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Committee Minutes 2016

Committee Minutes 2016

2016 Fall Conference Committee Reports

4-H and Youth Committee Report- October 7th, 2016

Members Presents: Brian Zimprich, Lindsey Maddock, Rick Schmidt, Jackie Buckley, Lisa Pederson, Megan Vig, Angie Johnson, Julie Kramlich and Becky Buchmann(Chair)

Livestock/Crops Judging Contest
The State Livestock Judging Contest was moved to Fargo last year from Valley City. The original plan was to use the Horse Park, but last minute got moved to Sheppards Arena. It was noted that there were costs incurred due to award costs, although Farm Bureau did help with some of the costs.

Recommendation: Look into the cost, if any, of using the Horse Park and possibly finding more sponsors

Youth Livestock and Horse Specialist
Interviews have been ongoing for a youth livestock and horse specialist. The search committee recently held a conference call and has recommended moving forward with a candidate. They are waiting on paper work for the offer.
Recommendation: Keep moving forward with the process

4-H Camp
An update was given about 4-H camp. The foundation is currently $28,000 short of finishing everything. The new barn is almost done, and there are a few things left to complete.
At the Southwest District conference it was discussed that Extension personnel all have a 4-H responsibility. It was discussed that everyone should help out in a certain capacity at 4-H camp.

Recommendation: Everyone help promote 4-H Camp and the new facilities, as well as find a way to help with camp in the upcoming year.

ND State Fair
A discussion was held about trying to get more agents involved with helping at the State Fair during 4-H events, including statics, judging contests and animal shows. Many of the newer agents are not aware of ways they can help or who to contact.

Recommendations: Have show superintendents make a list of jobs and how many helpers they need and send the list to Dean to put together as a sign up. Encouraging having the list done by March so there is plenty of time to find help.

Youth Quality Assurance
There is a national meeting the week of October 10th about a YQA program in New Orleans. They are going to have a booth set up so participants can go thru the program. They are hoping to have it ready to roll in 2017.

Recommendation: Bring back information about the program and report at Fall Conference.

4-H Foundation Ranch
Rick informed the committee that the ND 4-H Foundation owns a ranch by Gladstone. It was currently used to hold the ND State Range Judging Contest in September. It is available for use.

Election was held for a new vice chair of the 4-H and Youth Committee. Rick nominated Angie Johnson to serve as vice chair, seconded by Brian. Jackie moved to cast a unanimous ballot for Angie, seconded by Rick. Motion Passed.

2016 NDAAEA – Ag Economics sub group meeting

Attending: Charlie Stoltenow, Craig Askim, Emily Goff, Frayne Olson, Katie Wirt, Lindy Berg, Kelcey Hoffman, Kim Ruliffson, Melissa Seykora, Paige Brummund, Rachel Wald, Sheldon Gerhardt, Willie Huot, Crystal Schaunaman

Add Emily Goff and Lindy Berg to committee

Crystal presented an overview of the Farm Business Management Education Needs Assessment Results as summarized by David Ripplinger. The results of 53 producers were analyzed. They were asked about how well they understood, how important the topic was and whether they would attend a workshop on the topic. The results showed in brief that crop market outlook, marketing tools, new farm enterprises, and transition planning are identified as high priority topics on the basis of being the most concerning, least understood, and most well-attended programs; while livestock marketing outlook, lease versus buys, working with lenders, working with landlords, and managing labor are lower priority programs as the least concerning, best understood, and poorly attended programs.

Crystal also reviewed the minutes from last year. In the minutes was a summary of Dwight Aakre’s presentation about determining what is more important to producers – yield, price or cost of inputs. After studying the regions in ND he found that yield has the most weight on affecting a positive return to producers. Can we find and make this presentation available?
The needs assessment gives us a place to begin for determining high priority areas. Frayne’s weekly market comments are also good but staff still need monthly conference calls. Crystal will take the lead on scheduling these calls with specialists and agents on a variety of topics.

Dr. Charlie discussed the group being sent to Omaha to the farm margins conference. Staff were nominated by their district directors based on their interest and need for the programming along with Ron Haugen. This core team will be expected to create a training for agents and producers. Could this be considered for a pilot program?
Dwight Aakre’s position was discussed – refilling has been delayed until April 1 to capture some salary savings.

A need for a marketing 101 program was discussed. Frayne mentioned that there is basic marketing information online at Iowa State University or Ag Decision Maker – could we link to these sites? Or could we do live short marketing meetings via FB live or other online platform.

Animal Science Committee meeting - October 14, 2016

AWARDS – Julie Kramlich
Go to the bottom – start new application
Julie handles Search for Excellence awards, these are for projects that were done within the last 3 years
State can send 1 award from each category, if more than 1 application in a category Julie’s Committee will select the one to send to national award
You may nominate yourself – most do
Posters may be created – contact ag comm to help make look professional. Contact Greg Endres who has submitted a poster to see what he did.
There is a cash award for National winner and finalists.

Becky Koch and Gerald Stokka received a grant to train agents in biosecurity for both livestock and crops
VFD team might have been given this project. If anyone else wants to work on it let Lisa know.
Chat box – Kelsey Hoffman and Yolanda Schmidt would like to help
Yolanda thinks we need this especially in crops.
Katie – wondering if the grant could pay for agents to have biosecurity kits in their office. – Lisa not sure.

Would agents be interested in a tour to an import facility to see livestock, and crop importation?
Timing – early May or early October
Paige Brummond – tour of the Aberdeen packing plant would be interesting
Katie – tour of sugar beet and/or ethanol facility to see where bi-products come from
Kelsey –will lead beet plans since she is in the area
Lisa – What about Poultry or Hogs?
1 day for each tour or 1 large multi-day tour?
Maybe 2 or 3 tours
Spring – Boarder Facility
Fall – Confinement Facilities
Tour PLUS education for agents. YES!
Open to all of extension or to association only?
Katie- confused as to how the association is different than extension – offering something only to members might make the association seem more beneficial to new agents
Yolanda- Agrees
Julie – These tours would be good for professional development which is what the association is supposed to be doing. She and Rick Schmidt looking at bi-laws and the association should not be creating new programs, but developing professionals. She would like to include all agents, but be clear that this is offered BY the Association.
Paige – Open to everyone, encourage them to join the Association.
Lisa – should we invite FCS colleagues?
Katie – Yes good idea
Paige – yes thinks several would attend

Lisa, current chair, would like to step down
Sam Lahman, not present, is vice chair
Yolanda will volunteer to Chair the committee
Lisa nominated Katie to vice chair, she declined.
Lisa nominated Paige, she suggested Sam remain vice chair.
Decided Yolanda will be Chair, Sam will remain vice chair.

Lisa to Jackie – was there any news about the Youth Livestock Quality Assurance Program?
Jackie unavailable.

Meeting adjourned.

NDAAEA Agronomy & Pest Management Committee Meeting

The NDAAEA Agronomy & Pest Management Committee skype meeting was held at 11:00 A. M., Tuesday, October 11, 2016. Participants were Joel Lemer, Shana Forster, Hans Kandel, Lindy Berg, Anitha Chirumamilla, Katie Wirt, Rick Schmidt, and Greg Endres. Chairman Greg Endres presided over the call.

The first order of business was the selection of a 2017 vice chairman for the committee. Anitha Chirumamilla volunteered to serve as the committee vice chairman for 2017. Joel Lemer will move from vice chairman to chairman for the upcoming year.

Greg proceeded to review the major objectives of the Agronomy & Pest Management Committee:
1. Work closely with Departments at NDSU that do research and develop informational material on agronomy and pest management.
2. Review the performance of the Plant Diagnostic Lab.
3. Review the county seed increase program annually.
4. Work closely with the Pesticide Program.
5. Work with Specialists and members to provide training to NDAAEA members in the field of agronomy and pest management.

Andrew Thostenson reported that he had sent written comments to the EPA concerning the proposed changes to the pesticide applicator’s training process. He noted that his comments were among over 800 comments received by the EPA nationwide. EPA is expected to release their final ruling in late October or early November. Andrew doesn’t see any major changes to North Dakota’s present pesticide applicator’s training process for four to five years. Any changes will be at the direction of the North Dakota Legislature. The legislature changes that would establish new pesticide applicator’s training guidelines would not likely happen until the 2021 legislative session.

Craig Askim is the NDAAEA agent representative on the North Dakota Crop Improvement Association. Randy Grueneich is the NDAAEA agent representative on the North Dakota Foundation Seed Committee. Greg Endres is NDAAEA representative on the NDSU Variety Release Committee. A concern expressed with the county seed increase program is the short window between new variety releases and the period to select county seed increase producers.

No concerns were expressed related to the NDSU diagnostic lab.

Suggestions for potential agent trainings by state specialist included:
1. Update on some of the newer diseases appearing in North Dakota crops.
2. Alternative crops production in North Dakota. Present commodity prices are very low. What
alternative crops may be productive in North Dakota?
3. Different herbicide application procedures, etc. by mode of action groups, etc.

It was noted that there was an agent in-service training on herbicide injury symptoms and herbicide resistant weed management conducted on March 29, 2016 at the Carrington REC. Also, field training on herbicide injury symptoms was conducted on June 16 during the Crop Management Field School at the CREC. In addition, field days were conducted at two locations in western ND in early July on weed ID and herbicide mode-of-action.

The committee’s action plan for 2017 included continuing efforts to make the county seed increase program work smoothly and to explore possible training programs for ANR agents.

There was discussion on whether to have the NDAAEA committee meetings by skype calls or by face-to-face at fall conference in the future. Maybe some type of hybrid between the two options may be the answer.

Additional discussion concentrated on how to encourage more agents to join and become active on the NDAAEA committees. More awareness may be needed to provide agents, especially newer agents, with the responsibilities of each of the committees and the direction they are following.

Submitted by: Joel Lemer, Vice Chairman, NDAAEA Agronomy & Pest Management Committee.

NDAAEA-Search for Excellence; Professional Excellence committee meeting

Meeting held on September 30, 2016 at 8:30MT/9:30CT by Skype. Members on the call were Craig Askim, Ron Weiderholt, Katie Wirt and Julie Kramlich.

Awards and Poster applications winners that were recognized this summer at the national conference.

Todd Weinmann, the agriculture and natural resources-horticulture agent in Cass County - state winner of a Search for Excellence Award in the consumer or commercial horticulture area and national finalist for Search for Excellence Awards in the farm health and safety and forestry and natural resources categories. He earned state and regional awards to advance to the national level.

Mohamed Khan, Extension sugar beet specialist - state winner of the Search for Excellence Award in the crop production category

Crystal Schaunaman, the agriculture and natural resources agent in McIntosh County - national finalist for the Search for Excellence Award in the farm and ranch financial management area. She also received state and regional awards to advance to the national level.

Greg Endres, area Extension cropping systems specialist at the Carrington Research Extension Center - regional finalist for a poster presentation in the applied research category. He won at the state level to advance to the regional competition.

Looking into changing the bylaws for the Search for Excellence; Professional Excellence committee. Currently, there is really no good bylaws that explains what this committee does. It has nothing in the bylaws what the committee currently is doing. There is possibility of combining with Public Relations; Communications committee. Both committees are looking into if we can and should combine. Plans to discuss at annual meeting held at NDSU Extension Conference. Plans is to have new bylaws for the committee to be voted on at the 2017 annual meeting.

It was mention that committee needs to encourage staff members to fill out award applications.

On a side note Craig Askim mentioned about the Lead and Learn Incentive Program to still recognize staff members that are doing great work at maybe at conference even if there is no funds for the program. Ron Weiderholt will bring it up to the Extension Leadership Team.

NDAAEA Social Committee

Monday, October 3, 10:00 a.m.

Members present: Mary Berg, Chris Augustin, Jackie Buckley, Kelcey Hoffman, Kelsie Egeland, Naeem Kalwar, Yolanda Schmidt and Penny Nester.

Guest: Katie Wirt

Penny started the meeting.

Fund raising report was given by Jackie. Last year (2015 social) lost $1,600, there is $2,500 for backup funds. Currently there has been $2,750 raised. Will e-mail sponsors who paid to the group after the meeting.

Final menus: Reviewed budget and it was decided to purchase 1 Key Stone Throw Beer @ $475 and cut wine due to budget. Food choices were reviewed and came up with 2 options:
Choice #1. Pasta buffet @ $21/plate
Choice #2. Western buffet @ $28/plate
Penny will connect with hotel and check on final meal order.

Sponsor phone calls: Decided to try and generate more sponsors by splitting up the list and calling businesses with a follow-up.

Penny will send out call list assignments and script to follow. Kelsie, Kelsey, Yolanda, Naeem, Mary and Penny will make the calls.

Thank you’s – discussed quality of thank you’s and decided to ask other associations to contribute $50.00 toward a gift.
Jackie will ask the other associations and Chris will discuss this at the JCEP meeting.

Table decorations – Yolanda and Penny are working on this.

Program update: Chris will as the Team Makers to come.

Chris and Lisa will line up the retirement gift for John Kringler.

Improvements for next year were discussed:
1. Sponsorships to $300 a company since we have not increased in a long time and costs keep going up.
2. Make sure we have name tags for sponsors and guests.
3. Possibly charge $10/person @ registration to help offset costs.
4. Ask other associations to help defray costs from the social, such as thank you gifts.
5. Possibly ask each Ag Agent to come up with 10 names to contact for social sponsorship.

Committee will meet after conference to review social and finalize thank you’s and unfinished items.

Submitted by: Penny Nester

Communications/Public Relations Skype meeting - October 7, 2016 10 a.m.

Ashley Ueckert, chairman and LoAyne Voigt were in attendance.

The main topic discussed was the possible combination with the Search for Excellence and Professional Excellence committee. Julie Kramlich, Chair of these two committees had approached us with this possibility last week. Both Ashley and Louie agreed that it was a good opportunity. They will pursue this to see if it can get proposed in time to be announced prior to the state meeting.

We questioned if we are overlooking our current committee responsibilities because both Ashley and Louie were on the communications committee and we do not know the activities/goals of the Public Relations committee. That group has not been very visible in attendance at our committee meetings since these two committees were combined.

We visited about trying to increase award applications and we thought maybe if we show examples of previous winners, that may help for members to see how easy an application can be.

We will table the election of committee chair until after the state NDAAEA meeting at conference. If we do combine with the other committee, we can then select one chair.

Respectfully Submitted: LoAyne Voigt

Natural Resources, Horticulture, Sustainable Agriculture Committee - October 13, 2016

Present: Dan Folske, Kelsie Egeland, Ron Wiederholt, Steve Sagaser, Rick Schmidt

Committee members discussed some of their programming and use of Junior Master Gardener and SARE Funds for programming. The committee believes there is a need for agents to learn about examples of SARE funds for local programming efforts. Rick said there will be more information about this at conference. Another item of importance is the weekly horticulture calls and the Yard and Garden Report put together by Tom Kalb based on issues brought up in the weekly calls. This is very beneficial even if you can’t be on the calls.

Software and websites for lawn, tree, and vegetable diseases and id were discussed. Kelsey shared a University of Minnesota site called “What’s wrong with my plants?”

Although Skype and other web conferencing tools are not perfect our group liked having the committee meetings before conference to allow agents to attend more than one committee meeting if they choose.

We need to do a better job of inviting new agents into the association. Contacting new agents, introducing ourselves and encouraging them to become members.

Early Career Development; Administrative Skills Dev; Teaching & Technologies - 10/10/16 2:00pm via Skype

Members Present: Alisha Harstad, Lindy Berg, Angie Johnson, Alyssa Scheve, Melissa Blawat and Penny Nester
Absent: Breana Keiser, Paige Brummond & Yolanda Schmidt

Discussed new things happening pertaining to this group:
Discussed the success of New Agent Peer calls. Agent liked the opportunity to share their experiences and feedback with co-workers in a group. Would like to encourage this group to continue with new agents and facilitator. Alicia will communicate with current coordinators to come up with a plan for future generations of new agents.

Technology & Teaching: Angie and Alyssa visited about current large scale UAS project they were working on, along with challenges and opportunities that this type of technology has with extension. Group is not sure how this can be applied to the committee but will work on it further in the future.

Reviewed our objectives as a committee that were established last year and how to move forward. First deadline for accomplishments will be December 1.

What does each committee in the NDAACA do? Alisha will sit down with each committee chair and ask them to give a short explanation of what each committee does. Explanations will be combined and possibly be posted on our association website.

First Timers program at fall conference similar to what has been developed on the national NACAA level. Group will develop a short skype webinar offered shortly after fall conference registrations come out to help review what fall conference is about and answer questions from new attendees. Angie will develop a word document for people to quickly access information about conference and what to expect and sign up for. Lindy will start working to develop a mentor program for first time agents at conference.

Group would like to continue to develop proposals for early career topics for future annual conferences for employees to attend.

Committee meeting was adjourned.

Submitted by: Penny Nester, Committee chair

Scholarship/Life Members Committee

Chair: Lesley Lubenow

Attendance: Andrew Thostenson, Mary Berg, Randy Grueneich

We move to accept John Kringler, Dwight Aakre, and Keith Brown as life members into NACAA. There are no other changes in lifetime members list.

We move up to $1000 be given for scholarships from a mixture of scholarship interest and general fund money. The scholarship account is not expected to earn $1000. More likely, very little money in past year.

Scholarship applications will be due on December 8, 2016.

A mixture of Skype and email work well for committee business. We could utilize 2 more members to grow our committee to six people.

No elections were done. Chair 2016-2017: Lesley Lubenow.

Recognition and Awards Committee

Achievement Award – Mary Berg (Livestock Environmental Management Specialist, CREC
Distinguished Service Award – Dan Folske (Extension Agent, Burke County)
Hall of Fame nomination – Brad Brummond (Extension Agent, Walsh County)

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