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Ranch Hand Top 10; May 2012

Top 10 management strategies to consider on your operation during May 2012:
  1. Catch and treat sick calves ASAP. They will respond better to treatment and perform better after recovery, compared with waiting until “later” to treat them.
  2. Match rations to the stage of production. Remember that mineral nutrition impacts male and female fertility.
  3. Finalize culling and selection of replacement heifers, and use reproductive tract scores to identify and strategically cull heifers with low likelihood of becoming pregnant.
  4. Conduct breeding soundness exams on the entire bull battery. Replace bulls as necessary.
  5. Adapt bulls to grass before pasture turnout.
  6. Contact artificial insemination (AI) companies regarding breeding service and to order semen and AI supplies.
  7. Develop prebreeding and branding vaccination protocols with your veterinarian and administer vaccines at appropriate times.
  8. Prepare pastures: fertilize, maintain fences and waterers, and restore pastures and hay ground that were lost through winter kill or flooding.
  9. Monitor pasture growth and don’t graze until adequate.
  10. Develop a plan for pasture stocking rates under different summer moisture scenarios and be prepared to implement your plan proactively.
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