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*Upcoming New Programs*

If you have an interest in the listed programs, please call our office at 701-288-5180 to inquire about scheduling.

Nourish Your Body with Sleep

Sleep supports overall good health, brain function, everyday performance and physical health. A persistent lack of sleep can lead to a higher risk of heart disease, kidney disease, high blood pressure, diabetes and stroke according to the National Institutes of Health. This 30- to 45-minute program provides information about foods, physical activity and “sleep hygiene” information to help participants experience better sleep. It includes a PowerPoint presentation, handout, activities and a survey tool.

Developed by:Julie Garden-Robinson and Tracey Dillon, Dietetic Intern (former)

Know Your Fats and Oils

The types of oils and fats in your diet can influence your overall health. This 30- to 45-minute lesson provides information about choosing fats and oils, understanding terminology related to fats and oils (monounsaturated, polyunsaturated, saturated, trans fat), reading and comparing Nutrition Facts labels, storing fats and oils and using them in your recipes. It includes a PowerPoint presentation, handout, Bingo game, activities and a survey tool.

Developed by: Julie Garden-Robinson, Ph.D., R.D., L.R.D., F.A.N.D., Professor and Food and Nutrition Specialist, Hannah Colby, Dietetic Intern (former) and Rebecca West, Graduate Student (former) 

Managing Stress and Pursuing Wellness in Times of Tight Margins

Some of the pressures in the agricultural industry are unique and a variety of stresses can affect people physically, mentally or emotionally. This lesson provides an understanding of rural stress concerns, effective strategies for pursuing wellness, and sources of support. It includes a lesson plan and educational handouts for workshop participants.

Sean Brotherson PhD., Family Science Specialist


Making Memories with Family Meals

Sharing a family meal provides an experience that touches all of our senses – sight, touch, taste, smell, and listening to warm laughter or good conversation.  Family meals provide a regular opportunity to create a shared experience that is meaningful and offers a sense of belonging. This lesson plan highlights the value of family meals and offers five practical approaches to creating a “menu of family memories” connected to family meals.   

Sean Brotherson PhD., Family Science Specialist


Turning 65: Medicare Basics

This program will provide important information on Medicare, such as, what it covers, what it costs and how and when to sign up.  It also explains options for coordination of benefits for those who work past age 65 and those who retire before age 65.

Jane Strommen, PhD, Gerontology Specialist

Carrie Johnson, PhD, Personal and Family Finance Specialist

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