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Tech Coffee Break - June 6, 2016

Mike Knudson, Facilitator ~ 19 Participants

These Tech Coffee Breaks are for sharing of ideas and asking questions related to innovative tools and technology we are using or would like to explore.

Using Outlook

Everyone uses Outlook to some extent so please view the recording for discussion and sharing of some great tips for using many of the Outlook features! Thank you all for participating!

Outlook Calendar

Many like Outlook Calendar for organizational purposes such as:

  • Managing work and personal activities on one calendar
  • Being able to color code by programs, appointments, and type of tasks
  • Scheduling assistance when working in teams on events or programs
  • Ability to sync Outlook with mobile devices

Some things that we do not like:

  • Limitation in viewing many appointments/events in one day in the monthly view
    • Solution – start making it a habit to tab between monthly, weekly and daily views
  • Not being able to share the calendar with individuals outside of work (husband, wife, etc.)
    • Solution – Cross sharing calendar items with a Gmail calendar

Syncing calendar with your mobile devices

Some have had problems adding appointments/events to Outlook Calendar from an iPhone. Events are going to the wrong calendar by default. We just need to be aware of what calendar we are adding the event to. If you have multiple calendars on our phone by selecting calendar (see image) you can select which calendar to add the event to.

If you have multiple calendars on our phone by selecting calendar (see image) you can select which calendar to add the event to.

Another suggestion was to use the Outlook app. Here's a link to the app https://www.ag.ndsu.edu/agcomm/lets-communicate/microsoft-launches-outlook-apps-for-ios-and-android

Outlook Tips

The group discussed tips to improve your user experience in Outlook. These are discussed in the recording and includes screen sharing.

  • Using the “Private” setting on calendar items for personal appointments/events
  • Using the “Show As” selection so people know if you are free, busy, out of office, etc.
  • Using the “Scheduling Assistant” to find available times with teams you are working with
  • Using the “Tasks” feature and making the Tasks bar visible to encourage use. Using Tasks you can flag emails that you don’t have time to respond to and it can be your to-do list where you can add deadlines, track progress, and categorize.
  • Rename your color categories  for organizing tasks and calendar items https://support.office.com/en-us/article/Rename-a-color-category-9da61ab0-1518-47fb-8d6f-38669873d551
  • Filter emails and tasks by categories - https://blogs.office.com/2012/05/14/filtering-emails-in-outlook/
  • Changing calendar events/invites, accepting and declining events/invites, and allowing others to propose new times

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