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4-H Emblem

The 4-H emblem is a four-leaf clover with the letter "H" on each leaf. The letters stand for head, heart, hands and health.


4-H Pledge

I pledge:

My Head to clearer thinking,

My Heart to greater loyalty,

My Hands to  larger  service, and

My Health to better living

for my club, my community, my country and my world.


4-H Motto

"To Make the Best Better"



4-H Slogan

"Learn By Doing"

People doing

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2016 Achievement Day Results

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4-H Static Exhibit Winners

Members of Badger Bunch 4-H Club and Lil’ Stampede Cloverbud 4-H Club of Wishek, ND earned the following awards:  Kaden Bader (1 Blue, 1 Red), Noah Bader (1 Cloverbud Ribbon), Josie Dallman (1 Blue), Lexi Dallman (1 Blue, 1 Red), Berkley Frantz (4 Blue), Blaine Gross (1 Blue), Kenady Gross (5 Blue), Reagen Gross (6 Blue), Charlie Herr (2 Blue), Jake Herr (2 Blue), Molly Herr (1 Cloverbud Ribbon), Hailey Metzger (1 Blue), Ashley Muller (9 Blue), Anika Pinke (2 Cloverbud Ribbons), Elizabeth Pinke (5 Cloverbud Ribbons), Cassidy Shockley (17 Cloverbud Ribbons), Christy Shockley (18 Blue, 1 Red, 1 White), Jeremiah Shockley (13 Blue, 3 Red), Jonathan Shockley (12 Blue, 3 Red), Cassidy Walth (5 Blue), Caylee Walth (7 Blue) and Adam Wolff (6 Blue, 1 Red).

Members of the Flickertail 4-H Club of Ashley, ND earned the following awards:  Damian Clements (6 Blue), Patty Clements (2 Cloverbud Ribbons), Carsten Engelhart (2 Cloverbud Ribbons), Katelyn Engelhart (5 Blue), Kelli Jo Gropper (3 Blue, 1 Red), Macy Monson (6 Blue, 2 Red), Kebba Beach (2 Blue), Keeda Beach (2 Blue), Megan Monson (5 Cloverbud Ribbons), Cora Schaunaman (6 Blue) and Cutler Schaunaman (3 Cloverbud Ribbons).


Champion and Reserve Static Exhibit Winners were selected in the following categories:

Family & Consumer Science

Champion-Cora Schaunaman (Child Development-Developmental Heart Display); Reserve Champion-Reagen Gross (Quilt); Honorable Mentions-Ashley Muller (Child’s Quiet Book) and Macy Monson (Pajama Pants).  

Animal and Plant Science

Champion-Caylee Walth (Broken Pot Gnome Garden); Reserve Champions-Jonathan Shockley (Red Potatoes) and Damian Clements (Lamb Feeder); Honorable Mentions-Kenady Gross (Rhubarb), Cora Schaunaman (Trees in My Yard), Hailey Metzger (Fairy Garden), Christy Shockley (Animal and Veterinary Science) and Caylee Walth (Cabbage). 

Creative Arts

Champion-Jonathan Shockley (Northern Lights Painting); Reserve Champion-Damian Clements (Upcycled ND Display); Honorable Mentions-Cassidy Walth (Floral Arrangement), Reagan Gross (Ceramic Bears), and Damian Clements (Wood Etching Wheat).  

Healthy  Living

Champion-Damian Clements (Lefse); Reserve Champion-Christy Shockley (Orange Cream Angel Cake); Honorable Mentions-Reagen Gross (Rhubarb Pie) and Jonathan Shockley (Cherry Pie Filling).  

Science, Engineering & Technology

Champion-Adam Wolff (Wooden Folding Table); Reserve Champion-Cassidy Walth (Woodworking-Painted Sign); Honorable Mentions-Adam Wolff (Wooden Box), Damian Clements (Nesting Boxes) and Berkley Frantz (Double Birdhouse). 


4-H Small Animal & Livestock Results

Breeding & Market Rabbits

Champion Rabbit Doe– Kelli Gropper, Reserve Rabbit Doe – Carsten Engelhart; Champion Buck Rabbit – Hailey Metzger, Reserve Buck – Katelyn Engelhart, Cloverbud participant – Carsten Engelhart. Rabbit Showmanship: Champion Jr. – Hailey Metzger, Reserve – Katelyn Engelhart; Champion Int. – Kelli Gropper.

Pets (cats, dogs, rabbits)

Champion Pet – Caylee Walth (dog), Reserve Pet – Jeremiah Shockley (guinnea pig), blue ribbons – Macy Monson, Katelyn Engelhart, Kelli Gropper (2), Jeremiah Shockley (2), Jonathan Shockley, Josie Dallman, Kaden Bader, Cloverbud participants – Megan Monson, Elizabeth Pinke, Anika Pinke (2), Cassidy Shockley, and Noah Bader. Pet Showmanship: Champion Int. – Caylee Walth, Reserve - Jonathan Shockley; Champion Jr. – Katelyn Engelhart, Reserve – Josie Dallman, blue ribbons – Macy Monson, Kaden Bader, Jeremiah Shockley; Cloverbud participants – Anike Pinke, Elizabeth Pinke, Noah Bader.  


Champion Poultry – Katelyn Engelhart (trio of pullets), Reserve – Katelyn Engelhart (cockerel), blue ribbon – Kenady Gross, Cloverbud participant – Carsten Engelhart. Poultry Showmanship: Champion Jr. – Katelyn Engelhart, Reserve – Kenady Gross, Cloverbud participant – Carsten Engelhart.


Champion Breeding Swine – Addie Schnabel, Reserve – Addie Schnabel. Swine Showmanship – Champion Sr. - Addie Schnabel.


Champion Ewe – Kelli Gropper, Reserve – Jeremiah Shockley; Champion Ram – Christy Shockley. Sheep Showmanship: Champion Int. – Kelli Gropper, Champion Jr. – Christy Shockley, Reserve – Jeremiah Shockley.

Meat & Dairy Goats

Champion Meat Goat Doe – Cora Schaunaman; Champion Market goat – Cora Schaunaman, Reserve – Cloverbud participant Cutler Schaunaman; Champion Dairy Goat Doe – Cloverbud participant Megan Monson, Reserve – Macy Monson; Champion Dairy Goat Buck – Macy Monson. Goat Showmanship: Champion Jr. – Macy Monson, Reserve – Cora Schaunaman, Cloverbud participants – Cutler Schaunaman, Megan Monson.


Champion Dairy Female and Int. Dairy Showmanship – Caylee Walth


Champion Bull Calf – Christy Shockley; Champion Beef Heifer – Kaden Bader, Reserve – Cora Schaunaman, blue ribbons – Josie Dallman (2), Addie Schnabel, Lexie Dallman, Caylee Walth, Cloverbud participants - Cutler Schaunaman, Noah Bader. Champion Market Beef – Cora Schaunaman, Reserve – Cloverbud participant Cutler Schaunaman, blue ribbon – Caylee Walth. Beef Showmanship: Champion Jr. – Cora Schaunaman, Reserve – Kaden Bader; Champion Int. – Josie Dallman, Reserve - Caylee Walth; Champion Sr. – Cassidy Walth, Reserve – Addie Schnabel.

4-H Round Robin

Champion Jr. Round Robin– Cora Schaunaman; Champion Int. Round Robin– Kelli Gropper; Champion Sr. Round Robin– Addie Schnabel. Other round robin participants: Christy Shockley, Macy Monson, Caylee Walth, Cassidy Walth & Josie Dallman.


4-H members Horse Show results

The 4-H and open horse show was also held Friday. This event is open to anyone but also includes a qualifying 4-H show. The following results are not the complete results; they only list McIntosh County 4-H member participation and their results. Megan Monson (Cloverbud): Showmanship-white, Poles-white, Trail-white, Keyhole-white, Barrels-white; Macy Monson: Showmanship-white, Keyhole-white, Barrels-white. 

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