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Weed Management

This page provides information on identification and management of noxious weeds that commonly invade rangeland and pastures in North Dakota.

Identification and Control of Invasive and Troublesome Weeds in North DakotaAbsinth wormwood
This publication is intended to help land managers properly identify and control noxious and invasive weeds found in the state. The current list of 11 noxious weeds are included, as well as species listed by various counties as noxious.

A Guide to North Dakota Noxious and Troublesome Weeds
This publication is designed to help land managers identify the state- or county-listed noxious weeds.

Integrated Management of Leafy Spurge
Leafy spurge is found in pasture, rangeland, cropland, roadsides, shelterbelts, and other non-cultivated areas. Cultivation will control leafy spurge in conventional cropland, but the weed can become the dominant species in reduced-till cropland, pasture, and rangeland if not controlled.Leafy Spurge

Leafy Spurge Control Using Flea Beetles
Leafy spurge is an exotic perennial weed that infests over 800,000 acres in North Dakota. Using biological agents to control leafy spurge has become an economic alternative in many locations in the state.

Leafy Spurge Identification and Chemical Control

Absinth Wormwood Control

The Thistles of North DakotaCanada thistle
This publication contains information on biology and identification of many native and introduced thistles found in ND.

Perennial and Biennial Thistle Control
Thistles are especially troublesome following cool, wet summers and falls, when seed production and seedling establishment are high. An integrated weed control program that combines chemical, cultural (such as crop rotation or grass competition), mechanical and biological methods is most likely to be successful

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