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Committee Minutes 2015

Committee Minutes 2015




Members Presents: Andrea Bowman, Brian Zimprich, Lindsey Maddock, Rick Schmidt, Kaitlynn Hain, Samantha Lahman, Crystal Schaunaman, Jackie Buckley, Nicole Wardner, Emily Goff, and Becky Buchmann(Chair)

Showmanship Manual

There was an issue with sheep and goat showmanship at the ND State Fair this past summer. The sheep show judge asked for the youth to switch sides which is not what is in our showmanship manual. There was also an issue with goat showmanship as the judge wanted the youth to brace the goats, which is also not in our showmanship manual. The question was brought up about do we need to look at switching some of the items in our showmanship manual or leave it as it has been in the past.

Recommendation: Have animal science committee review the manual and rules before the showmanship manuals are reprinted.

Animal Science Review

The 4-H Animal Science Review was held, however many agents have not seen the final report and have only heard bits and pieces which is bringing about many questions.

Recommendation: Send out findings from the review to everyone.

Youth Quality Assurance(YQA)

The pilot period has come to a close and surveys are being gathered. Waiting for 4-H animal science committee to go thru the next steps.

Recommendations: Continue with the process of the YQA.

Range Judging Video

The range judging video is done, waiting for Kevin Sedivec or Miranda Meehan to review.

Recommendation: Continue with review and post on website.

Livestock EPD Bulletin

The Livestock EPD Bulletin is done and waiting to be printed. It is for both adults and youth.

Livestock/Crops Judging Contest

State Livestock contest is moving to Fargo, however there has not been a definite date set yet for the contest. Looking at March 5th or 12th. There are conflicts with both date including junior point shows, other judging contests etc.
Crops and Hippology Judging will still be Valley City, however the contests may also move to a Saturday.

Recommendation: Need a date so teams can plan.


Attending: Dwight Aakre, Andy Swenson, Willie Huot, Bill Hodous, Tim Petry, Crystal Schaunaman

In this time of declining commodity prices we need to put a more positive spin on programming around this area for example smart investing where you might address better marketing, lowering input costs, etc. Dwight created a presentation about determining what is more important to producers – yield, price or cost of inputs. After studying the regions in ND he found that yield has the most weight on affecting a positive return to producers. So the message to ag lenders and others is to spend the money on pesticides and fertilizer, for example, to ensure high yield.

Please check out for upcoming programs, budgets, past presentations, and other tools available from our ag economics specialists. Asides from this information and upcoming events, monthly conference calls will be held this winter starting later in November. Topics will range from a general discussion of the markets to introducing agents to tools such as crop compare, crop budgets, basic marketing information, outlooks, etc. Input from new agents on their needs would be helpful as well. Frayne has also committed to sending agents short bi-monthly marketing briefs such as what is going on globally and how that is affecting commodity prices. His one note is that this information is only for staff, it is NOT to be forwarded on.


Present: Greg Endres (acting chair), Randy Grueneich, Tim Becker, Andrew Thostenson, Sheldon Gerhardt, Joel Lemer, Patrick Beauzay, and Janet Knodel (recorder)

Pesticide Certification: Andrew Thostenson

There are two new proposals from EPA regarding pesticide applicator certification:
1. EPA Worker Protection Standard is being revised and will require new stricter standards.
2. EPA Pesticide Certification Training will required additional training time

Andrew recommended committee send written comments to EPA about proposed changes.
Also, Andrew will offer In-service Training in November 2015.

Plant Diagnostic Lab
Communication with Diagnostic Laboratory is good and turnaround time is adequate.

There is ethanol vials coming to Fall Extension Conference for Ag Extension Agents to use for sending in insect samples.

NDSU Foundation Seed

Foundation Seed Pricing Committee needs new representative from NDAAEA.

Greg Endres serves as NDAAEA rep. on NDSU Variety Release Committee.

Craig Askim serves as NDAAEA rep. with ND Crop Improvement Assoc.

In-service training/general information

Extension ag staff in-service training is tentatively planned at Carrington REC on new herbicide-tolerant crops (2,4-D, dicamba, HTTP inhibitors).

Need to know what restrictions (e.g. saved seed) are going to be required for NDSU’s glyphosate-tolerant (RR1) soybean seed increase and commercial production (expected in 2017).


Greg Endres elected Chair and Joel Lemer elected Vice-Chair.


Deal with issues related to livestock
Recruit posters/programs for National Meeting
4-H livestock issues

Including livestock on the summer tour

Livestock Quality Assurance (LQA) program
1. Issues with getting the program up and going with counties
2. Communication is a problem so all the agents understand what the program is

Avian Influenza update
1. Biosecurity with the poultry due to outbreak
2. What is the protocol happening with avian influenza
3. Will there be a 4-H show next year? Up for more discussion in December

Biosecurity for Livestock
1. Biosecurity measures for going on a livestock visit. Kits for agents
2. Biosecurity programs with producers
3. Large programs that need to have some type of biosecurity measures


Export facility into Mexico

Have a boarder tour in North Dakota - Pembina was suggested as a spot for a tour

Have a large tour for ag. agents to see how and what is entailed with livestock crossing the boarder

Agents may have to get passports so we can see both sides of the boarder

New Chair Election
Karla Ryan nominated Lisa Pederson as chair, second by Samantha Lahman
Angie Johnson moved to cease nominations
Unanimous ballet: Lisa Pederson is elected as Chair

Karla Ryan nominated Samantha Lahman as Vice-Chair, seconded by Jackie Buckley
Angie Johnson moved to cease nominations
Unanimous ballet: Samantha Lahman is elected as Vice-chair

Participated: Jackie Buckley, Megan Minten, Paige Brummond, Angie Johnson, Brian Zimprich, Karla Ryan, Breana Kiser, Lisa Pederson, Samantha Lahman and Rick Schmidt


Members present: Ashley Ueckert and LuAyne Voigt

Ashley will chair again in 2016

In 2015 the committee received a number of excellent award applications. We would like to encourage agents to apply again next year and contact either Ashley or LuAyne if you have any questions.

Lastly if there are any new agents out there looking for a committee to join, we would sure welcome them to join our committee.

Respectfully submitted by:
LoAyne Voigt


Contributing Members: Alicia Harstad, Breana Keiser, Michel Knudson, Lindy Berg, Annie May Kelly, Angie Johnson, Alyssa Scheve, Melissa Blawat and Penny Nester

Began the discussion on what we are currently doing in this committee and outside this committee to help support early career development.
1. Alisha explained the conference breakout session that Alisha, Todd & Penny are doing entitled: National Association of County Agricultural Agents Conference from the First-Timers Perspective.
2. Discussed the success of New Agent Peer calls that some of the group participated in.

Asked the group what would help new agents as they start coming from other association members. Some expressed that it helps when other neighboring agents call to ask how things are going or to tell them/invite them to an upcoming program that they may not know about.

Discussed what our objectives as a committee are and what they may want to focus on more in the future.
1. Comments were made asking what each committee in the NDAACA actually did and accomplished.
2. Want more information on what the different program teams are ding and ways to be involved in the team. Some felt that they go to team meetings but do not feel included into the planning aspect of the team.
3. Suggested having a First Timers program at fall conference similar to what has been developed on the national NACAA level including a preconference informational meeting to explain registration, a first timers luncheon the first day of conference (speed programming to explain what NDAACA committees actually are and doing), and assigning a NDAACA mentor to help explain things during conference and help include first timer.

Committee meeting was adjourned.

Submitted by: Penny Nester, Incoming committee chair


Attendees: Kelsie Egeland, Brock Shouldis, Steve Sagaser, Dan Folske, Danielle Steinhoff, Katelyn Hain, Bill Hodous, Calla Jarboe, Jesse Ostrander, Todd Weinmann

What have agents done in/with horticulture in the past year?

Todd Weinmann and Brock Shouldis did raised garden beds in Richland County. They had an educational lunch and learn type session. They also had raised garden beds there which allowed for a hands on learning environment.

Dan Folske went into the schools to work with grades K through 6 in Burke County. He talked about seed sizes, colors, etc. He also had the kids plant those seeds. He came back periodically to talk and teach about the cotyledons and transplanting, which the kids ended up doing with their plants. Dan also did a few garden activities with his 4-H’ers.

Steve Sagaser worked with third graders in Grand Forks County and had six meetings throughout the summer. They had different vegetables planted in this garden. One set of third graders planted all the plants and the set of becoming third graders harvested the vegetables in the fall. The produce went on to becoming a part of the school menu. This allowed the kids to see farm to table and for the school staff to utilize fresh produce.

Katelyn Hain had a Junior Master Gardener grant that she put to use in Nelson County. This grant went towards youth planting flower pots that were given to different businesses. She already has businesses interested in getting flower pots next year.

Bill Hodous of Ramsey County had a group of kids’ plant ten trees each on and around the dike area of Devils Lake. The plan is to come back in two years and see what did and didn’t work.

Todd Weinmann and Kelcey Hoffman of Cass County did a cattle manure composting program. This allowed the kids a chance for hands on learning. Also, they were able to learn about the process of going from farm to table. Todd has also talked about the small fruit orchard grants.

Calla Jarboe, Ag agent in training in Oliver County, talked about how she is doing a presentation at the Lake Feeder Show.

Kelsie Egeland of Emmons County worked with Mary Berg on a Junior Master Gardener Day Camp. This encompassed sessions on composting, healthy snack made from fruit and veggies, information on honey bees and information on insects. There were thirteen kids (age range of 3-6 graders) that attended the day camp.

Todd talked about the importance and need for applying for different awards. It’s very easy and you can use your impact report for applying process. He really pushed the good that awards do and wanted more people to apply for them.

Steve added that you can either nominate yourself or someone else. It is good to get some recognition.

Steve proceeded to ask how people liked the weekly horticulture call and if it was still needed. He expressed his opinion of the importance of it but wondered if there was a different date or time that would allow for a greater attendance. Most agents really wanted to participate in every weekly meeting but things came up and they became busy. He talked about possibly making it more of a priority.

Todd asked if someone had asked Tom Kalb to join NDAAEA. Steve has and hasn’t gotten a great response back.

What would we like to see in the upcoming year?

Dan Folske wants to continue doing the weekly horticulture calls and mentioned that we could apply for the awards this coming year.

Katelyn had concerns about the Spring Garden Forum attendance. Dan said to increase attendance we need to add a hands on portion to the training. Kelsie voiced that some people are going more to an online version like the background cattle workshop. Bill was concerned as well. He was wondering: How do we get that back? Todd was saying that you will have people that will attend and that won’t attend. Adding a hands on portion will help.

Bill mentioned that people don’t have one on one connection to the agents anymore – this would also be a chance for them to ask questions. Todd told him to bring it up at the Horticulture Planning team meeting. Can we bring something to the public to get the attendance like we do for the weekly horticulture calls?

Calla didn’t have anything to bring to next year.

Jesse said he doesn’t have much to add. He will try harder to attend the weekly hort calls next year.

Kelsie asked about getting specialists to areas around the state. Todd and Steve talked about talking directly to the specialist and that they do come around to other areas.

Steve and Todd talked about nominating a chair and co-chair for the committee. Steve nominated Katelyn as co-chair and Dan as chair. They accepted the nominations so Dan is chair and Katelyn is co-chair for 2015.

Steve and Todd told us not to hesitate to call with any questions!

Submitted by: Kelsie Egeland, Emmons County


Search for Excellence awards committee report. Need to get more people to apply. People need to brag about themselves. Past couple of years Todd Weinmann has been the only person to apply. There will be a session on Thursday morning at the National Association of County Agricultural Agents conference from the first-timers’ perspective where you can learn about awards and other opportunities.

Bill Hodous would like to be added to the committee.

Julie Kramlich – Committee chair


Members: Lesley Lubenow, Randy Grueneich, Andrew Thostenson, Mary Berg

Two $500.00 scholarships have been made available for members of any Extension Association. The applications can be found on the NDAAEA website and will close on November 2nd or when sufficient applications are identified.

We suggest $250.00 be donated to the North Dakota 4-H Camp.

No Life Members were recommended.


Members present: Mary Berg, Penny Nester

Reviewed last night’s social and feedback on how things went. Will continue to coordinate for next year. Meeting adjorned due to lack of coffee!

Submitted by: Penny Nester

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