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Meeting Minutes 2019

North Dakota Association of Agricultural Extension Agents 2019 Annual Meeting Minutes

October 23, 2019 4:30 p.m.

West Fargo Conference Center, Fargo, ND


Meeting was called to order at 4:45 p.m. by President Alicia Harstad.

Special Reports

North Dakota Soybean Council representatives discussed the new county election process. Extension agents will be receiving packets in the mail at the end of November. These packets will contain the new ballot which has been enhanced for confidentiality. It is extremely important to follow the instructions on cutting the ballots apart as directed to maintain confidentiality. More information will be contained in the November mailing.

Dr. Greg Lardy shared that we (Extension) had great support from grass roots during the past legislative session, which was important and nice to see. Participation in agriculture related college programs has been decreasing. It is important to share with young adults what careers exist for ag majors. There is no question that NDSU is the place for ag students! 2019 has been an extremely emotional year for everyone involved in the ag industry. Make sure you are taking care of yourself while taking care of your constituents.


Seven guests were introduced among the 45 persons who signed the attendance sheet. The guests included Max Robison, Hannah Nordby, Emily Trzpuc, Kyle Aasand, Devan Leo, Tessa Keller, and Renae Gress.

Secretary’s Report

Brad Brummond moved and Craig Askim seconded to approve the fall 2018 meeting minutes as posted on the NDAAEA website:  minutes-2018. Motion carried.

Treasurer’s Report

Penny Nester reported the checking balance (Sept. 30. 2019) = $14,675.04. Saving account balance (Sept. 30, 2019) = $8,485.56. Sheldon Gerhardt moved to transfer $5,500.00 from the checking account into a certificate of deposit (CD) and Calla Edwards seconded. Motion carried. Craig Askim moved to accept the Treasure’s Report, Chris Augustin seconded. Motion carried.

Committee Reports

Recognition and Awards

2020 AA – Katelyn Hain 2020 DSA – Ron Wiederholt

Communication and Public Relations Committee

Katelyn Hain was the state winner in the individual newsletter category Greg Endres was the state winner in the fact sheet category

Search for Excellence; Professional Excellence Committee

Chris Augustin was state and second place national poster winner in the applied research division Alicia Harstad was the state poster winner in the Extension education division

Scholarship and Life Members

There will be two award periods this year, one in November and one in April. The application will be an online form format and a link will be emailed to members.

All other reports can be found online at

Old Business

2019 NACAA AM/PIC recap

Alicia Harstad reported that funding is not a reason to not attend the national conference. There are scholarships and grants available as well as state appropriated travel funds. The national conference is a great place to meet people from other places as well as connect more closely with colleagues from NDSU Extension. The national scholarship silent auction is now live online so even if you don’t attend you can still participate!

JCEP 2019 Conference Recap

Paige Brummund reported she was glad she attended, and the next president elect should make every effort to do the same. The 2020 Conference is in San Antonio, TX on February 12-13. There is a stipend from the national association as well as the NDAAEA to attend.

NDAAEA Logo Update

Because an editable version of the logo is not available and because the current logo is very busy with color, Alicia Harstad redesigned the logo to make it embroidery and screen print friendly. Paige Brummund moved to spend up to $150.00 to send the logo to NDSU Ag Communications to let them perfect the logo before we finalize it. Lisa Pederson seconded. Motion carried.

New Business

NACAA North Central Regional Director update

Jerry Clark explained NACAA via Jerry’s Jargon. He talked about the benefits of being an association

member at a state and national level and the ways to get involved in leadership roles.

ND 4-H Foundation representative update

Paige Brummund and Karla Meikle shared that the 4-H Foundation is actively recruiting new members for the Foundation board and nominating volunteers for awards. If you have people in your county that should be recruited or nominated, please bring them forward.

The 4-H Foundation owns the 4-H camp property and was made aware that camp is having some drainage issues. Those issues are scheduled to be resolved before camp commences for the 2020  season. There were 540 campers during the 2019 season. There were several scholarships given during the 2019 camping season and the giving will continue into the 2020 season. A $100 or more donation to the 4-H camp gets your name on a brick. A new grill is being purchased and placed at camp in honor of Patrick Carpentier, NDAAEA life member, by the ND Republicans group. Pat spent several years during  his Extension career cooking food at camp for groups. If you would like to make donations to the grill fund Karla can get you the contact information. Lisa Pederson moved for the NDAAEA to donate $500.00 to the grill fund in honor of Pat Carpentier. Calla Edwards seconded. Motion carried.

Giving Hearts Day is on February 13, 2020.

ND Crop Improvement Representatives update

Alicia Harstad shared the history of why and how NDAAEA is involved in with the Crop Improvement Association. Term limits for agent representatives needed to be determined. Much discussion ensued about how term limits could be determined and what “districts” should be followed. Craig Askim moved to function under the Crop Improvement districts on a three-year term with a two-term limit on a four- year rotation. Calla Edwards seconded. Motion carried. Current representatives are LoAyne Voigt (NW), Brad Brummond (NE), Alyssa Scheve (SE), and Craig Askim (SW). Election rotation will be SW (2019), NE (2020), SE (2021) and NW (2022).

NDAAEA Summer Tour

2019 tour was in the northwest with 10-15 people attending each day.

2020 tour will be in collaboration with Nebraska to tour Canadian agriculture. Chris Augustin is coordinating. It will be the first or second week of August.

Recruitment Dollars

Lindy Berg, representing the Early career development, administrative skills and teach and technologies committee, moved to be allowed to use $200.00 per year for new member recruitment during Fall Conference. Calla Edwards seconded. Motion carried.

District Caucus

District 1 (NW) Director = Yolanda Schmidt District 3 (SE) Director = Melissa Seykora

District 5 (specialist and administrators) = Lisa Pederson



Craig Askim casted a unanimous ballot for Penny Nester to act as the NDAAEA Treasurer. Chris Augustin seconded. Motion carried.

President Elect

Calla Edwards, Lindy Berg, Brian Zimprich and Katelyn Hain were nominated for NDAAEA President Elect. Lindy Berg and Brian Zimprich declined the nomination. Voting was conducted via paper ballot. Katelyn Hain will serve as the 2020 President Elect.

SW Crop Improvement Representative

Calla Edwards casted a unanimous ballot for Craig Askim to be the NDAAEA SW Crop Improvement Representative. Duaine Marxen seconded. Motion carried.

4-H Foundation Representative

Brian Zimprich casted a unanimous ballot for Paige Brummund to be the NDAAEA 4-H Foundation Representative. Breana seconded. Motion carried.


Andy Swenson was awarded a Life Member gift.

Brad Brummond was given a congratulations card and round of applause for being the first NACAA Hall of Fame recipient from North Dakota.

Charlie Stoltenow thanked Extension agents for helping our agriculture producers through this tough month and year.

Rick Schmidt addressed the guests about why to become a member for NDAAEA. “You get out what you put in.”

Passing the Gavel

Alicia Harstad passed the gavel to Paige Brummund.


Chris Augustin moved to adjourn the meeting. Calla Edwards seconded. Motion carried. Meeting adjourned at 6:31 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,


Mary A. Keena

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