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May 28, 2018 This Summer Keep it Fun, Keep it Safe

Liz Larson, Parent Educator
Dates to remember:

June 4                   My First Business: Babysitting, Flasher
June 5                   4-H Council Meeting
June 6                   Photography with Mike Hanson, Mandan
June 7                   Consumer Decision Making, Mandan
June 9                   Parents Forever, Mandan


This Summer Keep it Fun, Keep it Safe
The weather is getting nice and kids are counting down the days until summer vacation! This summer, keep it fun while keeping everyone safe. Here are a few important things to keep in mind this season:

Swimming and Water Safety:

  • Watch kids when they are in or even near water. Designate one adult to be “Water Watcher”-- be sure to put your phone away and avoid other conversations during your time. After your 15-minute stretch, swap with another adult so you can check that baseball game score, chat with other parents or get another hot dog.
  • Teach children about water safety and swimming techniques. If your child has had swimming lessons in a pool, be sure they learn about uneven ground, how to safely exit other bodies of water or what to watch for in their surroundings.
  • Swimming aids and toys such as noodles or water wings are fun, but should not be a replacement to approved life jackets especially if you will be boating.

Staying Safe Outside and on the Road:

  • Make sure everyone is dressed appropriately for the weather. This means putting on sun block, wearing hats, long sleeves/pants if there are ticks or mosquitos and avoiding baggy clothing if you will be having a bonfire.
  • Give your children a few first aid basic skills such as when to use a bandage, what a tick or other bugs might look like, or how to spot poison ivy.
  • Buckle up, every time. As an adult it is your job to be a good role model, so be sure to click that belt every time.
  • Most kids will be in some sort of car seat or booster until they are between ages 8 to 12 depending on their size and weight. When your child has that growth spurt, you want to be sure the straps and car seat unit are adjusted correctly. Utilize resources from Safe Kids Worldwide and connect with your local public health unit for car seat checks.

Summer Fun!

If you’re looking for a new tradition or to keep kids occupied (and away from the TV) try out a few of these activities:

  • Have the kids tried camping yet? Purchase or borrow a tent to set up in the backyard to start. Have them help plan what they want for outside snacks, activities around the campfire and then make a list together of everything you’ll need while you’re camping (backyard or further!).
  • Host a cook out! Work as a family and get the kids involved with planning the menu, setting up back yard games, and making invitations to bring to friends or neighbors.
  • Start a summer read-a-thon. Have everyone in the family pick 5, 10, or another set number of books and have a fun competition reaching the goal. Perhaps older siblings get to read to younger siblings. Or, the family picks a book or series to enjoy together such as Harry Potter, The Chronicles of Narnia, or The Berenstain Bears. Encourage reading every day to avoid a ‘summer slide’ whether it is the newspaper, baseball game schedules, or magazines.

For more information on safety visit www.SafeKids.org
Contact Liz at the Parent and Family Resource Center: 667-3342 or liz.larson@ndsu.edu



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