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June 29, 2020 Mid-Summer Lawn Care

Kelsey Deckert, Extension Agent/Horticulture


Dates to Remember:

July 7-Leafy Spurge Beetle Collection Day, Wildlife Management Area

July 9-Leafy Spurge Beetle Collection Day, Lake Tschida

July 22- Happy Houseplants 7:00pm via Facebook Live Morton Mandan Public Library Facebook Page.


Mid-Summer Lawn Care

 We have been experiencing our hot summer days this past week and those temperatures don’t appear to be cooling off any time soon.  With all the heat lately, our lawns are starting to yellow up.  Don’t worry your lawn isn’t dying and doesn’t have a disease.  This is a natural response from our cool-season grasses.  Your lawn is going dormant and it is perfectly fine to let it take a break.

If you want to keep it green, know that mid-summer lawn care is important.  First, water deeply once or twice a week.  Our area hasn’t received much help from Mother Nature lately causing homeowners to help out.  Our lawns require 1 inch of water a week.  Watering once or twice a week is better than watering every day a little bit.  Watering deeply promotes a deep root system helping our lawns to tolerate stress better.

Make sure your mower’s height is set high.  A tall turf will help shade the soil and conserve moisture better.  Shorter lawns will be the first to yellow this time of the year.

Avoid using herbicides for weed control right now.  Herbicides add additional stress to our heat-stressed lawns.  There also is a risk of it drifting to your garden causing garden plants to curl and potentially die. 

Another source of stress that our lawns don’t need right now is fertilizer.  Fertilizer can cause burn out to our lawn.  Wait until this fall to fertilize your lawn.









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