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Meeting Minutes 2017

NDAAEA 2017 Annual Meeting (October 25; Fargo Holiday Inn)

Meeting was called to order at 4:47 p.m. by President Chris Augustin.

Seven guests were introduced among the 53 persons who signed the attendance sheet. The guests were invited and encouraged to join NDAAEA.

Connie Strunk, North Central Region Director, provided an update from NACAA that communication to states will be increased by NACAA by way of a new newsletter. Connie encouraged everyone to attend an AM/PIC (2018 – Tennessee; 2019 - Indiana) sharing the growth opportunities such as presentations and posters. Connie also reminded us of important upcoming dates: January 15, 2018 – Awards due (AA, DSA, & HoF); February 14-15, 2018 – JCEP in Florida (There is money available from NACAA to attend.); March 15, 2018 – Awards due (Communications, Excellence, Poster and Presentation abstracts). Connie ended with the reminder that you get out of this organization what you put in.

Chris Boerboom, NDSU Extension Director, answered questions from the earlier afternoon Conference opening session dealing with budget cuts, SBARE recommendations and a plan to move forward. Legislative reporting sessions will continue but in a new format.

Secretary’s Report: Brad Brummond moved and Calla Edwards seconded to approve the fall 2016 meeting minutes as posted on the NDAAEA website ( Motion carried.

Treasure’s Report: Penny Nester reported the checkbook balance (Oct. 1, 2017) = $11,313.92. Savings account balance = $3,196.52. Penny Nester reported opening new accounts at First Community Credit Union in Steele, ND and closing the Dakota Western bank accounts in Bowman. The treasurer’s books were audited by Crystal Schaunaman and Andrew Swanson. Penny Nester filed the proper paperwork for the IRS/Secretary of State. Rick Schmidt moved to accept the report. Dan Folske seconded. Motion carried.

Loayne Voight gave a Communications Awards update and presented the past year’s winners with certificates. Loayne commented that this was the best year we’ve had for a long time! Congratulations to all the award recipients.

Old Business:

  • Lindy Berg and Mary Berg gave a quick overview of the 2017 NACAA AM/PIC in Salt Lake City, Utah.
  • Chris Augustin gave a recap of the NDAAEA Professional Improvement Summer Tour in the southeast part of the state. The tour was organized well and very informational. The northeast part of the state will host the 2018 tour.

New Business:

  • Constitution changes:
    • It was properly moved (Todd Weinmann) and seconded (Sheldon Gerhardt) to change the wording in Article II – Purpose and Article III – Limitation of Powers from 501(c)(3) to 501(c)(6) in order to be in alignment with the Internal Revenue Service. Motion carried.
    • It was properly moved (Crystal Schaunaman) and seconded (Rachel Wald) to create the position of deputy treasurer which will be included on the officer team and elected for 2-year terms on even numbered years. The duties of the Deputy Treasurer are to fulfill the obligations of the Treasurer in the event that the Treasurer can no longer fulfill the duties of the office.  After election, the Deputy Treasurer will become a co-signer of the Association’s bank accounts. Motion carried.
    • It was properly moved (Calla Edwards) and seconded (Breana Kiser) to update the current wording of District 5 to include area specialists and administrators. Brad Brummond moved to amend the current motion by striking out area specialists and replacing it with off-campus specialists. Sheldon Gerhardt seconded. Amendment approved. The amended motion now reads to update the current wording of District 5 to include off-campus specialists and administrators. Motion carried. The updated change now reads District 5 includes state specialists, off-campus specialists and administrators.
    • It was properly moved (Samantha Lahman) and seconded (Megan Vig) to amend the Officer and District Director terms from “following annual AM/PIC meeting” to “following the annual Fall Conference meeting.” Discussion ensued and the motioned carried.
    • It was properly moved (Julie Kramlich) and seconded (Calla Edwards) to add the Search for Excellence committee description to the Constitution. Motion carried.
    • NDAAEA logo: Brad Brummond moved to accept design number two as the NDAAEA logo. Joel Lemer seconded. Motion carried.
    • AM/PIC hosting feasibility committee: It was properly moved (Brad Brummond) to create an AM/PIC hosting feasibility committee to consider North Dakota as a location in 5 years. Calla Edwards seconded. Motion carried. Anitha Chirumamilla, Calla Edwards, Brad Brummond, Lindy Berg and Chris Augustin volunteered as committee members.
    • Life Members: Steve Sagaser and Willie Huot were present to receive their life member presents and share words with the membership. Jackie Buckley is also a life member.
    • JCEP is in Orlando Florida February 14-15, 2018. The president elect is supposed to attend. Dan Folske moved and Anitha Chirumamilla seconded for the association to give a one-time payment of $500.00 to the president elect to attend. Motion carried.
    • Committee Reports: Alicia Harstad moved and Joel Lemer seconded to suspend verbal reporting of the committee reports except for Recognition and Awards and Social. Motion carried. Andy Swenson announced that Alicia Harstad is Achievement Award winner, LoAyne Voigt is Distinguished Award winner and Brad Brummond is Hall of Fame nominee. Penny reported that the Social Committee will be looking into how to accept credit card payments for Social sponsors next year. Chris shared the JCEP was going to be asking to take $400.00 off the top from Social auction proceeds each year to help pay for thank you gifts for Social sponsors.
    • The membership was asked to volunteer to update and maintain the NDAAEA website and Facebook page. Breana Kiser volunteered.
    • Officer elections: Todd Weinmann moved to cast a unanimous ballot for Alicia Harstad to be president-elect. Rick Schmidt seconded. Motion carried. Dan Folske moved to cast a unanimous ballot for Penny Nester to be treasurer. Breana Kiser seconded. Motion carried. By way of ballot, Lindy Berg is the deputy treasurer. Districts 1, 3 and 5 voted on new directors as follows: 1 is Yolanda Schmidt, 3 is Melissa Seykora and 5 is Janna Kincheloe.

The gavel was passed to new president Craig Askim.

Chris Augustin moved and Samantha Lahman seconded to adjourn the meeting. Motion carried. The meeting was adjourned at 6:56 p.m.

Submitted by Mary A. Berg, secretary

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