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Tech Coffee Break - April 3, 2017

Joe Zeleznik facilitated. Today’s topic: Online Learning Platforms and Tools

Joe defines webinar as one way and distance meeting as two way. Extension programs usually are a bit of both: presentation but with discussion and evaluation.

Carrie Johnson shared with the Innovation Team a document she helped developed on webinar best practices: http://www.msuextension.org/solidfinances/documents/webinarbestpracticesworksheets.pdf

Joe shared Carrie’s document: audience demographics, content planning, selecting software features, marketing plan and evaluation plan.

Joe has used Blackboard Collaborate, though he hasn’t used the quizzes, etc. much.

Dena said sharing a desktop for just a few people seems to work well in Skype.

Yolanda said they use Collaborate for Spring Fever Forums and have a few issues, but those probably are bandwidth. Collaborate Ultra has been glitch free. The screen interface is a bit different. Alicia said the sound is a lot better and more user friendly.

TJ has used Go2Webinar with the Entomological Society of America.

Joe said some other states use Adobe Connect, which works well with large audiences. Some other states are using Zoom, which those who have taken part in Zooms say is really easy.

Kim said FCS uses Skype for monthly FCS agent and Parent Resource Center meetings.

Zoom and Collaborate have breakout rooms. Mary said it was almost like being face to face, very productive.

How to make meetings more productive?

Zooms requires video so you can see each other.

Alicia thinks Zoom can handle more cameras at once so it feels like you’re sitting down together.

In breakout rooms, it’s easier to call on people.

The person running the meeting needs to do more planning.

Kim said engaging people is the key to learning face to face or by distance. Don’t be afraid to call people out. Some topics do lend themselves more to processing rather than immediately responding, though. The large group in Spring Fever Forums would be tough, so questions afterward work better.

Amelia suggested the book “Sit and Get Won’t Grow Dendrites” for ideas on how to engage learners. A lot of the ideas can be tweaked for distance and for Extension.

Often one person throws out a question that several people have.

Kim Bushaw did a video series on teaching adult learners that has strategies for engaging learners, https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLis-I1bOFSLVRHByWTepTu32mRVRhYtuZ.

Mary taught about the decision matrix during a Community Vitality Wednesday Webinar. It required people to pay attention and participate before they could move on to the next slide.

Joe has had mixed success with sharing videos. Sending the link to have participants go to the URL seemed to work better.

Amelia and Alicia have difficulties using Skype for Business outside NDSU.

Several people encouraged everyone to keep their Skype for Business on for quick instant messages and to save on long-distance calls.

If someone doesn’t have the Skype for Business app, a meeting invitation should open in a browser. Bob said it probably won’t work on a phone’s browser. Skype for Business is now the phone app (not Lync), which uses data, not minutes. Becky said some NDSU people are checking out if phone option can be added for not much money.

Facebook Live

TJ will be using it this summer. Bob figured out front-facing vs. rear-facing camera since it flips the image. Also had to figure out some audio issues. External microphones helped improve sound quality quite a bit.

NDSU Extension Facebook Live video archive are at https://www.facebook.com/pg/NDSUExtension/videos. It is live to interact with people, but Facebook automatically records it so you can publish it. Of course, you can simply record ahead and upload a video to Facebook. TJ’s goal is to broadcast from field sites with problems as they arise. He bought some additional lenses, but isn’t satisfied with them yet.

Here's a Let's Communicate article Ag Comm did on FB Live, https://www.ag.ndsu.edu/agcomm/lets-communicate/ndsu-extension-facebook-live-events-get-700-views.

Sonja just read about a portable USB microscope at http://plugable.com/products/usb2-micro-250x/.

Ag Comm Webinar Ideas

Maybe demo equipment available for checkout through Ag Comm.

Notes by Becky Koch

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