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Creation of the Langdon Research Extension Center as Reported by the Cavalier County Republican

February 7, 1907 Issue

A bill introduced by Senator McLean of Hannah, ND, creates the office of enforcement commissioner whose duty it shall be to enforce the prohibition law. His salary is fixed at $2,000 and he may be suspended at the discretion of the governor. He also introduced a bill providing for the establishment of a sub-experimental station of the agricultural college at or near Hannah or Langdon in Cavalier County.

February 14, 1907 Issue

It is hoped that Senator McLean’s bill to establish a sub-experiment station in Cavalier County will pass both houses and become a reality. The advantages to be derived are many as both soil and climatic conditions are different here than at any other station in the state. An institution like this should not be looked at as a plum for this or that locality, but one which the whole state pays for and from which the whole state should derive the benefit.

March 7, 1907 Issue

The house passed the list of forty appropriation bills just as they came from the senate, except that they raised the deaf and dumb school bill $8,000,000 and substituted Williston for Hannah as the location for the new sub-experimental station.

The governor has vetoed the appropriation of $23,000 for the experiment station at Dickinson, declaring it extravagant and unwarranted. He also vetoed $5,500 of the $10,000 appropriation for the Edgeley experiment station for the same reason.

April 4, 1907 Issue

Experimental Farm - Plans Maturing Rapidly for the Establishment of the Sub-Station at Langdon

The establishment of a sub-experiment station in Cavalier County has taken some definite shape this week by selecting Langdon as the most central place for said farm and it is now up to the people of the county to come to the front with the cash with which to buy the necessary land, which must be at least 160 acres located within two miles of the city. The estimated cost of the same is between five and six thousand dollars, which must be raised by popular subscription because there is no other way of doing it. It was thought at first that the county could buy the land, but upon investigation it was found that this could not be done except by a vote of the people and as an election would cost about $1,500 and consume considerable time it was decided to raise the money in another way, in which the board of county commissioners is taking an active interest, as is evidenced by the following resolution passed by the board last Tuesday. 

WHEREAS, The legislature of the State of North Dakota has appropriated the sum of ten thousand dollars for a sub-experimental station to be established in Cavalier County, conditioned upon the furnishing by said county of a clear title to not less than one hundred and sixty acres of land within two miles of Langdon or Hannah, and,

WHEREAS, In the judgement of this board we deem it for the best interest of the county that said experimental station be located near Langdon because of its central location, and,

WHEREAS, The cost of the same will be at least six thousand dollars, and,

WHEREAS, It is the sense of this board that this sum of six thousand dollars can be raised by popular subscription throughout the said county,

NOW, THEREFORE, Beit resolved, that the board of county commissioners, with the members of the senate and house of representatives from said county, together with the following persons, to-wit: Jas.G. Dickson, E.A. Farrell, E.H. Gordon, C.E. Johnston, P.G. Johnson, F.W. McLean, Geo. W. Price and W F. Winter, constitute a committee to raise said sum of money and procure a site for said sub-station.

There is no doubt but that the proposition would have carried almost unanimously if voted upon as the benefit to the county of having this station established here is of immense value, but as it is every township in the county will be canvassed in the near future, for which purpose the chairman of each town board has been appointed a member of the soliciting committee to look after his township. Of course Langdon must bear the heavy end of the burden as directly speaking it will receive the greatest benefit in dollars and cents.

Last night the citizens met in Gordon & McIntyre’s office to perfect plans for the purchase of the land and at this meeting the site was guaranteed and committees appointed to get options on all land available within the prescribed limit to submit for the state’s approval, and also to begin raising the money at home.

Tomorrow night a general meeting of everybody will be held in the courthouse, at which President Worst, of the agricultural college, will be present to give a more definite idea of just how to proceed, after which the matter will be closed up very quickly. It is expected that this meeting will be largely attended by everybody. 

March 5, 1908 Issue

Experimental Station for Cavalier County

Honorable Henry McLean, Senator of the 18th District, and Attorney W. A. McIntyre returned on Friday last from Bismarck. These gentlemen had been at the state capital taking up with the proper state officers the matter of the payment of the appropriation for the experimental station established in Cavalier County by the last legislature. They were successful in their mission and we are advised that as soon as the site is secured that the state will pay over the appropriation of $10,000 for the buildings to be erected and for the maintenance of the station.

It will be remembered that when this matter was up last springthat some question arose as to the payment of the appropriation because of alleged irregularities in the bill as passed by the legislature which established the experiment station. The state auditor refused to issue a warrant for the appropriation and the county commissioners thereupon took steps to compel the issuance of such a warrant with the result that the payment of the money has been promised as soon as the site is secured.

Under the terms of the bill as passed by the legislature the station is to be located within two miles of either Hannah or Langdon. By common consent it has been agreed that the County seat is the proper place for the station. So that all that remains is the securing of the site. The fund for the site will undoubtedly have to be raised by popular subscription and the matter should be taken up at once so that the station may be built this spring. The station will be of a great benefit to all of Cavalier County and for that reason should be considered as a County institution rather than a local one.

March 26, 1908 Issue

A BIG MEETING - Everybody Turned Out Saturday Afternoon to Discuss Experimental Farm Proposition

The gathering at the courthouse last Saturday afternoon to talk over the experimental farm to be located near Langdon and to device ways and means to secure the land was very largely attended. Thus showing the interest the people are taking in it. Attorney McIntyre called the meeting to order and explained ots object. After which Senator McLean of Hannah was elected Chairman.

Considerable discussion was indulged in. The trend of all of which was that we wanted the station, but the question was how to raise the money to buy the land. It was finally decided to appoint a committee of three to get options on all available land within the two mile limit. Such committee consisting of Arnold Seeley, J . G. Dickson and Joseph Heapy. In this way the necessary sum to be raised can be ascertained.

The next in order was the raising of the funds and a committee of five was appointed consisting of W. F. Winter, C. W. Plain, Arnold Seeley, George W. Price, and Henry McLain who were empowered to appoint additional members as they see fit and they were instructed to get busy at once.

At this point several members of the meeting spoke. Among them Senator Plain, who explained that if this opportunity was permitted to slip bythere probably would not be another chance.

Some seemed to have the impression Langdon was trying to shoulder the burden on balance of the county, which comes far from being the case as Langdon ex[ects to do its full share of raising the necessary funds and all that is expected is that the balance of the county come forward with a reasonable proportion, which will no doubt be done.

It was decided to hold another mass meeting in the courtroom next Monday afternoon at 1:30pm, at which President Worst will no doubt be present to give some pointers, and at that time the move will take definite shape as by that time the option committee will be ready to report what land can be had and the price asked for it. Besides, the soliciting committeewill be on hand and tell what successthey have had with the financial end.

This will be an important meeting and it is hoped that a representative gathering will be had.

The result of yesterday’s effort in Langdon resulted in over $1,300 being raised with the city scarcely half canvassed, thus indicating that at least $3,000 will be raised here which is a most excellent showing of the proper spirit on the part of our citizens.     

April 23, 1908 Issue

Agricultural Men Here

Tuesday noon President Worst and Professor Sheppard, of the Agricultural College arrived for the purpose of selecting the ground for the experiment station at Langdon. The committee had everything in readiness for their inspection and no time was lost in getting out to examine the different tracts offered, 10 in number. By night they had gone over the ground fairly well and finished up the next morning.

It was not known whether they would announce their decision before returning, but before leaving they said that their choice would be forwarded to the committee here in a few days, so that we will know what their wishes are in a short time. They gave out nothing on which to base an accurate forecast on what their choice will be, although there seemed to be two particular tracts which struck their fancy – the McHugh quarter south of the reservoir (SW 23) and the Leibeler quarter half a mile east of the cemetery, (NW 19), also the James Lindsey farm a little farther north. Either of these tracts would furnish an excellent site.

In an interview with President Worst as to when the state would begin operations he stated that it is too late to begin actual experiments this year and that all that can be accomplished this year will be the erection of the necessary buildings, which he estimated will cost about $8,000 besides getting the ground in shape for the next season. He also stated that he expected that good results would be brought about by this action as conditions here were so much different than they are at any other station in the state.  

April 30, 1908 Issue

Experimental Farm Selected

This week word came from President Worst and Professor Sheppard indicating their choice for the experimental farm to be located here. Their first choice is the northeast quarter of section 19, Manilla township, one mile east of the courthouse and now part of the Liebeler farm. The second choice is the Dorosier quarter in section 26, south of town. The third choice is the James Lindsay farm north and east of town and the fourth choice is the McHugh quarter south of the great northern reservoir.

This practically settles the location as there is no doubt but that the state will expect to get the first choice if it can be procured, of which there is no doubt as the option committee has an option on this particular quarter at $6,400.

The quality of the land is above the average and is well situated on the main road to town and compared with other tracts it is not to be wondered at that this particular piece of land happened to be the first choice.

As stated before there will be no experimental work attempted this year owing it being too late. But just as soon as the transfer of the property can be accomplished the erection of the necessary buildings will be started.



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