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Grazing Management

Clipping Forage Production

Range and Pasture

This page has information on the basic principles of range and pasture management including: grazing readiness, stocking rates, carrying capacity, forage production, monitoring and plant identification. Implementing these principles optimizes forage and livestock performance while ensuring the sustained health and production of range and pasture resources.

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Absinth wormwood

Weed Management

This page provides information on identification and management of noxious weeds that commonly invade rangeland and pastures in North Dakota.

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Grazing rye

Annual Forages

This page provides resources on selecting and grazing annual forages in North Dakota.

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Grazing Cover Crops

Cover Crops

This page has information of selection of cover crops and/or cover crop mixes for grazing in North Dakota. Along with resources to help set rental rates for grazing cover crops.

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Winter Grazing

Extending the grazing season can help reduce winter feeding costs and benefit the environment. This page has information on winter grazing strategies that have been successfully implemented in the Northern Great Plains.

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