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May 24, 2021 Spring Landscape Tips

Dates to Remember:

May 26-Horse Management Webinar, 12 pm

May 27- Navigating Drought on Your Ranch Webinar, 1pm

June 9- Good Bugs Webinar. 9:30 am

June 10 - 4-H Consumer Decision Making – Mandan

June 16-18 – Kids Cooking Camp - registration required

June 23-25 – Kids Cooking Camp - registration required

June 28 - My First Business:  Babysitting, Mandan – registration required

June 29 - My First Business:  Babysitting, Mandan – registration required

June 30 – Mental Health First Aid Training, Bismarck - registration required



NDSU Morton County: Spring Landscape Tips

By Kelsey Deckert, Horticulture Agent

NDSU Extension

As things have greened up, temperatures have risen, and trees are blossoming, I would say a majority of people are enjoying spring!  We are still in a drought and need rain desperately, but take time to enjoy the smells and new life of spring.

Many have planted gardens, started lawn care, and are working in their landscapes.  Let’s talk about timely tips for this time of year.

As your lawn greens up and you think about mowing, let’s make sure that the mower height is set at 3-3 ½ inches tall. A tall turf will be a strong turf.  When you are mowing, let your clippings fall as that will benefit your yard as well.  Clippings will conserve moisture, help with weeds, and create a shade for the soil.  With Memorial Day weekend ahead of us, it is a good time to fertilize your lawn as well if you strive for a nice yard.  Many of us want to make sure that our lawns are receiving enough water.  Turf in general needs one inch of water per week.  If mother nature isn’t helping, we will need to supplement water.  It is best to water once a week deeply and thoroughly.

There are a few things we can do in the garden as well.  Mulching around plants will conserve moisture for the plants.  Exposed soil can lose twice as much moisture as mulched soil.  Be sure to look for organic mulches, but avoid grass clippings, unless you the know the lawn they came from wasn’t treated with any type of herbicide.  Watering in the garden should be done in the morning to reduce moisture loss due to evaporation.  Make sure to water at the base of the plants rather than overhead watering.  Overhead watering can lead to spread of disease and fungus. Soaker hoses are a great option to utilize in the garden.

There are a couple things to do in general in your landscape.  Start by removing any white, plastic tree guards.  They are used in the winter to protect trees from sunscalding.  During the growing season, they can be harbor insects and moisture.  They also can cause harm to the tree if they are too tight.  The tree can become girdled, in which it is getting choked out.  You may consider adding mulch around your trees if you don’t have it already.  Again, mulching will conserve moisture.  A nice benefit to mulch around trees is it will help with weed control and prevent mechanical damage that can be caused from mowing around the trees or even using a weed whacker.



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