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Tech Coffee Break - July 11, 2016


Tech Coffee Break Summary – July 11, 2016

Mike Knudson, Facilitator

~ 16 Participants

The Tech Coffee Break is a short web conference where you help set the agenda by:

  • sharing how you or someone you know has or might want to use technology to teach, reach an audience or solve a problem
  • throwing out a dilemma--others may know of a type of technology to suggest
  • connecting with and learning from your colleagues
  • giving a “shout-out” about a great way a colleague has used technology


Using SharePoint to Collaborate

SharePoint is a web-based application in Office 365 that allows groups to set up secure collaborative sites where members can store, organize, share and access information.

If we use OneDrive why would we use SharePoint? Please view the recording for explanation and see the Let’s Communicate article by Sonja Fuchs https://www.ag.ndsu.edu/agcomm/lets-communicate

  • OneDrive is a personal site that can be shared. If the OneDrive owner leaves NDSU, the site disappears. SharePoint is created with multiple administrators and meant to be more of a group/team site versus an individual’s site.

How do I request a SharePoint Site? Please view recording for discussion

Extension Leadership Team (ELT) is actively using SharePoint

Collaborative work is what these tools are for. Foster more teamwork, less travel time and greater productivity.

Yes can collaborate with non-NDSU and NDSU people on SharePoint sites. For example, for those of you working on writing grants with stakeholders that are outside of Extension a SharePoint site might be very useful.

Other Collaborative Tools

Do we still use Google anymore? Please view recording for discussion

  • NDSU Google is still available! Many of us still use it Google Drive, Docs, Forms, etc.
  • Uses for Google
    • Google Forms for Online Registrations and Evaluations
    • Access Databases

Using the NDSU Extension Calendar

Add events through Ag Info Center. Please view recording for discussion


We discussed SharePoint, OneDrive, Google, and Qualtrics. Resources are available to learn more about any of these tools. NDSU Extension Staff please join the NDSU Extension Innovation Facebook group at https://www.facebook.com/groups/NDSUExtInnovation!

Next Tech Coffee Break

3 p.m. Central Time, Monday, August 1

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