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Tree Pruning/Other Thoughts

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Submitted by Craig Askim, Extension Agent, Agriculture and Natural Resources

The winter like weather we received last week has really put a hold on many spring projects we have planned. However; there are a few things this winter weather did provide us with an opportunity to do. One is tree pruning. With the trees still dormant now is an excellent time to prune almost any type of trees. Trees such as evergreens, fruit bearing or any types of rosebushes can be pruned now before they start to grow.

By pruning now we reduce the amount of stress the tree will be under once it starts actively growing. A second thing we can do is preserve moisture. Yes, I said that right. Take advantage of the snow that has fallen and make sure when the snow melts it will stay on your garden area or flower beds. If possible blow the snow into these areas or shovel/dike the snow so when it melts the water will go into the ground and not just run off into the gutters or ditch.

We must remember the soil underneath the ground is still extreme dry and the snow we received actually will keep the ground colder longer therefore; if the weather warms up in a hurry the air temperature will be way warmer than the soil/surface temperature, and if the ground is froze the water will not flow into the ground where we actually need the moisture. 

I agree this will actually make your planting date of your garden even later. What is the main thing needed for plants to grow? Water, therefore; if you have an adequate amount of it available when you can actually plant, the plant will grow that much faster, so late planting dates are not always a bad thing.

Finally, if you are a serious gardener, now is the time to start planting some of your garden crops in a greenhouse, garage or home. All you need is a light source and a place where it won’t freeze. Most plants are very simple to transplant into a garden when conditions become favorable. The winter blues don’t have to be depressing, there are a few things you can do to jump start the process and get you into spring fever.

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