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June 25, 2018 Those Little Ones Are So Busy

Dates to Remember

July 12                        Morton County Soil Conservation District meeting, Mandan
July 12                        Plot Tour – Gietzen Plot
July 16                        My First Business: Babysitting, New Salem
July 17, 24 & 31         Park Play Dates for families, 10:30a.m.
July 19                        Friends and Neighbors Day, USDA-ARS, Mandan

Those Little Ones are So Busy!

When there are little ones around it can feel as though they have endless energy! They are curious, busy, energetic and always finding ways to get in to everything. Rather than putting in a movie every time you want them to sit still – try a new activity to get all that energy a little more focused. The activities below come from an “Active Play for Early Childhood” booklet developed in collaboration by several ND state entities. For more information or to get a copy for your household, call Liz at the NDSU Extension Parent and Family Resource Center. 

Join the Parade (Ages 2+)
Create a pretend parade. Ask children to imagine all the things you might see in a parade: cars, marching bands, fire trucks, horses, etc., march, jump, and walk. Set up cones or markers to designate the “parade route.” Get the music pumping and enjoy the atmosphere. This could be an inside or outside activity!

Jump the River (Ages 3+)
Pick out some sidewalk chalk (for outside) or masking tape (for inside). Using the chalk/tape make parallel lines spaced the width the children can jump. Then, have all the kids take turns trying to jump across the “river.” Try different styles of jumping, different sounds, or even practice counting to see how many times they can jump. Create a story together about why they are jumping over the river or perhaps an adventure they might be going on.

Musical Hoops (Ages 4+)
Grab the music and some hula hoops. Have each child take a hula hoop and walk in a circle. When the music stops, children must freeze with at least one body part inside the hoop. With each turn remove a hula hoop, then encourage kids to be creative in how they will need to share space in the remaining hula hoops. This is a great way to have kids practice naming body-parts (legs, arms, head, toes, fingers, etc.).     

For more information about resources, upcoming parenting programs or classes contact Liz at the NDSU Extension Parent and Family Resource Center 701-667-3342 or Liz.Larson@ndsu.edu



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