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What to Expect at Innovate NDSU Extension

Life on Mars
Modeling a Life on Mars creativity project at Ohio State University Extension's Innovate event.
Innovate NDSU Extension is a different kind of event. It has a different kind of schedule, 12:30 - 8 p.m. (what's up with that?). It has a different kind of sponsor, the NDSU Extension Innovation team (who the heck are they?) and it's based on a different way of working, the hack-a-thon (isn't hacking a bad thing?).

So, to set your mind at ease...actually your mind at ease is the last thing this event is about, so to get you excited about a day of creativity and innovation, here's what you can expect.

 - A creativity exercise. Before we start putting our minds to work on the issues North Dakotans and NDSU Extension face, we need to get some practice thinking creatively and collaborating in our groups. This creativity exercise will involve both of those things along with Legos and prizes.
 - A brainstorming session. You'll work with your group to brainstorm new and innovative ways of addressing important issues with new programs, new forms of delivery, new ways of teaching and working and hopefully some things you never would have guessed you would think of.
 - Pizza. 'nuff said.
 - The "pitch." Once your group has come up with an idea, you'll work together to develop and deliver your pitch. Your pitch will tell people why your idea matters and how it is going to make a difference. Creativity counts in your pitch. You'll need to keep people's attention while concisely explaining your idea. There will be prizes for pitches, as well.

The purpose of Innovate NDSU Extension is to:

1. Give you time, space and tools to be innovative 
2. Give you tools to make your future planning conversations more innovative 
3. Create an environment where innovation can happen around NDSU Extension work, and the needs of North Dakotans and their communities. 

Join us for Innovate NDSU Extension, Monday, October 17, from 12:30 – 8 p.m. CT at the Wanzek Center for Scouting in Fargo, ND. The cost is $25 (includes snacks, beverages, pizza and a gift) and you can register as part of your 2016 NDSU Extension/REC Conference registration.

To learn more about the event, subscribe to the NDSU Extension Innovation blog for updates or contact , or .

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