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Committee Minutes 2020

NDAAEA Development Committee Minutes 2020


Extension Development Committees:

Early Career – Greg B and Breana K

Early Career Committee Report-October 8, 2020

Members present via Zoom at 2:00 p.m.: Breana Kiser (chair), Lindy Berg, Paige Brummund, Penny Nester

Add Renae Gress and Emily Leier to committee

2019-2020 Peers Calls. Penny and Paige hosted the call in December/January about 2020 Farm Bill Update and Lindy hosted a call in February to inform agents about NACAA and had Mary Keena as a guest to discuss the package program Kids, Composting, Crops and Consumption (KCCC). It was decided to continue Peer Calls on a quarterly basis. 

Tentative schedule for 2020-2021 Peer Calls; Breana will facilitate the first call in December to be focused on branding, utilizing social media platforms and how to create content from Ag topics. Peer call in January focusing on the Ag budgets, excel sheets, and other tools, Lindy will host call in February focusing on what NACAA is and available Ag package programs for newer agents to utilize, Breana will host a call in April focusing on Ag related calls and scenarios that may occur. August call will focus on feed rationing and using Cowbytes.

Recruitment of new members in 2020 with the virtual conference format.  New agent will be sent an invitation for an orientation about what NDACAA before the business meeting. Breana will get a list of new ANR employees from Cindy Klapperich (New Staff personnel) and send out an invite for a Zoom call on October 26th at 10am. Paige will lead the call and the committee will help with the discussion. 

Committee discussed any innovative programming conduct during COVID 19. Paige shared how she adapted face-to-face format into the Zoom/webinar platform. Emily shared how she held a LIVE Facebook horticulture series. She said she some days were planned with topics before and others were the current issues that she was assisting with. 


Program Recognition Committees:

NDAAEA Communications Committee meeting

October 13, 2020

Members Present- Ashley Ueckert, Craig Askim, and LoAyne Voigt.

Committee leadership was discussed.  LoAyne moved to cast a unanimous ballot for Craig to be chair for the next year.  Motion carried and Craig will take over following this meeting.  Chair duties and communication Awards were discussed.  Ashley and Louie will find the binder with Chair information in it.  Ashley and LoAyne both offered to help Craig with the coming year’s awards and selection process.

Two Awards Applications were submitted this past year.  Both were forwarded on as state winners.  Ashley is still waiting on certificates for the winners but hopes to have them soon now that the national meeting has wrapped up.

There was much discussion on communications surrounding programming in the virtual world we’re living and working in.  Ideas included: encouraging agents and specialists to share when they are doing programs and doing some joint advertising,  possibility have a series put together like the “Solid Finances” program that MSU and NDSU are hosting, having a selection of pre-recorded podcast/webcasts we could send to producers.

It was decided that the committee would try to facilitate a few meetings with agents and specialists to get a feel for what could be available and/or needed for winter programming.  We would like to have 4 meetings, one in each program area for Farm Economics, Cropping Systems, Livestock Systems and Pesticide certification.  We will begin by putting together a small group to discuss the idea farther and determine interest from those outside the communications committee.  

Ashley will draft an email and send a doodle poll to potential small group members as we’d like to try to meet next week, and have some idea on if we’ll move forward prior to fall conference and set meetings for early November as the winter meeting season will quickly be here.

No other business was brought forth to be discussed, meeting adjourned.

 Respectfully submitted,

Ashley Ueckert


Search for Excellence; Professional Excellence – Karl Hoppe; Brad, Craig

4-H and Youth; Brian Zimprich

Recognition and Awards - Greg Endres – email – no minutes

The NDAEAA Rec and Awards Committee will meet next Monday morning. I won’t submit written notes due to our review of numerous members, but we choose only one person for AA and DSA.

I would like to announce the 2021 award selections during our annual meeting.


Scholarship/Life Member Committee:

Meeting via Zoom 10/14/2020

Randy Grueneich, Chair

Members in attendance:  Anitha Chirumamilla and Andrew Thostenson

Members absent:  Leslie Lubenow and Mary Keena

Action Items:

  1. Discussed scholarship funding and application timing. Applications will be solicited in the first quarter of 2021 after we have a firm amount of funds available from the 4-H Foundation endowment.
  2. Life Members discussed. Committee recommends Ron Wiederholt for Life Member status.
  3. A new chair will be confirmed via e-mail at a later date.



Professional Improvement Committees: 

NDAAEA Animal Science Committee Via Zoom @ 9am 10/14/2020; 2020 Minutes

Members Present: Rachel Wald, Angie Johnson, Rick Schmidt, Paige Brummund, Kelly Leo, Brooks Warner, and Emily Leier

Angie Johnson – Explained to the newer agents what NDAAEA is and what this professional development association can do for us as agents.

National Professional Development-2020 AM/PIC convention virtual through TEAMS

Paige Brummund reported that there were over 1000 people nationwide who signed up for the online conference.  There was a good amount of livestock related topics to listen in on and there seemed to be a fair bit that were presented in the awards portion of the conference.



Showmanship Guidelines and Webinars

Rick Schmidt and Leigh Ann Skurupey did a fantastic job with ‘All species webinars and showmanship guidelines’ this past winter and spring with the help of many others this became a wonderful success.

  • Beef cattle
  • Dairy cattle
  • Swine
  • Sheep
  • Goats
  • Rabbits
  • Poultry
  • Horse

This was an 8-week program that attracted viewers from outside the United States.  At the high, there were around 50 people at a meeting.

The Webinars are recorded, we can find them posted on the 4-H website. (I will send the link to add)

Livestock Camp

There was a kid organized livestock camp that took place in Oliver County.  The camp was 5 days, one of the activities included a hands-on bull sale scenario, the kids received a situation, budget and an objective.  In the end they needed to decide if the bull they ‘purchased’ was a good move for their operation.

4-H Camp in Washburn

There have been a lot of projects/improvements that they have been working on at the camp.

  • Cement Patio
  • Building for livestock storage
  • 30x80 ft. shelter

As of now a 2021 camping season is being considered.

Working on a new award for the Sr. High Individual at every 4-H Contest.

  • Called “Head of the Herd Award”
  • Will be given a coal bison, the award was well received at the range competition


  • Instructed to continue the online course.

Hay Pricing

  • We had received guidelines from Janna Block talking about values of hay
  • Karl Hoppe sends out the MN Hay Sales after they have occurred.

AI School

  • McHenry County along with GENEX and local sponsors are hosting an AI school this fall and hopefully will continue on a regular schedule of every two years.

Action Plan

Local Meats:

  • Knowing what you need to do to sell your meat locally
  • Educating the public on what they get when they purchase 1/4, 1/2 or a whole animal
  • Working on a cut sheet with Travis Hoffman, needs NDSU logo

American Registry of Professional Animal Scientists

  • Looking into certification process

Partnering with Natural Resources to discuss programming for all of the pastures and rangeland that has been overgrazed.

Chair Selection

Rachel Wald has agreed to become the Chair of this committee

Emily Leier has agreed to be the Co-Chair.


Respectfully Submitted by:

Rachel Wald

NDAAEA Animal Science Committee Chair


Agronomy Committee Meeting - NDAAEA Association

October 14th, 2020 11:00 a.m.

Committee Members in Attendance:  Anitha Chirumamilla, Mohamad Khan, Sheldon Gerhardt, Craig Askim, Paige Brummund, Devan Leo, and Duaine Marxen


Plant Diagnostic Lab- Dr. Mohamad Khan shared the information that Plant Diagnostician Jessie is leaving NDSU. Plant diagnostic lab has a list of test charges uploaded on their website.

Seed Increase program- Anitha gave an update about the new spring wheat variety that is going to be released in 2021. This variety has been released to certain growers in several counties for the purpose of increasing the Foundation seed. Dr. Khan suggested that County Extension Agents be notified of the growers receiving this seed, so that they have an opportunity to visit these fields during growing season which could help them better market the variety to growers, who intend to increase the seed through Crop Improvement Associations.

Palmer Amaranth- Paige suggested that Extension agents need to switch gears in educating the livestock growers at various meetings to control the spread of palmer. Devan commented that this topic was addressed at Livestock in-service meeting. All the members concluded that testing of sunflower or cotton screenings for palmer seed would be helpful in minimizing the spread of palmer. Sheldon would forward an email from Miranda about an article outlining the steps involved to help prevent the spread of palmer.

Dr. Khan talked about how a team of Extension Specialists and Agents are working on reducing the number of action plans under IPM section in PEARS.

Craig mentioned about an email from Dr. Sam Markell about a new disease ‘frog eye leaf spot’ in soybeans. Dr. Khan suggested that it would be interesting to see if that same disease also infects sugar beets.   

Action Steps:

Anitha will check with Williston Research Extension Center if they do the testing of livestock feed screenings for palmer seed.

Election of Officers: Dr. Khan nominated Anitha to continue as Chair for another term. Devan nominated Sheldon for the position of Chair of the committee. Since Sheldon left the meeting early, his acceptance or denial of the nomination was confirmed through email.  Sheldon respectfully declined the nomination. Anitha will continue another term as Chair of the committee.


Hort, Natural Resources and Sustainable Ag subcommittee Meeting Minutes - NDAAEA

October 13, 2020

The NDACAA –ANR subcommittee meeting was called to order by chair Craig Askim at 10:00 a.m.

Present: Craig Askim, Dan Folske, Breanna Krister, Kelly Leo, Hannah Norby, Emily Leier, Paige Brummund, Brad Brummond, Rick Schidmt.

Pesticide season training was talked about – agents had concerns on how to go about doing the training – some confusion over private and commercial trainings being conducted, a combination of zoom and face-to-face meeting will have to be used. Agents encouraged to working together. Provide expert training in areas of known topics. Would be nice to have one clear message on Palmer to use across the whole state.

Plant pesticide lab has been doing a very good job.

Horticulture calls have been welcome and informative very helpful.

Brad Brummond is looking at ways to get CCA credits approved over Zoom for winter meetings.

Discussion on how agents will conduct winter meetings/programs this winter “What are we going to do?”  What are state specialists willing to do or travel?  No one has given direction or answers so far.  What statewide programs are going to take place?

Rick brought up that agents need to develop relationships with their local weed control officers and weed boards to work together to deal with weeds like water hemp and palmer to provide educational programming.

Rick talked about SARE grant opportunity dollars for new agents for professional development programs.

Craig, Rick and others talked about how to address pasture grazing management issues in the near future. A lot of pastures where over grazed this year which will lead to problems in 2021.

With no other business, subcommittee meeting was adjourned at 10:46 a.m.

Submitted by:

Craig Askim

NDACAA-ANR Committee Chairman


2020 NDAAEA Ag Economics Committee Minutes

October 19, 2020 via Skype

Chair: Crystal Schaunaman, Vice Chair: Melissa Seykora (absent)

Present: Frayne Olson, Greg Benz, Craig Askim, Travis Binde, Renae Gress, Tim Petry, Sara Crimmons, Emily Leier, Paige Brummund, William Nganje,

Review Our Purpose:

Providing professional improvement opportunities for members with responsibilities in each area of emphasis. This includes the development of professional improvement opportunities, securing resources to fund these activities, and promoting these activities to members. As ideas for professional improvement are brought to the Agricultural Economics Committee, it will be the responsibility of the committee to determine if the idea for professional improvement is feasible, and if so then determine what course should be taken to offer this opportunity to members.


Upcoming Professional Development Opportunities and Programs

  • Outlook Conference for Ag Lenders Oct 20, 2020 from 09:00 AM to 04:00 PM
  • Outlook Conference for Ag Lenders Oct 22, 2020 from 09:00 AM to 04:00 PM
  • Crop Insurance Conference Jan 11 & 12, 2021 mornings — Virtual
  • Northwest Farm Managers Annual Meeting Feb 03, 2021 from 8 A.M.-4 P.M. — Fargo??
  • Income Tax Management for Ag Producers Dec 01, 2020 from 1-4 P.M.??
  • Farm Stress Team – November 3 call to highlight resources  has other resources.
  • Annie’s Project – The national program has approved virtual delivery. Other materials are available on Google Drive
  • DYSP – Carrie Johnson is the contact. Google drive resources here: In the planning stages to be able to offer virtually in 2021.
  • North Central risk management group – virtual beginning farmers and ranchers conference coming up. The conference will be held virtually over two days, November 9-10, 202
    • Farm Foundation and USDA’s Economic Research Service (ERS) will host the industry’s first conference dedicated to bringing cutting-edge research on issues facing beginning farmers and ranchers to the forefront of discussion in agriculture. The Emerging Research on Beginning Farmers and Ranchers Conference will feature paper presentations from leading scholars in the field, addressing issues that affect the entry and success of new professionals in the agricultural sector. 
  • Farm Business Management In-Service: Being planned.
  • Land 101 with David Ripplinger hosted by Greg Benz in Dunn County. Working on it if it will be allowed. Alternative would be a zoom call on topics.
  • Beginning Farmer/Rancher Budgeting, Basic Finances workshop ??Needed for Annie’s Project audience as well. Taxes, fall tax prep, chart of accounts, Farm Record books, etc.
  • Some materials are out there….can we get them? Revisit innovation team notes from 2019 fall conference.
  • Frayne’s Marketing Updates – does not want to compete with private marketing firms. These updates are for marketing club facilitators, clubs and agents. You can share with marketing clubs but not a general producer list serve.

Other Professional Development Needs

Specialists did a good job of explaining ARC/PLC

CARES Act? Short overview for agents to use. What is still edible, who can still sign up, etc. CFAPII overview? No plans from NDSU (FSA recorded an overview).

Ron is going to go through CFAP I and II and Tim is going to review what has been paid out at the ag lenders conference.

Newer agent training for DYSP, other basic economic presentations, Carrie’s group thought about a training, but will postpone.

Statewide conferences or what virtual options for education are out there that new agents could share with their producers or put in their newsletters.

November 18 – State of ND Economic Conference – looking at the ND economy. Specialists will provide opportunity for legislators and state agencies to get an overview of the economy. Frayne will find and get sent out to agents.

Wherever we put the resources for producers should be simple to use.

Activity and Resources notes:

Janna, Tim, Crystal, David, Bill Hodous,


Risk Management Exercises

Estate planning workshops with both owner and future owners present

Face to face workshops - small groups combined with individual follow-up (homework, assignments, timeline, etc.)

Follow-up webinars with individual coaching from Extension or community partners

Individual conversations or coaching

Personality analysis, learning about strengths and how to communicate with others in the operation.

Resource Development

All presentations to webinar format

Fix Extension website

Farm Accounting book electronically

Spreadsheets on website – pick 1 not a 100/topic

Succession Planning on web

Web-based information – risk management tools, financial management tools, presentations, resources

Ag Plan – developing a business plan, marketing plan, risk management plan

Accounting software Quicken or other user-friendly program

Unit cost of production spreadsheet – getting costs quantified and assigned to different specific business areas

Record-keeping Quicken, farm accounting

Financial statements – develop worksheets

Identify all financial planning tools

End webinar with one big meeting with coaches available to help all individually (bank?)

Try a weed board program with financials risk management topics

Individual farm specific homework

Cash flow, income statement, balance sheet designs 10-15 minute video

Resource book to work through – individual financial situation, ratios, financial statements, everything in one place.

End webinar series with one big meeting

Quicken workshops – itemized category generalization

QuickBooks chart of accounts updated

Make a quicken style excel spreadsheet for producers to replace paper accounting books.

Get Carrie Johnson involved in topic development.

Learning circles

Consult with bankers to get overview of current financial issues/problems with customers at each place (generalize/group) and how to address the issues.

Maybe a fill in the blank (average, high, low) where do people fit in? Why are some people still making money and how?

Free webinars

Could farm business management instructors get paid less than their standard fee to just do partial financial reviews?

What new technology is now available that is not being utilized

Put Qualtrics survey at end of each module – anonymous unless the want to give us that information

Will farm business management instructors be on board with this?

What roadblocks? Can these be made into webinars is that practical?

Get local banks involved to review information.

Design items that will really help farmers

Ask bankers to identify needed financial topics (rolling operating loans, debt to equity, etc.)

Enter a drawing after completing survey (what kind of prizes?)


Other Committees:

Social Committee: Calla



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