Addressing Bullying in Out-of-School Youth Development Programs

Youth Development Brown Bag Webinar

Sue Quamme, 4-H Youth Development Specialist, Center for 4-H Youth Development, NDSU Extension & Amelia Doll, Burleigh County Extension Agent

Research on bullying prevention and interventions in school settings is very common, but there is very little research about these behaviors outside of school. This webinar will look at current bully prevention research and identify parts of this research that can be applied to out-of-school youth development programs. Participants will gain an understanding of bullying prevention strategies useful for all ages and stages of youth in out-of-school programs. We will also take a look at how relational aggression, a form of bullying, can be identified and addressed.

Date:November 1, 2017
City:Fargo, ND
Meagan Scott

Phone: 701-231-7964
E-mail: meagan.scott@ndsu.edu
Web site: https://www.ndsu.edu/4h/