

○     Are we maintaining relationships with donors and supporters? Yes!

○     Leadership, who is providing it? Board of directors.

○     The reason we exist is exclusively charitable and educational. We help expand 4-H programming beyond the public dollars we receive.

○     NDSU Day of Giving is December 1, 2020. More information can be found here:

Secretary Report:

Brad Brummond moved and Craig Askim seconded to approve the fall 2019 meeting minutes as posted here:

    • Motion carried.

Treasurer Report

Penny Nester reported the checking balance (Sept. 30. 2020) = $2,530.05. Saving account balance (Sept. 30, 2020) = $9,015.63. Money did get put into a certificate of deposit as discussed at last year’s meeting. $5,500 was put in initially and with interest the current balance as of Sept. 30, 2020 is $5,571.34. Full report attached. There was no discussion and the report was filed with the secretary.

Committee Reports:

  • Recognition and Awards Committee – Greg Endres

○     2020 AA – Katelyn Landeis

○     2020 DSA – Ron Wiederholt

○     2021 AA - Paige Brummund

○     2021 DSA - Bill Hodous

  • Communication and Public Relations Committee – Ashley Ueckert

○     People are welcomed to join the committee.

○     Two award applications were submitted this year.

○     Can we have a meeting where communications between agents and specialists is the main focus? We want to know what specialists are doing for winter presentations and where so we can all capitalize on time and topics. No need to reinvent wheels during the pandemic.

  • Search for Excellence; Professional Excellence Committee – Karl Hoppe

○     Please apply for these awards! There are good programs in NDSU Extension that deserve recognition but we don’t know about them unless you apply.

  • Scholarship and Life Members – Randy Grueneich

○     Scholarship money will be awarded after the first of the year when we know how much we have available. 

○     Ron Weiderholt was recommended for Life Membership. Penny Nester will purchase his retirement gift.

  • Written minutes/reports from:

○     Early career development, administrative skills and teaching and technologies

○     4-H & Youth

○     Animal Science

○     Agronomy and Pest Management

○     Natural resources, horticulture and sustainable ag

○     Ag Economics

○     Social Committee

 Old Business:

  • 2020 NACAA AM/PIC Recap – Paige Brummund

○     Virtual. Executed well. Easy to navigate.

○     Next year AM/PIC will be July 4-8, 2021 in Philadelphia, PA.

○     At least 13 ND members participated in the virtual conference.

  • JCEP 2020 Convention Recap – Katelyn Landeis

○     Joint Council of Extension Professionals

○     Hosts annual leadership conference that the president elect is encouraged to attend. It was held in San Antonio, TX on Feb. 12-13, 2020. Well worth the time to attend. Several opportunities to network with leadership from other arms of Extension professional organizations (FCW, 4-H…).

○     Anyone interested can go, but NDAAEA only pays for the president elect. Next conference is February 10, 11, 12, 2021. Find more here:

  • NDAAEA Logo and Clothing Update – Penny Nester

○     Thanks for taking the clothing survey this summer. The executive team will make the new logo embroidery friendly and get order options out to members soon.

  • NDAAEA Summer Tour

○     2021 update on collaboration with Nebraska – Chris Augustin

■     Pandemic situation may push us to host an in-state tour instead of an international event. Table the out-of-country discussion for 2021 and plan to head to Canada in 2022.

 New Business:

  • Jerry Clark – NACAA North Central Region Director update

            Get notes from recording.

  • Request for support for Iowa 2023 AM/PIC (See attachments in Zoom invite)

○     Sponsor activity, break, meal, or donate a financial amount

○     Penny Nester motioned to table this discussion until the 2021 annual meeting. Calla Edwards seconded. Motion carried. 

  • District Caucus 2020 (Used Zoom Breakout Rooms)

○     Districts 2 (northeast) and 4 (southwest) need to elect NDAAEA directors

○     District 1 (northwest) to fill vacancy

○     All Districts nominate candidate for Secretary and President Elect

○     Districts List:

Breakout Rooms:

■     1: Northwest, 2: Northeast, 3: Southeast, 4: Southwest, 5: Specialists and Admin

○     Results:

■     District 1 vacancy fill-in: Sara Clemens

■     District 2 Brad Brummond

■     District 4 Tessa Osterbauer 

  • Elections

○     North Dakota Crop Improvement and Seed Association District Representatives

■     NE (2020) 3 yr term (Currently Brad Brummond)

  • LoAyne Voigt moved to cast a unanimous ballot and Brad Brummond seconded to elect Bill Hodous as representative. Motion carried.

■     SE (2021) 1 yr term (Vacancy)

  • Crystal Schaunaman moved to cast a unanimous ballot and Duaine Marxen seconded for Kyle Aasand for SE representative. Motion carried.

○     President Elect (done via anonymous Zoom polling)

■     Lindy Berg

○     Secretary (done via anonymous Zoom polling)

■     Anitha Chirumamilla

○     Deputy Treasurer- Opened nominations due to Lindy Berg becoming President Elect (done via anonymous Zoom polling)

■     Ashley Ueckert 

■     Penny Nester will contact First Community Credit Union to update our accounts to change Anitha Chirumamilla to secretary, add Ashley Ueckert to account and take Mary Keena off account.

Passing of the gavel

  • Katelyn Landeis takes over as the 2020-2021 President!


  • Chris Augustin moved and Anitha Chirumamilla seconded to adjourn the meeting. Motion carried. Meeting adjourned.

Upcoming Dates:

  • February 10-12, 2021, JCEP Conference Kansas City, Missouri (moved to virtual format)
  • March 1st – deadline to apply for national committee chair and vice chair positions
  • March 15th – deadline for communication awards application, presentation proposals, search for excellence awards, abstracts for posters
  • April 1st – deadline to submit posters for judging
  • April 11-14, PILD Conference in D.C.
  • June 1st – NACAA scholarship application due (must be vested $40 minimum)
  • 2021 Summer Tour – date TBA
  • July 4th-8th, 2021 – NACAA AM/PIC, Philadelphia, PA
  • Journal of NACAA – March 15th for summer edition and Oct. 15th for winter edition
  •  NDAAEA scholarship deadline: watch for email from Scholarship Committee 

 Respectfully submitted,

 Mary A. Keena

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