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Tech Coffee Break - February 6, 2017

Ryan Buetow facilitated, 18 participants

Ryan reminded the group that last month we talked about the importance of backing up and options to do so. See recording and notes here.

Dave Franzen talked about the North Dakota Crop Nitrogen Calculator app. This app provides three NDSU crop nitrogen recommendation calculators for use in North Dakota corn, spring wheat, and corn, respectively.The app is available for both Android and iPhone.

As soon as Dave announces it at meetings, farmers pull out their phones and start downloading. The native app has similar function as the interactive website. The Extension publication also is in the app.

Ryan said the NDSU Pest Management app is another great one.

Chris Augustin uses a soil app that uses GPS to pinpoint the location and web soil survey results.

Becky and Bob described Disaster Recovery Log, Winter Survival Kit and Small Business Disaster Plan, which were all funded with NIFA Smith-Level Special Needs grants. Disaster Recovery Log has been updated. It helps people take photos, add audio, jot notes, etc. to record damage when they return after a disaster. The Winter Survival Kit can estimate how long your gas can last and reminds you to remove snow from your tailpipe in addition to storing information that can automatically notify contacts if you’re stuck. Small Business Disaster Plan was just released last fall, and it’s for small-business owners and managers to create their plans (crisis manager, backup location, evacuation and shelter-in-place plans, inventory, etc.), including photos.

NDSU apps that Ag Comm is aware of are marketed at https://www.ag.ndsu.edu/extension/apps off the Extension home page.

Becky said Qualtrics and Excel now can quickly and easily create interactive applications. Dave Ripplinger and Brenda Vertin used Qualtrics to create simple apps to gather data at meetings.

Ryan uses Snapchat and Instagram to connect with his audiences. The NDSU homecoming Snapchat geofilter was used quite a bit in the short time.

Kelli said Ag Comm used Facebook Live for three events planned specifically for FB Live: behind the scenes during Sound Ag Advice with Daryl Ritchison, Julie Garden-Robinson with holiday foods and Carrie Peterson on being financially fit. Kelli said they’re trying to figure out why engagement is low when live, but quite a few views afterward. Kelli encouraged staff to use it live if they’re seeing something out in the field. Ag Comm is going to try a FB Live event per month.

Bob said events are more difficult than activities, especially since audio is challenging and it’s important to have someone to follow the chat to post. Also, it’s often a challenge to get high-quality video of both the person and the PowerPoints, which usually are used, especially if the lights are low. Bob said there are other better options for getting workshops online rather than FB Live.

Janet Wanek uses Circle by Disney, which registers all your devices and can limit, for example, how much time each kid can spend on wifi. SoundHound tells you the name and lyrics of a song you’re hearing. Bob said if you open Google Search, there’s a music note that will do the same thing.

Julianne recommended the Plant Images app from International Plant Nutrition, and she said Bar Chart is a good app for marketing clubs.

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