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December 28, 2020 Making SMART New Year's Resolutions

Karla Meikle, Extension Agent/4-H Youth Development


Making SMART New Year’s Resolutions

We all have those moments during the New Year when we look back on the resolutions we made and have already failed miserably.  Have you ever considered when you make your New Year’s Resolutions that you should think SMART?  I mean make SMART goals part of your resolution planning.  SMART goals help you lay out a plan of how you are going to accomplish your goal.

S. Specific; Make sure to state exactly what it is that you want to accomplish. The Who, What, When, Where and Why specifics of your goal.

M. Measurable; How will you demonstrate and evaluate the extent to which the goal must be met? Can you measure the success of your goal and define when you have accomplished it.

A. Achievable; Is the goal within your power to achieve?  Make sure you are not setting yourself up for failure by making a goal too big or limiting yourself by making a goal too small.

R. Realistic; Can you realistically achieve this goal? Verify that you have the resources and time to reach your goal.

T. Timely; When exactly do you want to accomplish your goal? Set a timeline for your goal by checking to ensure that you are you are effectively progressing.

By using the SMART Goal technique you will be able to create a realistic goal plan and finally stick to your New Year’s Resolution. Good Luck and Happy Planning!


Resolutions for Teens

As a teenager, it’s hard to think of obtainable New Year’s Resolutions.  Here are a few to consider for 2021.

Get Better Grades in School

You don’t need to pull straight A’s, but if you tell yourself you will work harder and even ask more questions of the teacher, you will start to feel better about yourself.  Think of all those opportunities your grades will bring you through scholarships and reference letters.


Be a Better Friend

Find a couple of ways to help a friend out.  Do you know that sometimes just being there to listen can be the best thing a friend can do?  You can make someone feel good and build up some karma for when you may need help someday.

Show More Love to Your Family

Probably the most difficult thing to do sometimes is to show our love for our family.  This year take a couple of deep breaths and resolve to be nicer to your family, yes even your brothers and sisters. 

Be a Better Person

Donate some of your old stuff to those in need or just simply donate your time.  Random acts of kindness no matter how great or small can make a different and it makes you feel good that you are helping others. 

Be Happy

Boost your self-esteem, spend time doing things that you love instead of things that make you feel bad about yourself.  This may even involve looking at your friendships, perhaps there is someone that is constantly bringing down your good vibe, and maybe you have to re-evaluate that friendship.  I know it’s hard, but it might do your soul some good.


Be Healthy

Instead of spending time playing that new video game you got for Christmas, get up off the couch and go for a walk.  Eat healthier, it’s not always about committing to lose weight, just make healthier decisions.  It will do your mind and body good.


All of us at the NDSU Extension Office of Morton County wish everyone a Happy New Year! 

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