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Innovate NDSU Extension Recap

The inaugural Innovate NDSU Extension event was held October 17, 2016. 30 participants on 7 teams came together to imagine, design and create innovative solutions to the complex challenges facing NDSU Extension and the people we serve.

Three teams were recognized by their peers for their innovative projects.

1st Place - Team Whack Pack, Master Civic Ambassador Program

Team Whack Pack

Team Whack Pack (L to R): Ryan Buetow, Nicole Wardner, Lynette Flage, Diane Hahn and Angie Johnson. Coached by Jerry Thomas (not pictured)..

Issue: Civic engagement, farm and business transition and rural communities. Solution: Create a Master Civic Ambassador program using local volunteers to help rejuvenate civic leadership, promote diversity and inclusion, and assist with transitions of boards and councils. This will help community leaders build a civic resume.

2nd Place - EXTenders, NDSU Extension Website Improvement & App


EXTenders (L to R): Kim Ruliffson, Paige Brummund, Dirk Monson (coach), Miranda Meehan, Desiree Steinberger and Jodi Bruns.

Issue: Lack of public understanding of NDSU Extension Service and lack of focus on NDSU Extension priorities. Solution: Improve NDSU Extension website to be more mobile and searchable. Develop an NDSU Extension Service app featuring the NDSU Extension calendar of events. The team also drafted a video ad and t-shirts explaining what NDSU Extension can do for you. The team proposed a mandate for all of NDSU Extension Service to use social media.

3rd Place - Bizoneyz, App to Address Public Disconnect with Agriculture


Bizoneyz (L to R): Kim Bushaw, Katie Wirt, Danae Wolfe (coach), Carmen Rath-Wald and Charlie Stoltenow.

Issue: Public disconnect with agriculture. Solution: Develop an app with augmented reality "Pokefarm" game, location-based agritourism pop-up facts, trivia game, location-based coupons and notifications when you are near an NDSU Extension office. The app would also include livestream videos showing on-farm ag production.

All the teams did a great job!

Participants were asked to share their Innovate NDSU Extension experience on social media. Here are some of their posts.

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