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Tech Coffee Break - May 9, 2016

Here is the recording of our monthly conversation about technology and innovation in the NDSU Extension Service. This month's topics included mailing lists, contacting clients online and using online forms for registrations. You'll find the archive of the chat box below the video. It contains some useful links and side conversations.

Today’s optional topic: How is your office working differently to educate and facilitate our customers in the transition from paper mailings to communicating and accessing information electronically through Extension?

Carole Hadlich, facilitator

Linda Schuster: Greg Endres has transitioned to only press releases and e-mail blasts related to registrations for Advanced Crop Advisers Workshops and Crop Management Field School.  I have a LOT of old and returned emails, but the folks who are serious about these classes contact me to make certain I have a current address for them. like a listserv only I keep the list

Becky Koch: For 4-H, the kids could figure it out. :-)

Dena Kemmet: They probably have smart phones and could do it through those.

Becky Koch: Philosophical question -- do we program for the least common denominator or move forward and just help the few who don't have access? Is the leader signature really necessary? Or it just the way it's always been done?

Katie Wirt: I have never met with a producer online.  i do communicate via email and facebook.

Michael Knudson: same here

Lisa Pederson: Joe, I have had some pretty interesting experiences here in the past month or so, with meeting with producers "online"

Michael Knudson: It's a great idea

Becky Koch: Would you turn on your mic and share more, Lisa?

Dena Kemmet: Could you direct them to ask questions on a county page or in your case a specialist's page? I'm just thinking other people would maybe have the same question and appreciate seeing the response.

Becky Koch: You could have a separate BQA page from your Lisa Pederson page.

Dawn Alderin: Dena, WRT has them

Katie Wirt: i think wrt does

Becky Koch: Yes. You'd have to monitor two FB sites. :-)

Becky Koch: Vertical Video Syndrome https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bt9zSfinwFA

Lisa Pederson: Check this out https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J0ta-ePq_Wk

Linda Schuster: Thanks, Lisa!

Becky Koch: The link I shared says shoot horizontally to begin with. :-)

Lisa Pederson: Try this link too:

Becky Koch: I would just like to hear more examples of how you're shooting and using video.

Carole Hadlich: Shout out to Amelia for the Use Your Voice to Type:  https://www.ag.ndsu.edu/agcomm/lets-communicate/save-strokes-2013-use-your-voice-to-type

Dena Kemmet: I was collecting video to share programming at legislative update.

Carole Hadlich: A plug for: Webinar Wednesday – a brief professional development opportunity for you each month from the Center for Community Vitality.

Grab your head phones, a cup of coffee and click on the link below from 10:30 – 11:30 AM on Wednesday, May 25th for a presentation and discussion on using Appreciative Inquiry with groups to facilitate discussions on change.

Becky Koch: I need to download Sean's video for you, Dena. Couldn't figure out why my phone was full, then remembered.

Dena Kemmet: Thanks Becky that would be great!

Becky Koch: Include video on your websites and in social media

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