Personal and Family Finance


Personal and Family Finance

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Managing Your Money

Managing your money is something that can take a lot of time and practice. Starting with the end in mind is a great way to start (what are your financial goals). This will help you decide how to spend and save. Creating a budget/spending and tracking your spending will help you keep control of your money.

NDSU Extension Service Resources

Taking Charge of Family Finances: Money is an often-discussed topic in most families, usually centering on, "Where did it go?" More money usually is not the answer for solving financial concerns for most families. Instead developing a plan for better money management will help most families feel more satisfied with their income and their progress toward goals.

Inventory of Important Papers: Keeping family records in a businesslike manner saves time, trouble, money and frustration. This inventory will help families gather important records for safe keeping and quick access when those records are needed.

Family Records - What to Keep Where and For How Long: Families are like small business with important records about each family member and the business the family does over time. Keeping family records in an organized manner saves time, trouble, money and frustration.

Replacing Your Important Papers: When your important papers are lost, stolen, damaged or destroyed, you may be able to replace them. This publication lists the agencies, websites and procedures that can help you replace those important papers.

Useful Websites

Smart About Money: Information about financial topics, answers to some common monthly questions, free online courses, and tools to help you manage your money.

Tools and Calculators

Intuit Mint: Your financial life in one place. The site or app will gather all of your financial information in one place. See what you have and what you owe. Track your spending patterns, investments and more.

Smart About Money Budget Wizard: SAM's Budget Wizard makes creating a budget simple. The budgeting tool doesn't require you to share any personal account numbers and keeps your information confidential.

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