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Meeting Minutes 2018

North Dakota Association of Agricultural Extension Agents
2018 Annual Meeting Agenda
October 22, 2018 4:45 p.m.
Radisson Hotel Bismarck, ND

Meeting was called to order at 4:49 p.m. by President Craig Askim.
Two guests were introduced among the 42 persons who signed the attendance sheet. The guests were invited and encouraged to join NDAAEA.

Dr. Greg Lardy shared about the budgets submitted for the upcoming legislative session and the plan moving forward with having Duane Hauck act as assistant Extension Director. Because of the federal budget shortfall, ELT is being very deliberate with how they refill open positions. During the county listening session Dr. Lardy shared that he heard several great things about the work Extension agents are doing. Keep it up!

Secretary’s Report: Samantha Lahman moved and LoAyne Voigt seconded to approve the fall 2017 meeting minutes at posted on the NDAAEA website: Motion carried.

Treasurer Report: Penny Nester reported the checking balance (Sept. 30, 2018) = $12,843.29. Savings account balance = $8,064.38. Rachel Wald moved and Karl Hoppe seconded to accept the report. Motion carried.

Correspondence: Penny Nester shared that the Association received a thank you card from Chris Boerboom for the retirement gift. Mary Keena shared that sympathy was shared with Andy Swenson and well wished were sent to Kent Alderin.

Old Business:
2018 AM/PIC Recap: Lindy Berg and Katelyn Hain shared pictures of 2018 attendees and gave a recap of the conference. They reminded the members that money should not be a limited factor in attending the national meeting. There are grants available for professional development within and outside of our organization. Craig Askim also mentioned the conference perks of being a national committee member (free registration and more). Alicia Harstad and Katelyn Hain were accepted for oral presentations during the 2018 AM/PIC and Penny Nester presented a poster (national finalist). Everyone is encouraged to attend the 2019 NACAA AM/PIC in Fort Wayne, Indiana on Sept. 8-12.

JECP 2018 Convention Recap: Alicia Harstad attended as our president elect. It was held in Orlando. She encourages continued participation in the future.

2018 Summer Tour: Anitha Chirumamilla reported that 15 people were present. It was a great tour with several interesting tops. The summer tour provides an opportunity for networking within our Association. Please consider attending in the future.

NDAAEA Logo Update: We are currently using the logo but would like to pursue some other options for design as this current logo may not completely encompass the essence of the Association. Lisa Pederson moved and Calla Edwards seconded to have a subcommittee explore more options. Motioned carried. Alicia Harstad, Craig Askim and Rick Schmidt will report back to the group.

Webmaster: Breana Kiser has agreed to continue updating the website. Please send her any updates you see as necessary.

Facebook page update: Penny Nester would like to engage folks more using the Facebook page. Please feel free to post pictures as you go about your meetings and activities.

AM/PIC – Hosting Feasibility Committee Report: There was not enough support from the Association and ELT so our pre-bid was withdrawn.

New Business
NACAA North Central Regional Director: Connie Strunk shared her thoughts on why to participate in NACAA stating that while the ability to be connected is at an all-time high there is a lot of loneliness within the agriculture industry. Submitting journal articles and presentation abstracts is a great way to get involved with the national association.

2019 NACAA AM/PIC: Fort Wayne, Indiana, September 8-12. Get it on your calendar now and start planning. Let Alicia Harstad, incoming president, know if you are interested.

Scholarships: Paige Brummund, Anitha Chirumamilla and Liz Larson (FCW) all received professional development scholarships. Congratulations!

Scholarship application change: Because of the extended amount of time that has passed since the national meeting was held in ND and because of employee turnover/retirements Randy Grueneich moved to limit future scholarship applications to just NDAAEA members. Chris Augustin seconded. Motion carried.

Life Membership: Andrew Swenson was added to the Life Members list.

State Communications Award Stipends: LoAyne Voigt moved that $25.00 be awarded to the main author for state communication award winners in the future. Dan Folske seconded. Discussion ensued. Motion carried.

2019 Recognition and Awards: Lindy Berg, AA; Craig Askim, DSA; Brad Brummond, Hall of Fame.
Constitution Changes: Alicia Harstad

  • Article Six
    • Extension Development Section 1 = A-D; Section 2 = E.
  • Article Seven – Amendments – NDAAEA Policy
    • Official Delegates – Paying Registration Fees for Delegates. To National Conventions.
    • Commiseration Policy – Wording changes.
  • Penny Nester moved and Samantha Lahman seconded to accept all changes brought forward by Alicia Harstad in Microsoft Word via Track Changes. Motion carried. Mary will accept all changes and send to Breana Kiser for posting on the website.

Social/Auction: NDAAEA is in charge of the auction this year. Forty-five items were collected as of meeting time. Calla Edwards expressed that the Social Committee is looking for new members. If anyone is interested please visit with Calla. Help will be needed after the social to tear down and clean up. Please help!

2019 JCEP: February 6-7 in San Antonio, Texas. The Vice President tries to attend. Funds are available to help offset travel expenses.

2019 Summer Tour: Northwest will host (Minot area). Chris Augustin is taking a leadership role in planning. Currently looking at doing it in August.

District Caucus: District 2 (NE) elected Anitha Chirumamilla and District 4 (SW) elected Duaine Marxen.

Elections: Rachel Wald moved to cast a unanimous ballot for Mary Keena as secretary. Samantha Lahman seconded.

Motion carried. Calla Edwards moved to cast a unanimous ballot for Lindy Berg as deputy treasurer. Breana Kiser seconded. Motion carried. Paige Brummund was selected as president elect.

Other: Membership registration forms are due by December 14, 2018 to Penny Nester. Samantha Lahman shared that the 4-H Foundation had another excellent year. Their largest fundraiser took place in partnership with ND FFA on Giving Hearts Day. The Foundation recently met to align their investments and money markets with their by-laws. Breana Kiser announced that the Society of Range Management is holding their annual meeting on February 10-14th in Minneapolis, MN. It’s not going to get much closer!

The gavel was passed to Alicia Harstad. Samantha Lahman moved and Paige Brummund seconded to adjourn the meeting. Motion carried. The meeting was adjourned at 6:55 p.m.
Submitted by Mary A. Keena, secretary


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