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2018 Achievement Day Results

McIntosh County 4-H members showcased the results of their project work at the 4-H Achievement day held on July 13, 2018 during the Tri-County Fair in Wishek.  4-H members exhibited their projects and were interviewed by volunteer judges (Ann Bettenhausen, Sharon Dohn, Jonathan Ketterling, Rene Otto, Acacia Stuckle, Polly Ulrich, Carmen Rath-Wald, and Phillip Wanner). There were 151 total static exhibit entries with 132 static exhibits from 23 regular members and 19 Cloverbud projects from 7 Cloverbud exhibitors. Qualifying for the ND State Fair were 119 projects with 64 of those projects going to the state fair.  Mandy Lange and Stacey Herr, McIntosh County 4-H parents, and Amanda Hayen, Administrative Assistant for NDSU Extension - Logan County helped with the exhibits on Friday morning.

The horse, small animal and livestock show was also held on Friday. The lead volunteer for the Friday horse show is Chelsey Horner with help from FSA staff from Logan and McIntosh counties as well as Adrianne Schaunaman; the judge was Deann Berntson from Kulm. For the small animal and livestock show there were 9 rabbits, 5 pets, 5 poultry, 11 swine, 7 sheep, 11 goats, 1 dairy heifer, and 26 beef shown by 15 regular 4-H members & 4 Cloverbuds (ages 5-7). The judge for this show was Lisa Pederson, Livestock Specialist – Central Grasslands Extension Center. This show was held under the guidance of Crystal Schaunaman, NDSU Agriculture and Natural Resources Extension Agent.

4-H Static Exhibit Winners

Members of Badger Bunch 4-H Club and Lil’ Stampede Cloverbud 4-H Club of Wishek, ND earned the following awards: Berkley Frantz (3 Blue), Kelli Jo Gropper (3 Blue), Kenady Gross (6 Blue), Reagen Gross (3 Blue), Molly Herr (1 Blue), Rowena Meidinger (1 Blue), Hailey Metzger (6 Blue), Ashley Muller (10 Blue), Anika Pinke (3 Blue), Elizabeth Pinke (6 Blue), Kaitlyn Rath (2 Cloverbud), Olivia Rath (1 Cloverbud), Cassidy Shockley (7 Blue, 2 Red), Christy Shockley (15 Blue), Jeremiah Shockley (6 Blue, 3 Red), Caylee Walth (4 Blue, 1 Red), Adam Wolff (9 Blue).                      

Members of the Flickertail 4-H Club of Ashley, ND earned the following awards:  Damian Bender (3 Blue), Patty Bender (4 Cloverbud), Katelyn Engelhart (2 Blue), Dena Goehring (2 Cloverbud), Jay Goehring (2 Cloverbud), Tamara Goldade (2 Cloverbud), Elayna Meier (2 Blue, 1 White), Macy Monson (11 Blue, 1 Red), Megan Monson (7 Blue, 4 Red), Calli Schaunaman (6 Cloverbud), Cora Schaunaman (6 Blue), Cutler Schaunaman (3 Blue, 1 red), and Addie Schnabel (2 Blue).           

Champion and Reserve Static Exhibit Winners

Family & Consumer Science: Champion – Cora Schaunaman (Apron), Reserve Champion – Elizabeth Pinke (Recycled Door Bench), Honorable Mention – Ashley Muller (Children’s Quiet Book) and Macy Monson (Dress). 

Animal and Plant Science: Champion - Damian Bender (Sheep Fence Wire Winder), Reserve Champion – Hailey Metzger (Cabbage), Honorable Mention - Cutler Schaunaman (Onions) and Kenady Gross (Rhubarb). 

Creative Arts: Champion - Adam Wolff (Treasure Chest), Reserve Champion – Damian Bender (Bird Wood Burning), Honorable Mention – Caylee Walth (Cattle at Sunset Photo).

Healthy Living: Champion – Macy Monson (Strudels), Reserve Champion – Damian Bender (Caramel Rolls), Honorable Mention - Christy Shockley (Cowboy Candy Jalapeno Peppers) and Adam Wolff (Strawberry Rhubarb Jam). 

Science, Engineering & Technology: Champion - Adam Wolff (Bench), Reserve Champion - Addie Schnabel (Nitrogen Fixation Display), Honorable Mention - Elizabeth Pinke (Coffee Table). 

Environment and Earth Science: Champion – Megan Monson (Recycled Cat Bed), Reserve Champion – Cassidy Shockley (Camping Games Display). 

4-H Small Animal & Livestock Results

Poultry: Grand and Reserve Champion – Kenady Gross, Cloverbud Ribbons – Tamara Goldade (3); Jr. Showmanship Champion – Kenady Gross, Cloverbud participant – Tamara Goldade.

Rabbit: Grand Champion – Tamara Goldade (Cloverbud), Reserve Champion – Katelyn Engelhart, Other participants – Carsten Engelhart, Hailey Metzger; Jr. Showmanship Champion – Katelyn Engelhart, Reserve – Carsten Engelhart, Cloverbud participant – Tamara Goldade.

Pet: Grand Champion – Caylee Walth, Reserve Champion – Katelyn Engelhart; Int. Showmanship Champion – Caylee Walth, Jr. Showmanship Champion – Katelyn Engelhart, Reserve – Carsten Engelhart.

Swine: Grand and Reserve Gilt, Boar, and Market Barrow – Addie Schnabel; Sr. Showmanship Champion – Addie Schnabel, Jr. Showmanship Champion – Kaden Bader, Cloverbud participants – Tamara Goldade and Noah Bader.

Sheep: Grand and Reserve Champion Ewe – Kelli Gropper, Grand and Reserve Champion Ram – Addie Schnabel, Grand Champion Market Lamb – Berkley Frantz; Sr. Showmanship Champion – Addie Schnabel, Int. Showmanship Champion – Kelli Gropper, Jr. Showmanship Champion – Berkley Frantz.

Goat: Grand Champion Meat Goat Doe and Market Goat – Cassidy Walth; Grand Champion Dairy Goat Doe – Megan Monson, Reserve – Macy Monson; Grand Champion Dairy Goat Buck – Megan Monson; Sr. Showmanship – Cassidy Walth, Jr. Showmanship Champion – Macy Monson, Reserve – Megan Monson.

Dairy: Grand Champion Dairy Heifer and Jr. Showmanship – Macy Monson.

Beef: Grand Champion Heifer – Cutler Schaunaman, Reserve – Calli Schaunaman (Cloverbud), blue ribbons – Josie Dallman, Macy Monson, Kaden Bader, Megan Monson, Addie Schnabel, Caylee Walth, Cloverbud participant – Noah Bader. Grand Champion Bull/Steer Calf – Olivia Rath (Cloverbud), Reserve – Josie Dallman, blue ribbons – Cutler Schaunaman, Caylee Walth, Carsten Engelhart, Katelyn Engelhart; Grand Champion Cow/calf pair – Caylee Walth, Reserve – Cutler Schaunaman, blue ribbon – Josie Dallman; Grand and Reserve Champion Market Beef – Cora Schaunaman, blue ribbons – Josie Dallman, Cutler Schaunaman, and Caylee Walth; Sr. Showmanship Champion – Addie Schnabel; Int. Showmanship Grand – Josie Dallman, Reserve – Caylee Walth, Jr. Showmanship Grand – Cora Schaunaman, Reserve – Kaden Bader, Blue Ribbon participants – Katelyn Engelhart, Macy Monson, Cutler Schaunaman; Cloverbud participant – Noah Bader.

4-H Round Robin

Champion Jr. Round Robin – Berkley Frantz; Champion Int. Round Robin – Kelli Gropper; Champion Sr. Round Robin – Addie Schnabel. Other round robin participants: Cassidy Walth, Megan Monson, Macy Monson, Kaden Bader, Cora Schaunaman, and Josie Dallman.


4-H members Horse Show results

The 4-H and open horse show was also held Friday. This event is open to anyone and is a qualifying 4-H show – which means youth from other counties can participate to get a blue ribbon in events that they would like to participate in at the state fair. There were no McIntosh County participants for 2018.


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