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Hall of Fame

PURPOSE: The purpose of the NACAA Hall of Fame Award is to recognize NACAA individuals for demonstrated commitment, dedication and effective leadership in job performance as an outstanding educator, consideration for association involvement at both the state and national level, and outstanding humanitarian service. This award recognizes NACAA members with sustained and distinguished careers.

This award will be presented annually to one person from each of the four NACAA regions. The Vice Chairs of Recognition and Awards from each region will be responsible for collection of applicants from the states. The Program Recognition & Awards Committee reserves the right to reject any applicant if minimum standards are not met.

Learn more about the Hall of Fame Award and nominate someone on the NACAA website under the "Awards" tab.

Regional Winners from North Dakota

2019 - Bradley Brummond

2018 - Bradley Brummond

2017 - Bradley Brummond

2016 - Willie Huot

2015 - Willie Huot


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Achievement Award (AA)

The Achievement Award recognizes outstanding educational efforts by a person with less than 10 years of experience with the Extension Service.




2018 Alicia Harstad Stutsman
2017 Mary Berg Carrington REC
2016 Sheldon Gerhardt Logan
2015 Joel Lemer Foster
2014  Ashley Ueckert Golden Valley  
2013 Raquel Dugan-Dibble McHenry
2012 Lesley Lubenow Langdon REC
2011 Craig Askim Mercer
2010 David Twist  
2009 Lisa Pederson Dickinson REC
2007 Bill Hodous Ramsey
2006 Brenda Rettinger Bowman
2005 Craig Kleven Kidder
2004 Harvey Peterson Golden Valley
2003 Rick Schmidt Oliver
2002 Nels Peterson Nelson
2001 Dwain Barondeau Hettinger 
2000 Karl Hoppe Carrington REC
1999 Dan Folske Burke
1998 George Flaskerud Ag Economics
1997 Dan Duerre Golden Valley
1996 Greg Dahl Pesticide Program
1995 Julie Hassebrock Sargent
1994 Andy Swenson Ag Economics
1993 Greg Endres Carrington REC
1992 Brad Brummond Kidder
1991 Mike Hanson Emmons
1990 Mike Laine Benson
1989 Brad Cogdill Ramsey
1988 William Klein McIntosh
1987 Jay Fisher North Central REC
1986 Ron Beneda Cavalier
1985 Gerald Sturn Grant
1984 John Kringler Traill
1983 Tom Olson Stutsman
1982 Tim Johnson Oliver
1981 Dale Siebert Ransom
1980 Rudolph Radke Cass
1979 Allen Schmidt Mercer
1978 Gerald LeClerc Steele
1977 Morris Davidson Grand Forks
1976 Jerry Larson Sargent
1975 Robert Rose Grand Forks

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Distinguished Service Award (DSA)

The Distinguished Service Award recognizes a person with a 10-plus-year Extension career for long-term effectiveness of Extension programming.




2018 LoAyne Voigt Renville
2017 Dan Folske Burke 
2016 Karl Hoppe Carrington REC
2015 Steve Sagaser Grand Forks
2014 Randy Grueneich Barnes
2013 Greg Endres Carrington REC
2012 Andrew Swenson Ext Agribusiness
2011 Keith Brown Divide
2010 Tim Semler Bottineau
2009 Roger Ashley Dickinson REC
2008 Bradley T Brummond Walsh
2007 Bill Klein McIntosh
2006 Duane Berglund Plant Sciences
2005 Al Ulmer LaMoure
2004 Jackie Buckley Morton
2003 Terrance Lykken Towner
2002 Dave Rice Ag Communication
2001 Willie Huot Grand Forks
2000 John Kringler Cass
1999 Clint Gienger Traill
1998 Allen Dexter Plant Sciences
1997 Tom Olson Stutsman
1996 Rudy Radke Area
1995 Dale Siebert Richland
1994 Eugeen Elhard Dickey
1993 Jerry Larson Stark/Billings
1993 Warren Froelich Williams
1992 Elroy Haadem Burleigh
1991 Keith Soiseth Fort Berthold
1990 Dennis Egge Ward
1990 Morris Davidson Grand Forks
1989 Pat Carpentier McLean
1989 Gerald LeClerc Steele
1988 Charles Soiseth Sioux
1988 James Kenward Ag Communication
1987 Tom Reff  Ag Economics
1987 Les Stuber  Barnes
1986 Jack Stewart Morton
1986 Wayne Hankel LaMoure-Area 4-H
1985 Wayne Grinde Walsh
1985 Bill Rosencrans Adams
1984 Morris Holm Nelson
1984 George Fisher Animal Science
1983 Leonard Biwer Divide
1983 Gerald Buck LaMoure
1982 Jack Westra Fargo Urban 4-H
1982 Darrel Denich  Pierce
1981 Roger Martin Logan
1981 Billy B. Rice Ag Economics
1980 Laverne Linnell Dunn
1979 Glenn Haugen Stutsman
1978 Lester R. DeKrey Barnes
1977 L.C. Kirkeide Wells
1976 John Peterson Mountrail
1975 J.D. Latham Richland
1974 Wilbur Voorhees Pembina
1973 Robert Woods Traill
1972 Walter Ness Cass
1971 Walter Mattson Golden Valley
1970 Alfred Bye Burleigh
1969 Kermit Toepke McKenzie
1968 Randell Johnson Pembina
1967 Banks Sieber Bottineau
1966 Harold Odegaard Stutsman
1965 Andrew F. Bosch McIntosh
1964 Adolph Gross Eddy
1963 Robert W. Amstrup Walsh
1962 Wayne Owens Ramsey
1961 John W. Logan Towner
1960 James E. Noonan Morton
1959 Donald Hotchkiss Williams
1958 Earl Sulerud Ransom
1957 Larry Iverson Barnes
1956 George Stewart Foster
1955 Verne Kasson Richland
1954 Maurice Erwin Ward
1953 Maurice Ellingson Stark
1953 Vernon Nichols Divide
1952 Lyle Currie Walsh
1952 Stanley W. Bale Morton
1951 George Simons Griggs
1951 Milton Leetun Adams
1950 Merril S. Burke Stutsman
1950 William Cockburn Dunn
1948 Hal Steffanson Cass
1948 Rudolf Nelson Traill
1947 Martin Altenburg Burleigh
1947 E. W. Van Cura Wells
1946 Ben H. Barrett Emmons
1946 William Freeman Bottineau
1945 William R. Page Emmons
1945 Snorri M. Thorfinnson Sargent
1944 Ralph Newcomer Morton
1941 T. X. Calnan Barnes
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