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Committee Minutes 2017

2017 Committee Reports

4-H and Youth Committee Report- October 11th, 2017

Members Present: Brian Zimprich, Rick Schmidt, Julie Kramlich, and Angie Johnson (chair)

ND State Fair

Discussion was held about trying to get more agents involved with helping at the State Fair during 4-H events, including statics, judging contests and livestock shows. Many of the newer agents are not aware of ways they can help or who to contact.

Recommendations: Have the contest and show superintendents make a list of jobs and how many helpers they need and send the list to Dean to put together as a sign up. Encouraging having the list done by March so there is plenty of time to find help.

4-H Camp

An update was given about 4-H camp. The ND 4-H Foundation is now looking to raise $50,000 for the livestock barn and outdoor skills building. The new livestock barn is complete, as livestock camp was held there this year, and overall, it went well. They did move the cattle to the outdoor arena, as it did get a little stuffy in the barn.

Camping fees were increased by $75 this season. This increase in cost did not seem to show hindrance in camp attendance, as camping numbers were up with over 550 campers attending this year.

Campground usage is gaining popularity, as groups are hosting it for weddings, anniversaries, reunions, etc. This usage helps defray costs and expenses for the camp. Approximately estimated at $500/weekend to rent the campground (depending upon if you’re using the cabins for lodging; dining hall; etc.)

Discussion was held on an agent’s responsibility regarding his/her roles within our ND 4-H camping program, including participation in 4-H camp (whether that be chairing, co-chairing, or volunteering time to help with camps). This also brought up discussion about an ANR agent’s overall role in 4-H/youth development throughout the counties. Each agent has 4-H/youth development responsibilities within their county.

Recommendation:  Encourage agents to use the campgrounds for 4-H related events and activities. Everyone help promote 4-H Camp and the new facilities, as well as find a way to help with camp in the upcoming year. Do our district directors need to address and support the agent’s roles and responsibilities with the ND 4-H camp, as well as agent’s roles and responsibilities within 4-H/youth development?

Implementation of $20/member enrollment fee Nov. 2017

Discussion was held on the new ND 4-H $20/member (cap limit of $60/family) enrollment fee that will be fully implemented on Nov. 1.  Committee members were asked what types of feedback/responses counties were receiving from it – with most commenting on having little to no issues at this implementation stage. Thoughts on how active the member is in 4-H may determine whether or not families will stay in the program due to the new program cost. Nonetheless, this new program fee could have some detrimental effects on certain 4-H programs throughout the state. Some thoughts/ideas are that some county 4-H councils and maybe even some clubs could pay for their own member’s program fee, depending upon financial stability of the council and clubs within each county. Enrollment on 4hOnline has gone very well, in order for families to prevent paying the $20/member program fee during the Sept-Oct. “fee free” grace period.

Recommendation: Does this 4-H program fee of $20/member ($60/member cap) need to be brought up to JCEP for further review and discussion?

Review of judging quality work at Achievement Days/County Fairs to move on to the ND State Fair

Discussion was had on determining if youth have to have a blue ribbon on an exhibit to attend the ND State Fair. What is our judging culture – as how are we looking at ribbon classifications? Are we looking at red ribbons as average quality of work, and blue ribbons as above average/exceptional?

Recommendation: Much more discussion needs to be had on this, but could the Center for 4-H revisit the blue ribbon requirement to exhibit at the ND State Fair?

Youth Quality Assurance

The Youth Quality Assurance team is still in info gathering mode at this time for thoughts of implementing next year.

Recommendation: Look for a session during this year’s Fall Conference to attend for further details.

4-H Foundation Ranch

Rick informed the committee that the ND 4-H Foundation owns a ranch by Gladstone. It was not used in 2017, and 4-H is highly encouraged to use this site for 4-H events.

Recommendation: More publicity of this site needs to be provided to encourage 4-H use of site.

Evaluating the Impact of ND 4-H: Statewide Survey

Angie, Julie, and Brian were recently on a committee to review a Common Measures survey that will be released to all Extension agents at the end of Oct. This survey uses a nationally known program called Common Measures. It is approved by IRB, and agents, staff, or volunteers can administer the survey to currently enrolled 4-H youth (cloverbuds and short-term members are not to take the survey). This 30 question survey will demonstrate the impact that 4-H has on ND youth, and each county will receive their individualized report, as well as a statewide report, showing the impact 4-H has on youth. This will be shared with our state legislators and county commissioners in a fact sheet. 4-H families will receive an email notifying them of this survey that agents/leaders will be giving. It is CRUCIAL that only those 4-H members who have selected the “I give permission to partake in research surveys” check box on 4hOnline take this survey. Those who did not give permission, cannot take the survey. You can conduct a report on your county 4hOnline site to see who has/has not given permission for their child to conduct the survey. Counties will receive fact sheets and step-by-step instructions on how to conduct the survey.

Ag Economics Sub Group Meeting-2017 NDAAEA

Attending: Frayne Olson, Kelcey Hoffman, Chandra Langseth, Marissa Leier, Rick Schmidt, Lindy Berg, Melissa Seykora, Rachel Wald, Crystal Schaunaman

  • Review Our Purpose

Professional Improvement Committees

Providing professional improvement opportunities for members with responsibilities in each area of emphasis. This includes the development of professional improvement opportunities, securing resources to fund these activities, and promoting these activities to members. As ideas for professional improvement are brought to the Agricultural Economics Committee, it will be the responsibility of the committee to determine if the idea for professional improvement is feasible, and if so then determine what course should be taken to offer this opportunity to members.

Materials will be distributed at fall conference:

  • Agribusiness Needs Assessment – Frayne provided an overview.
  • Annie’s Project in-service coming up
  • DYSP-already held. Email Carrie Johnson for more information.
  • Ag Lenders Conferences will be held in Minot, Grand Forks, Fargo, Bismarck mid October
  • In-Service to be held November 7 in Bismarck Career Academy 10?

               - Input decision making                                                                                                                                                                 - Crop Budgets, enterprise budgets                                                                                                                                               - Cash rent determination                                                                                                                                                             - Livestock budgeting                                                                                                                                                                     - Basics of crop marketing?? Or Dr. Massey                                                                                                                                 - Intro to Crop Insurance

  • Frayne’s Marketing Updates – does not want to compete with private marketing firms. These updates were for marketing club facilitators and agents. Have been noted to not share. Not meant to be forwarded to an email listserve. Please use responsibly and share to limited individual emails. Add Kelcey Hoffman and Rachel Wald
  • Dave’s Bio-Energy updates
  • Others needed?
  • New Agricultural Finance Specialist/ Assistant Professor – 9 applicants (Dwight Aakre’s old position redefined, refocused on financial management issues). PhD level, tenure tracked position. There are 2 on the top of the list. Have been approved to bring them in for interviews.
  • Melissa Seykora was elected as Vice Chair.

Animal Science Committee Meeting- October 13, 2016

The NDAAEA Animal Science Committee met via Skype at 11:00 a.m. on Friday, October 13, 2017. Participants present were: Paige Brummond, Kelcey Hoffman, Angie Johnson, Samantha Lahman, Marissa Leier, Rick Schmidt, Yolanda Schmidt (Chair), Megan Vig and Rachel Wald. Absent: Lisa Pederson and Katie Wirt

Minutes of the last meeting were reviewed.


Yolanda asked if there were any updates from the national committee. Rick Schmidt reported that the most significant message from the national level is to continue to encourage agents to apply for awards for programs and/or projects they have done. Applications are handled by Julie Kramlich.


The group reviewed a consolidated description of committee responsibilities developed by Penny Nester and the Early Career Development Committee. Since a number of Animal Science Committee members are early- to mid-career agents, the group found this shortened summary very helpful in gaining a better understanding of their role on this committee and the NDAAEA organization as a whole and felt other newer agents would benefit as well.

Discussion also focused on the benefits of being a part of NDAAEA and committee involvement. I.E. Teamwork, program input and leadership opportunities.


A team led by Becky Koch had been formed to develop seven specie specific livestock videos not specific to ND to educate producers, livestock handlers, stakeholders and agents about biosecurity best practices. Several Skype meetings were held during the summer and scripts were developed. Yolanda and Samantha are members of this team and Yolanda will check on how far the project has moved toward completion.


The committee reviewed the progress of last year’s professional development suggestion to tour and import facility to see livestock and crop importation and a packing plant tour.

It was suggested that the Animal Science Committee could partner with the promotion of summer agent tours. Samantha Lahman expressed interest in hosting an Agent tour in the East District (formerly Northeast District) with a livestock emphasis so that an import facility could be part of the tour.

Yolanda will contact Robert Maddock, Eric Berg, and Lisa Pederson about setting up a packing plant and feeding facility tour for agents later this fall or early winter. The goal is to pattern it after the Nebraska Palmer Amaranth bus trip several agents went on this summer in terms of impactful program development as a result of the trip.


Rick gave an update on the Youth Quality Assurance Program implementation. The group decided the Animal Science Committee will help with dissemination of the program by helping to teach modules and/or hosting trainings in their counties.

The committee also discussed taking a more active role in helping to recruit volunteers to teach lessons at 4-H Livestock Camp.


The committee’s action plan for 2017 includes continuing efforts to help recruit volunteers to help lead lessons at Livestock Camp, help with dissemination of information regarding the Youth Quality Assurance Program, continued work with specialists to develop impacful programs to address animal issues across the state and offer professional development opportunities to help agents develop their skills.

NDAAEA Agronomy & Pest Management Committee Meeting

The NDAAEA Agronomy & Pest Management Committee skype meeting was held at 10:00 A. M., Friday, October 13, 2017.  Participants were Joel Lemer, Anitha Chirumamilla, Lindy Berg, Rick Schmidt, Sam Haugen, Alicia Harstad, Chandra Langseth, Katelyn Hain, and Duaine Marxen.  Chairman Joel Lemer presided over the call.

The NDAAEA Agronomy & Pest Management Committee chairman and vice-chairman are selected/

appointed on even number years, so Joel Lemer will serve one more year as chairman, while Anitha Chirumamilla will serve a second year as vice-chairman, before assuming the chairman position.

Joel proceeded to review the major objectives of the Agronomy & Pest Management Committee:

                *Work closely with Departments at NDSU that do research and develop informational materials  on agronomy and                     pest management.

                *Review the performance of the Plant Diagnostic Lab.

                *Review the county seed increase program annually.

                *Work closely with the Pesticide Program.

                *Work with Specialists and members to provide training to NDAAE members in the field of                                                          agronomy and pest management.

The committee will ask Andrew Thostenson to provide ANR agents with an update on EPA’s proposed changes to the pesticide applicator’s training process.  If there are changes coming to the applicator training process, what might that time table look like?  There is information/material on grain bin safety in the fumigation training, can we add that information to the list of materials used for the private applicator’s training?  The committee will ask Ken Hellevang to provide ANR agents with an updated list of materials his department can provide related to grain bin safety.

Craig Askim is the NDAAEA agent representative on the North Dakota Crop Improvement Association.  Randy Grueneich is the NDAAEA agent representative on the North Dakota Foundation Seed Committee. Greg Endres is the NDAAEA representative on the NDSU Variety Release Committee. 

Several concerns were expressed over the line of communications throughout the county seed increase program, the actual procedures that are to be followed by county agents and the time lapse between the new seed variety releases and the contracting with producers.  The process is confusing and frustrating, especially to new/younger agents.  It was reported by Alicia Harstad that Dr. Charlie Stoltenow has asked Louie Voigt to head up a committee to explore developing a core extension program that would address the county seed increase program.  The committee met by skype call and will be surveying ANR agents to determine their needs in the area of the county seed increase program. 

There is a meeting on Wednesday, October 25 at the Ag Agents Meeting from 10:00 – 11:30 A. M. at the Fall Extension Conference.  It was suggested that each North Dakota Crop Improvement Association should have an ANR agent respresentative.

In reviewing the NDSU Diagnostic Lab, it was suggested that the lab provide an estimated time line as to when results could be expected.  It was also suggested that Extension Agents receive diagnosis on the first 3 to 5 samples each year free of charge.

Several committee members reported that the Nebraska tour to explore the challenges of palmer amaranth was great.  A tour of such nature should be planned every summer.

The committee’s action plan for 2018 included:

                 *Continuing efforts to make the county seed increase program operate smoothly.

                 *To explore possible training programs for ANR agents related to herbicide applications                                                                 procedures, drift/volatility/inversion, weed/disease identification, etc.  It was suggested that agents look at                               options for such trainings that may not only be extension  programs, but chemical rep programs, regional                               weed board meetings, etc.

                 *To provide training on the State Crop Progress and Condition reports in the area of staging crops, NASS                                     definition of related terms, etc.

                *Ensure that ANR agents are aware of all of the materials that are available through the NDSU Extension Service                        related to grain bin safety.

                *Ensure that ANR agents are aware of any changes to the pesticide training program that may be forthcoming.

The committee felt the use of skype calls was a good method for the committees to use for the annual committee meetings.  Use of skype calls prevented the committee from feeling rushed.   Also the use of skype calls allows NDAAEA members more opportunities to be on more than one committee.

Search of Excellence; Professional Excellence Committee Meeting

The Search for Excellence and Professional Excellence committee met by Skype on Monday, October 2, 2017 at 9amMST/10am CST.  People that attended the call were Brad Brummond and Julie Kramlich.  Ashley Ueckert and Bruce Schmidt from the Public Relations & Communications Committee.

  • Since there is no description of the Search for Excellence and Professional Excellence in the by-laws we have submitted to the President the short description to the committees.  Below is what should be added.
  • Will ask that the national committee handbook be linked to our website.  This will give members Information about the all the difference committees.
  • Award Winners

Search for Excellence State Winners 

-Lindy Berg in Crop Production

-Mary Berg in Consumer or Commercial Horticulture

Professional Excellence (posters)

-Lindy Berg submitted the May 30th Frost: Keep Flax or Try Soybean? (State Winner and National Finalist)

- Mary Berg submitted Kids, Compost, Crops and Consumption: Introducing the whole Food Cycle to Urban Youth

-Lisa Pederson submitted the Bovine Emergency Response Plan Program, The Scene of the Accident Is Not The Place To Build Your Team!

  • Chair- Julie Kramlich and Vice Chair- Ron Wiederholt will remain the same. 
  • The Committee talked about with low membership in the Search for Excellence/ Professional Excellence Committee and Public Relations & Communications Committee that we would not combined the committees but when committees work with each other for help reviewing and judging applications for award applications.
  • The committee needs to encourage staff members to fill out award applications.

Committee Members:

  • Julie Kramlich - Chair
  • Ron Wiederholt Vice Chair
  • Craig Askim
  • Brad Brummond
  • Karl Hoppe

Proposed By-law changes:

Search for Excellence

The objectives of the Search for Excellence Committee will be to promote and recognize quality program efforts of NDAAEA members. This committee will conduct recognition programs in program development, implementation and evaluation by NDAAEA members.

  1. See that all members of your state association receive information on Search for Excellence Award Programs.
  2. Encourage and recruit agents to apply for awards.
  3. Conduct state judging of Search for Excellence Programs within two weeks of the date listed in the Awards Edition of The County Agent as due date to State Committee Chair.
  4. Send State Winners in each of the awards programs to your regional Vice-Chair listed in the magazine prior to April.

Professional Excellence

The objective of the Professional Excellence Committee will be to showcase excellence in program efforts of NDAAEA members. This will be done by giving them the opportunity to present posters and abstract papers at the NACAA Annual Meeting/Professional Improvement Conference.

  1. Encourage and recruit agents to submit posters for the Poster Session.
  2. Provide information to general membership on poster preparation and writing abstracts.
  3. Collect abstracts from Poster Session entrants and forward them to the Regional Vice-Chair for consideration for the Poster Session.

Social Committee Meeting

Present: Mary Berg, Kelsie Egeland, Kelcey Hoffmann, Calla Jarboe, Naeem Kalwar, Yolanda Schmidt, Penny Nester and Chris Augustin

  • Last minute details for Social
    • Decorating:
      • Calla and Yolanda decided on a Halloween theme for the Social
      • Table covers are ordered and here
      • Ghost and bat decorations are being made and will be transported to Fargo
  • Mary sent social banquet invites to Life Members
    • Mary is following up with Fall Conference Committee to see who is responsible for inviting the retired personnel and Life Members – keep it the same every year
  • Chris is following up with the sports coaches this week to see if they are able to come to the Social
  • Postcards with directions for the Social:
    • Penny has the postcards made
    • Postcards will be on the tables during lunch on Wednesday, October 25
    • Mary/Naeem will make an announcement about the postcards and directions to the Social at lunch on Wednesday
  • Social Committee Suggestions for the future
    • Brainstorm how to get donations earlier and how to come out ahead instead of breaking even with inputs and expenses
    • How early to contact?
    • Best way to follow up?
  • Chris spoke with Brad Brummond, Dena Kemmet and Julie Garden-Robinson
    • Instead of asking for money from each association for thank yous and gifts – use the first $400 raised at the auction for thank yous and gifts for the sponsors
    • Details are still being worked out
  • Social Sponsors are asking to pay sponsorship by credit card
    • Figure out how to do payments on credit card
    • There is more paperwork with checks and a waiting period to receive payment
    • Could we get a card reader on a phone? Use PayPal? Set up an account? Go through Marketplace?
      • Penny/Mary will bring this up at the NDAAEA meeting at Fall Conference
        • General membership will have to vote on it

 Natural Resources, Horticulture, Sustainable Ag Committee Meeting-September 28-2017

Attendees: Dan Folske, Craig Askim, Kelsie Egeland, Rick Schmidt

1. Update from agents on programs/concerns

  • Dan: He took a few producers to tour a 12,000 acre organic farm and elevator in Canada                                                               - Opportunity to have a Q/A panel with a large organic producer

                              ii.      Organic farming is an area some agents need to focus more on

                             iii.      Extension Agents need to be aware of the reality of organic farming

                      - Educate themselves on the stereotypes and know how to reply when they are used

                            iv.      When providing organic farming information, one on one interaction is a great way to make a                                                    connection and work with the producer.

  • Rick

            i.     Discussed plot he had this year

            ii.      Discussed organic producer relationships

As agents, we need to be more aware of the farming practices

  • Craig

            i.      Discussed his experience with organic farming

  • Kelsie

            i.      Discussed the collaborative drought meeting and farm stress workshop in Emmons County

            ii.      Discussed the calls she has been getting on dicamba drift

  • Topics Discussed:
  •  Organic Farming

            i.      Best way to educate farmers

            ii.      Best way agents can educate themselves

  • Pesticide carryover in pastures
  • Dicamba resistant soybean issues

            i.      Drift issues

  • Herbicide resistance

           i.      Kochia outbreak

           ii.      Marestail

           iii.      Explosion of Canada Thistle and Wormwood

  • All of these weeds are an increasing problem – what do we do?
  • Lots of hay moved into the state

           i.      Potential new weeds to manage

  • Sunflower Survey

           i.      Survey was conducted in 2017

           ii.      In 2015, 8 states conducted the survey and North Dakota survey 100 fields

           iii.      In 2017, there should be 83 fields surveyed in North Dakota

  • Soybean Cyst Nematode Testing

            i.      The ND Soybean Council has provided funds to test soil samples for SCN

            ii.      Soil sample bags were distributed to the counties

            iii.      Since 2013, 2,200 samples have been submitted

  • This number has tripled since sampling started and nearly 500 positives have been detected
  • Future needs/programs
  1. Contacting Rich Zollinger/Andrew Thostenson about pesticide carryover in pastures in pesticide training
  2. Contacting Andrew Thostenson about dicamba/herbicide drift educational material for pesticide training
  3. Prepare for potential new weeds to manage due to lots of hay moving throughout the state

Award Committee Meeting

The awards committee met via conference call on Oct. 11.  The meeting was convened by Chairman Andy Swenson and attended by Brad Brummond, Greg Endres and Dan Folske.

Alicia Harstad was selected for the 2018 Achievement Award.

LoAyne Voigt. was selected for the 2018 Distinguished Service Award.

Brad Brummond was selected to be North Dakota’s nominee for the Hall of Fame award.

Alicia, LoAyne and Brad are looking forward to attending the 2018 national conference in Chattanooga, TN next summer.

Early Career Development, Administrative Skills Development, Teaching & Technologies

Members Present: Penny Nester (former chair, 2016-2017), Lindy Berg (chair, 2018-2019), Breana Kiser (co-chair 2018-2019), Angie Johnson, Kelsie Egeland and Yolanda Schmidt

Not Present: Paige Brummond, Alicia Harstad, Alyssa Scheve, Melissa Seykora

Agenda Items:

  1. National Committee Updates – What they are working on. We are 3 national committees combined into one.
    1. Early Career - The focus of the Early Career Development Committee is to develop professional improvement opportunities that assist members with early career development. The education provided typically involves tools and resources to help an early to mid-career employee succeed.

                  i.      Coordinated an educational session at the 2017 AM/PIC in Salt Lake City, UT. Six presentations were                                       accepted, one from North Dakota: FROM A CHECKMARK TO A RELATIONSHIP; Mary Berg

                  ii.      NACAA AM/PIC First Timers Webinar - purpose was to better prepare participants for the 2017 AM/PIC by                               reviewing the conference program, logistics, and the registration process.

  1. Administrative Skills Development (Name changed to Leadership & Administrative Skills) -Added Leadership to the name because committee felt that many of our daily work responsibilities relate to more community leadership than administrative skills, therefore the name change. Many people look up to us as leaders in our community. This means sometimes doing things you would not normally think of in our job description. Leadership skills like these bring us closer to the community and help us to bring financial resources as well as local volunteers for our program. Administrative skills are vital as we evaluate and manage staff.

                  i.      Provided 4 breakout sessions at AM/PIC about working with volunteers, generating alternative funding,                                    delivering high impact programs across a diverse region and designing outreach strategies.

  1. Teaching and Educational Technologies (TET) – focuses on the development of programs to assist members in learning non-traditional Extension education.

                  i.      Hosted 3 webinars the past year related to apps.

                  ii.      Coordinated 6 presentations at AM/PIC with discussion time on technology topics of interest.

  1. New Agent Peer Call Update – (Kelsie & Breana) Last call was December 12, 2016 to cover evaluations and impact statements. Need to find a new face to turn over moderation of calls.
  • Decided that due to lowering level of new agents we just have an “agent peer call”. Schedule quarterly calls to cover program planning topics, ideas and inspirations from others in the state. Help provide communication and teamwork among agents. Learning and sharing with each other. Program planning, advertising, evaluations, exc.

                   i.      Need a catchy name along with a description and topic areas that will be addressed each quarter.

                   ii.      Can help combine new/mid-career support and technology together.

  1. Breana, Lindy and Kelsie will coordinate.
  2. Technology & Teaching
    1. UAS update – Struggle with imagery transfer and timely information transfer to producers. Small scale is possible in some places, but technology may not be there yet.
    2. Review apps before talk about to producers… Are these apps worth purchasing? Find a place or person that already has purchased the app. – topic for peer call?

                         i.      NE District SharePoint list???

  1. Short Committee Responsibilities for NDAAEA – review and send out to other committee chairs
  • Get approval by each committee and provide on new website for members to understand brief description of committee responsibilities.
  • Reviewed our committee descriptions and eliminated “will bring financial resources” and rephrased “help manage and interact with staff.”
  1. First Timers Program @ Fall Conference
    1. Due to timing and low #s of new staff, decided to do personal phone call for new staff/specialists going to conference

                     i.      What to wear, what to go to, how to register

                     ii.      Penny will find list of people –

                     iii.      Phone calls – Penny, Breana, Kelsie, and Lindy will coordinate

  1. Selecting Co-Chair for next term - Lindy Berg transitioning to chair
    1. New co-chair – Breana Kiser volunteered for 2018-19.
Scholarship and Life Members Committee Meeting

We approved Willie Huot, Jackie Buckley, and Steve Sagaser as life members.  They will be invited to the meeting at conference via executive committee.

A scholarship deadline was set for November 29, 2017.  An application link will be ready by conference.  We will contact Penny about 4-H foundation dollars.

Randy Grueneich will be the chair for 2018-2019. 

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