2017 Cavalier County Soil Health Tour and No-till Seeding Demonstration

The 4th annual Cavalier County soil health tour will take the participants to three farmer cover crop sites, which will showcase different mixes planted for hay, grazing, reducing soil erosion and improving soil health under varying soil salt and sodium levels.

During the indoor session, cover crop success stories of Walsh county will be shared along with suppressing weeds and improving water quality through cover crops.

Program will end with the no-till seeding demonstrations of spring wheat into soybean ground.

Date:October 12, 2017
City:Langdon, ND
Anitha Chirumamilla and Naeem Kalwar

Phone: 256-2560 and 256-2582
E-mail: anitha.chirumamilla@ndsu.edu and naeem.kalwar@ndsu.edu