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Last month Carl Pederson wrote about his reasons for joining eXtension. For me, eXtension goes back to my involvement in one of the first Communities of Practice, Entrepreneurs and Their Communities. I joined the groups as it was my passion and fit my role.  I knew that existing and aspiring business owners had lots of questions they wanted answered.

Being a part of this larger community provided 2 important resources for me – I had others to turn to when I didn’t know the answer (yes, hard to believe but it happens often). Second, I had others supporting me so that questions were answered faster. It does not matter if I am out of town, the shared efforts of all of us working together on eXtension meant people had answers when they needed.

I also joined eXtension for networking opportunities it offers.  I have contacts across the country now.  These may not have occurred if I had not been a member. It also allows me to share information I find or develop to help my colleagues in their work.

Finally, there are opportunities for professional development such as online courses and regular webinars.  Small business owners are facing new marketing challenges with all of the social networking tools.  To help them, I need to know what is going on.  So on Wednesday, 8/3, there was a webinar regarding Facebook including the FB page that businesses would use. On August 25th, there will be another session on how the effective use of social media  means to listen and engage and not just tell.  I need that reminder and look forward to the session.  And if you miss a session, don’t worry, they are archived so you can listen anytime.

Does it take time? Yes, but it is not overwhelming and your time commitment can be controlled.  Is it worth it? Absolutely!!

- Glenn Muske

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