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Section 1. - Profiles of Guest Speakers

Getting the most out of what you have. The following individuals have participated in past workshops and provided a brief narrative of their business.

Cannonball Company
P.O. Box 163
Regent, ND 58650


Phone: 800.920.4910  Fax: 701.563.4459

Changes on pricing: http://www.cannonballcompany.com/pricing.aspx

Cannonball Company would be classified by many as a fee hunting company. I prefer that we look at it as a service agency. The clientele that we have had from 28 different states don't want to worry about where they are going to stay, where they are going to hunt or about getting lost. They demand the same from us that they would from a travel agent - to see that their hunting experience is all planned and without incident. Any farmer, who has wildlife, whether it is deer, grouse, ducks, pheasants, prairie dogs, etc., has a resource that, if well planned, is marketable. If you have a home with extra rooms and enjoy meeting people from all over, the costs involved in becoming licensed by the State as a bed and breakfast provider, are minimal with financial gains.

If you have hunting knowledge, no game and fish violations, enjoy being out of doors, and a pleasant personality, guiding is a fun and enjoyable way to earn money. The only other costs involved, other than the $100 for the license, would probably be for appropriate and professional clothing.  Every aspect of Cannonball Company can be applied as an avenue by which a farmer may increase his revenue. When we started the motto was, "Start small, and think big, stay solvent". We have met our goals and will continue to prosper.

Cannonball Company was organized in 1991 by a number of local farmers and individuals concerned about the survival of the family farm and small towns. The initial money was minimal for advertising and donated by a couple individuals. The Cannonball Company is a for-profit corporation consisting of landowners, bed and breakfasts, guides and members originally responsible for the startup of the company. The landowners provide habitat to be hunted and are paid for game harvested from their land. Bed and breakfast people are reimbursed for the lodging they provide for the various hunters. Guides are considered contract labor and paid a daily fee for their work. Management is the only full time position with the company and is paid on commission for the hunt that is sold and completed.

  • Landowner's responsibilities:
    1. Manage habitat to ensure and enhance game population (example - food plots; shelter belts, etc.)
    2. Land safety (example - closing abandoned wells, removing broken down fences, etc.)
    3. Insure property for liability purposes to protect landowners own assets.
    4. Notify management of personal hunting arrangements, friends and relatives of the habitat provider.

  • Bed and Breakfast responsibilities:
    1. Obtain a license from the State to operate a Bed and Breakfast facility
    2. Present a friendly and clean environment

  • Guide responsibilities:
    1. Obtain a North Dakota Guide & Outfitter's License ($100.00 fee)
    2. Knowledge of the Game and Fish Laws
    3. Hunting experience
    4. Personable and professional appearance and manner

  • Management responsibilities:
    1. Professionalism in dealing with clients
    2. Manage financial reports
    3. Scheduling of hunts, lodging, guides, etc.

Lone Butte Ranch
Holly & Lynn Dewhirst
12251 Lone Butte Road
Grassy Butte, ND 58634


Phone: 701-863-6864 or 800-546-4851

Our cattle ranch located on the edge of the badlands has always fascinated visitors with its scenic location, quiet solitude, and abundant wildlife.  Over the years we had occasionally thought about diversifying our cattle operation to include a hunting camp, but we never got beyond the 'idea stage'. Until the fall of 1997, when an opportunity to buy a handcrafted log cabin came to us and we knew the time was right to launch the business. The cattle market had been depressed, we both had jobs off the ranch, and we were looking for a way to utilize the assets we already had to create additional income.

We set the log cabin on a ridge with a grand view of the badlands, and immediately knew this would be more than just a hunting camp. The view, the history of the area, and the solitude were all things I would personally appreciate in a vacation spot. We awkwardly plunged into the tourism industry.  Our first tourist season was about what we expected - which was not a lot, but it was a hopeful start with a lot of 'learn-as-you-go' moments. We had no one to guide us, and we were pretty much unheard of. But word of mouth and a few lucky breaks made our second year much busier. I anticipated it would take us three years to become established, and I believe that will hold true.

As we approach our third year in the tourism industry, we are completing our second log cabin and are responding to requests for information on a regular basis. We do not provide any services; we still both work off the ranch at our 'day jobs' while our guests are free to explore the ranch as they please. We provide a fully furnished cabin in a unique location for a wonderful private vacation. We do take in a few non-resident bow hunters in the fall, but primarily target the vacationers. With Mother Nature as a partner, our guests have all been very pleased with our services.

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